Wreck Salvage Update

OK, so this update will come as no surprise to salvagers out there, many of you spotted my major nerf on Wrecks Sizes last week. I have this evening rolled out a fairly major update to Wreck Salvage.

Now don’t panic, it still works basically the same as before and the Sections and levelling of sections still works the same, none of the boosts or discriminators have been changed. So what has changed Coops?

The change you spotted in live ship tonnages was to normalise the ship sizes, they were all over the place and some made them larger than small raids, which was silly. Now they are of a more sensible size, the new code I’ve added create a % based wreck. This is actually way larger than before, so all in all smaller ships but bigger wrecks lol.

This then lead to the following ?

  • I have increased the loot box’s from One to Four, yup Four loot boxes! Each box is independent and follows the same rules as before. Box 1 also shares the Trade Commodity ‘chance’. 2,3 and 4 do not, but they each are independent and follow the normal loot rules for Salvage based on level and section.
  • Prior to this change, when you exited a Wreck, it self-destructed and count not be revisited. This is no longer true, and you can revisit the same wreck until it’s completely dead, or you choose to leave and allow it to be cleaned up by the system after seven days.
  • As wrecks are not removed from the wreck list until they are destroyed completely, several captains can affectively salvage the same wreck at the same time. As soon as the wreck is depleted, it will disappear for all captains salvaging it.
  • Rather than using numerical values for how big a Wreck is (in tons) it is now depicted in a scale, from Minuscule up to Massive. Scale of 13 levels.
    You can still view the actual wreck sizes if it bothers you that much on the Server Wreck Page. You’ll soon get used to the change :)
  • When Salvaging, the ‘status’ of the wreck is displayed and will change from Currently Stable to Structure Failing and finally Imminent Implosion just before it implodes. This is based on the remaining loot left in it.
  • XP has finally been added to wreck salvage, :) It’s based on the amount of the Salvage you retrieve. You still get Rapport XP and Faction XP, these have been untouched.
  • As a wreck can be revisited, I have added the Wrecks ID# to both the wreck list (in game) and also to the wreck salvage screen itself. After all 10 Pirates all look the same, and you may want to return and clean up a specific one.

We (staff) bashed this around for the best part of a week+ whilst I worked on making the various elements work.
Have fun and I hope you enjoy the New Artwork, all 291 re imaged pictures.


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