Win a Months PA

In the spirit of the Month of December I’m giving away a Months Premium Account to everyone that posts their feelings on 2013 on the latest Dev Post on our landing Page HERE.

Why not tell us what you likes most in 2013 from Core-Exiles. you may be an old hand who liked a recent add or even a small change that made life that much easier. You might be new to Core-Exiles and still working yuor way through the professions and systems on offer. – Still tell us what you liked the most and we will give you a Free One Month PA.

Don’t post on this thread – Go over to our Landing Page HERE and post there.

I will review the queue (which is hand moderated) and add the PA’s as I work through them.

Happy Christmas!



  1. Oryuken says:

    As the year ends it also ends my second year in CE. My first year was mostly about learning. LOL. Ok, maybe I am a slow learner. But my second year was all about growing inside the game. I have truly come to appreciate the hard work everyone involved in the game does so that we can have a better gaming experience. Thank you everyone and a special thanks to Coops. Your effort doesn’t go unnoticed. This year my favorite ‘happenings’ were the opening of Genesis and personal combat in derelict diving and exploration. I am looking forward this coming year to getting a Level 6 settlement and seeing where Genesis leads, Happy New Year everyone!

  2. CashiaMaxus says:

    I have to admit, that I am a bit of a ‘ space junkie’. I would love to actually go out and experience space for my self. I have been to several space shuttle landings . I have met several astronauts and Star Trek stars. So until that actually happens, the next best thing is playing here on Core Exiles And using my telescope on clear and crystal evenings:)
    You rock CE:)

  3. Oxynotus Dahl says:

    CE is a great game with a lot of diversity. You can always find new professions or meanings to progress i this game.
    If you have questions or problems, the feedback from players/guilds or the forum is excellent.

    Keep up the good work Coops!!!

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