Wormhole Anchor Maintenance

I took a little time out today to add the final leg of the Wormhole Anchor system. Many of you already have an N.E.I device, having either purchased it yourself or obtained it through your Guild.

N.E.I’s allow you to use the Wormhole Anchors, but they are valued in Anchor Points, not credits. So those that have entered the game since the Anchor Projects were completed couldn’t get themselves an N.E.I unless they got one from a Guild Player, or someone kind enough to donate one.

Well the Anchor Offices have now added a maintenance plan to their activities. So not only do they still sell N.E.I devices (for Anchor Points) but they now also collect items required for the upkeep of the Anchor Systems themselves. Each office has a set of requirements and pays for your deposits in Anchor Points and also as a thank you, a small promissory amount of XP.

There is no limit to how much you can deposit and you will find certain variances between the offices. This now allows anyone old or new to CE to gain themselves an N.E.I device.


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