Worrying Reports From Core Refugees

Hi there Folks Gus Givens here at the ISN New desk with what’s either a sick prank or some very worrying news. Our resident news reporter over on Starbase-51 has been hearing some very strange stories coming from the newly arrived Core Refugees.

Now normally you have to take what the new arrivals say with a large pinch of salt. They have been in cold sleep for over three months, and they often find their new surrounds something of a culture shock.

I’ll hand you over to Mandy Houndstock over at Starbase-51.

Thank you Gus, Nice tie by the way…

OK well I first started hearing rumours of some pretty weird stories from the newcomers last week. Since then I’ve been actively attempting to interview as many as would talk to me. Some are a little too weird to be believed, but with the recent A.I invasion here it all started to make horrific sense.

Both Sec-con and local station security have both been somewhat evasive, and also blocking my attempts to get any official confirmation. But I have confirmed this following storyline with over 10 refugees now and they all agree on the salient points.

It appears that roughly two months ago an unknown and unidentifiable ‘Fleet’ dropped out of the Helix Nebula inside the Core systems. A massive space battle took place and shortly after that a full scale news black out was put in place.

Refugees have stated that they lost contact with friends, family and colleagues on Mars, Europa, Ganymede and the Titan outposts in Sol. All refugee ‘status’ humans were shipped directly to the Gal-Con Starbase 101 at Alpha Centauri and have been arriving here in Feris directly from there since.

There is very little information on who or what attacked the Primary outposts and potentially the home world Earth in the sol system. We don’t really even know if this is a somewhat elaborate hoax. Having said that, we do know that the descriptions the refugees gave of the invading ships, bares a striking resemblance to the A.I ships we have been fighting here!

I will continue to dig deeper on this story and attempt to gain an official response from Sec-Con or Gal-fed, but for now we should all start to hope and pray that for once this news reporter is wrong!

Mandy Houndstock
Reporting for ISN News at Starbase-51

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    As far along as I am, there’s always so many new events occurring that it may take a lifetime to get to them all. Not a criticism; this is just a great big game. So enjoy, just be prepared to stay a while 🙂

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