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This is a simple competition but one worthy none the less. From our point we get your thoughts good and bad and from the visitors point of view they get to see the player base supporting their favourite Space based browser game.

For you – Well for your efforts we will award you 20 Festive Fun Tokens to spend with Sally Langstrom. She will happily take the tokens in exchange for a chance to win some extra goodies.

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So add your captains name to your comment and tell us and everyone that visits here what you think of Core-Exiles.

This post is open till the end of April – So new or old hand at Core-Exiles ‘comment away’



  1. Oryuken says:

    What can I say? There is nothing bad about CE.
    Therefore it follows that there is nothing but good about CE.
    Enough said.

  2. Swampwallaby says:

    The best things about CE is that you don’t go backwards if RL interferes and you don’t have a lot of time to play, you just keep chugging along at your own pace.

  3. CashiaMaxus says:

    Core Exiles is a truly great game. Coops and all his many minions behind the scenes are awesome. They all work hard to keep the game alive and exciting. The people who play CE are equally generous and helpful. I have never played an online game before that has even come close to this game and the people running in and playing it. Thank you all.

  4. CashiaMaxus says:

    I love this game. I like all the players (at least those I have dealings with πŸ™‚ So far I have not run into anything I didn’t like about this game and I honestly don’t believe I ever will. Thank you to Coops and everyone working so hard behind the “curtain.” I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication. You guys “rock” πŸ™‚

  5. CashiaMaxus says:

    Core Exiles is possibly the ‘best’ online on line game I have ever played. It’s not just the game though, it is also the people running the game and those playing it. Everyone here is helpful , kind and generous. Thanks to everyone for welcoming me to play:) Hugs!

  6. Honest Ivor says:

    CE is a game where the pacing and complexity of play is wholly dependent on the desires of the player, ranging from simply collecting ore from asteroids to acquiring and managing the resources needed for the crafting of hundreds of schematics.

    Honest Ivor

  7. Shawn0086 says:

    Captain Shawn0086 here

    I’ll have to be quick. To busy shooting down pirates.

    Core Exiles is a great game.
    If you’ve tried it, you know this all ready.
    If you haven’t tried it, what you waiting for. Hurry up and try it already.

    Now, Back to those blasted pirates.
    They’ll pay for Shawn 0001 to 0085

  8. Navile says:

    4 more reasons to love Core Exiles:

    – There’s constant, ongoing support and development by a very small development team. CE is a labor of love and that shows through in the game.

    – CE really is totally free-to-play, but should you be so inclined there are good uses for real-life money
    (and the money helps keep that very small development team in Twiglets and tea).

    – Active measures are taken to prevent exploits of every kind. For instance, these 60-odd replies are from at least 58 different real-life people. πŸ™‚

    – CE can be a 1-hour-a-week game or a 100-hours-a-week game. Changing back and forth requires little effort from the player and is unlikely to annoy your fellow players.

  9. Darakhoranon says:

    Really a very entertaining game – and while one can become reasonably proficient and have fun in any number of “professions” (e.g. mining, combat, crafting, etc.) without too much trouble, reaching the highest levels does take time and effort.
    But it’s never “you must reach lvl x before you can have fun” or anything stupid like that as in many other games – and no “your work of the last six months just got obliterated by some… person… 200 lvls higher who just was bored”, either.

  10. Xeno The Morph says:

    I’ve been playing Core Exiles for almost 5 years now and no matter what happens I always come rushing back, as it is really quite addictive and your able to play at your own pace whenever you want πŸ™‚
    There is always something to do with both sort term and long term things to work for, and with the active development of new features it just keeps getting better!
    If your a new player just make sure you don’t let yourself become overwhelmed as even at low levels there is quite a lot you can do!

  11. Delandra says:

    awsome game! always so many different things to do…
    and No PvP.. well almost.. can still PvP Mechs !! πŸ™‚

  12. Kreldor Silverleaf says:

    Good game Could use a few tweeks but much better than many I have seen.

  13. Renfield says:

    Left Hand Man Renfield here. One of the few pirates that have managed to get exiled. We need MORE! Come be a pirate..uh..or privateer. Yeah privateer is what I meant to say.

    Even better, everybody loves me! I still hold a Senior Chief rank with Gal-Fed….the fools. I’ll shoot anyone if the price is right, especially those bounty hunters…limit the competition one way or another.

