Worm Hole Anchors – Refresh

Sometimes even I forget just how large Core Exiles is when it comes to ‘things to remember’…

For instance I seemed to have completely forgotten that the Worm Hole Anchor Project collection offices need refreshing once in a while. These guys work tirelessly to ensure the Wormholes you guys jump through every day using the N.E.I Anchor program ‘Work’ and don’t re-materialise you on the other end with two heads, or an arm where your nose used to be.

These offices ALSO allow you to Gain ‘Anchor Points’. These are obtained as you deposit much sought after components for the Worm Hole Anchors Upkeep. The points can be spent on a Corporation N.E.I.

The original post on is OVER HERE Followed by this one OVER HERE

I had been lax in keeping an eye on these offices and have today spoken to the relevant foreman of these offices and updated the requests list that seem to have been piling up in my inbox unheeded.

Apologies :)


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