Winners – Create New Events

We have been running for the last few months a Competition to create new events in game OVER HERE

Well after two months entries be it ever so slow I have decided to bring that to a close now and have collated the winners. Each entry that was taken was worth an Exile Resource Token which will be finding their way to the captains account shortly.

I have queued up the entries to be added to the game this week and they will appear along side the old ones.

If we get enough support, I’ll reopen this competition at a later date, but I think we drained the tank dry this time round.

Halmir 1 X Token
pikolinianita 1 X Token
Sunflowers 10 X Token
Elkhorn 1 X Token
Akkamaddi 7 X Token
Otherrick 5 X Token

Please note if required I may have to alter slightly the text or the method of action of the event depending on the actual event itself. Just a heads up to the submitters.


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