    And being on a first name basis with Boris Volt, why the things I could tell. Why just last week he asked me to… to….. no….poison…help me…

  14. Jirae says:

    I like Core Exiles because there are so many different things to do. If I get tired of one thing, it’s easy to go and do something else for a bit. You can spend as much or little time as you like.

  15. Flynch says:

    Core-Exiles is one of those games where you will always have something to do. There are already soooo many different things to do. However, Coops is always adding more. I am going on 4 years now, and have been thoroughly enjoying every minute. It’s the longest I’ve stuck with an online game so far. Thanks Core-Exiles for letting me have so much fun!


  16. Rexx Shredd says:

    Captain Rexx Shredd here and I will name the 5 most GLORIOUS things about CE below:

    1. Me
    2. My buttocks
    3. Me
    4. My abs
    5. Me

    I am SO very happy to be able to provide each and every player of CE the wisdom, joy, and knowledge of myself —– no need to Thank Me but hero-worship is always welcome

  17. Sidewinder Fang says:

    I’m Commander Fang, and this is my favourite browser game in the internet. πŸ˜›

  18. Excruciator Salesman says:

    You cannot give your neighboors a hammer that is only one-use, and get one yourself out of puffy illogic gift systems. In this game there is a true economy.

    a true economy ANNNND it does not take me 40 hours a day to grind just to keep up with some PvP types who multiaccount cheat just to keep up with the people who “bought a win”.

  19. GinRummyDummy says:

    Stimulates your brain, not your reflexes.

  20. NBailey says:

    I have played CE for quite a few years now. I have always enjoyed the fact that the game only takes up as much time as you want. You also don’t have the constant worry of a higher-level player completely destroying everything you have worked on building for months in a matter of a few minutes like with most other browser games. There are many things to keep you occupied for long periods of time and enough new additions to ensure that play never becomes stale. There is also a great player community that is willing to help when you have questions or need help.

  21. Fjiekie says:

    This is the only game i buy where i buy stuff (with real money) from the store, not because it is needed to play the game, but because the game is worth it πŸ˜€

  22. Ronin says:

    This is really a cool game. There’s lots of stuff to do – in fact, I really wish I had more time to play since I’ve barely scratched the surface of the pool of activities within. The really nice thing about it is that new stuff comes out every so often so no matter if you’re an old school player, there’s always something new you can jump into and be at the top of the dog pile. New playing spaces, new activities, new careers. Everything seems to be kind of dependent on the others too so we all kind of specialize and help each other. Pretty cool idea for a game.

  23. Tyrne Proctor says:

    I’ve played CE for a few years. It’s the only online game that’s held consistent fascination and intrigue. There are plentiful career options and numerous side attractions, most of which I haven’t even begun to explore because, for me, mining/crafting/hauling are so much fun by themselves. Also: everyone is super friendly and helpful which makes playing that much more fun.

  24. lastcrusade says:

    CE is the best game for people who are busy and still wanna have some fun! You can control the time required to play the game πŸ™‚

  25. garavi says:

    I play over two years and I never get bored.

  26. Porrima says:

    I can hardly believe that I have been playing for five years. Never in my wildest dreams would I have expected to play a web based game for that length of time. The game as evolved and continues to offer challenges that keep my interest. Thanks for a great gaming experience.

  27. Cashew says:

    I like the fact that I can play Core-Exiles whenever I want to and will not have to worry that my ship/bank/resources will be plundered by another player while I am away. There are so many things players could chose to do in the game that it can keep everyone happy. The people are helpful and friendly. Overall this is my favorite computer based game.

  28. Eldun says:

    I started playing Core Exiles a couple of months ago and have found it to be a great game for it’s versatility. That goes both for the activities that can be done and the commitment that needs to be made. I have really enjoyed that whether I have a few hours to spare or just 10 min that I can log on and do something productive that fits in that time frame. Initially figuring things out can be difficult and even after a couple of months finding complete information about a subject can be more painful than it needs to. Information seems to be spread out between the games site & forums, a wiki, player made sites, and the game itself, with each often containing some of the info you would want. With that being said though, the payoff for making the effort to get that info is worthwhile and doing so leads to a rewarding game that is very enjoyable.

  29. PrimeMcNee says:

    I play CE almost daily and it still has the same attraction, as when I started playing 3 years ago πŸ™‚

  30. MrOpsO says:

    After nearly 5 years of playing the interest and the pull to play is still strong. This is due, mainly, to the depth and breadth of the game and the effort that Coops and the team put into keeping the game growing and keeping it relevant. Please keep at it guys, it is really appreciated.

  31. Elkhorn says:

    There are so many good things about CE that it is difficult to put them all in one spot. First and foremost is the Devs who are deeply committed to the success of the game and extremely engaged and responsive to the player base. Then there are the volunteer staff, players who offer their time and knowledge to enhance the game experience for players new and old. (And I am proud to be among them). The fact that the game is technically a sandbox style game, but is soooo deep and rich in things to do that you don’t notice it.
    The bad side of the game is that once you get involved…it will NEVER let you go! Never!
    Play at your own risk.

    • Eagle Spirit says:

      I just love this game since i have begin to play it I find it hard to leave and you guys just keep making it better tips hat to coops for a super duper game

  32. Blythe says:

    There are so many positive aspects to this game that it’s hard to narrow it down to a reasonably sized post. The game itself is engaging with so many options and directions to try out. The community is simply incredible with people crawling over each other to help others, especially new players. There is new content being rolled out all the time so the game never seems to get stale. The Dev’s and staff are helpful, attentive and beyond generous. The game can be played however and whenever you like, as much or a little as you like. You don’t need a team or crew to play, but there are so many amicable people here that you can’t help but make friends. It’s a great time and very addictive. I recommend it to anyone looking for something very different in a very good way.

  33. jebrighton says:

    This is one amazing game and I love it. There are so many things to do that you never get bored and it is constantly evolving. Others have mentioned the many activities in this game so I won’t repeat them. It is a constant learning process but there is plenty of help available. It also has the most helpful and friendly players of any game out there and that goes for the developers as well. When you have questions (and you will), there is always someone to help you along. It has several forums and a chat room plus in-game mail so communication to other players or the developers is a snap. Give this game a chance. I don’t believe you will be sorry. Be a captain of your own spaceship and see how far you can go. Be advised that this is not a shoot’em up game but rather more of a game of business. You will take lots of notes and probably create a few spreadsheets to keep up with it all. But, it is worth it for this highly addictive game. At least, that is true for me.

  34. Albert Ross says:

    After years in warm Oz I returned to UK in January, 2012. The UK winter kept me in more than I was used to. Then I found “Core Exiles”. Now they have to FORCE me go out occassionally.

  35. raven says:

    core exile is a great game because it has many options and never ends, you can do whatever you want and have as long as you want to change your mind or advence.
    in this game you live your life in a fictional univerce, so the game offers as many choices as you get in life (or atleast trys to πŸ˜‰ ) and you have a life time to keep on going.

  36. siddharth says:

    Core-Exiles is simply the best game and how much time you spend on it you cannot master its vastness of different jobs you can do in it.
    Shipyard for player made ships
    Star base ,Expance settlement , Genesis Plot development to small settlement there is a flong term goal development for all level and how you preffer your base to be πŸ™‚

  37. DVG125 says:

    The freedom to choose your own style of play to take up any career you choose and play at your own pace without worrying about anybody else is what I like most.

  38. Viper20 says:

    This is one the most interesting games I have played over the years. It’s dynamic, interactive, and best of all, it’s cooperative. Each player has their own unique way of playing and develops their own skill. You then get to rely on each other those areas you are weakest in making the game not only interesting and fun but challenging.

  39. OzzyCat says:

    I am not an on line game player as such, but a family member introduced me to Core-Exiles and i was sold
    I love the fact that i can play when i want to, do the things i like doing, and don’t have to do anything i don’t like doing
    The community is very friendly, and this new “spend a token” is just great fun, thanks to the staff and developers for keeping the game current,

  40. Capt. Jovaak says:

    Core-Exiles. Focus on the career of your choice or be all you can be. Play a little or play a lot. Your decision is all it takes. Find a home or travel the stars. Core-Exiles is filled with fun, friendly ,and intelligent people who are always ready to lend a helping hand, answer a question or make a suggestion. Of All the games I play or have played Core-Exiles always keeps Me coming back for more.Try it and see if you can avoid becoming a Core-Exiles Addict. So a hats off, thumbs up, toast and a mighty three cheers to Coops and his Team along with all the Core-Exiles family wherever you may be.

  41. Shinter says:

    Core Exiles is one of the best games I have ever found on the internet, featuring both short- and long-term gameplay that lets you really play at your own pace, set your own goals, and play however you want. The community is one of the best I have seen as well, in part due to the cooperative nature of the game which encourages friendly attitudes. There are continuous additions to the game, and regular game-wide activities and events that help keep the game fresh and keep you coming back for more.

    I have played many online games, but since I found CE, I haven’t played anything else – and that was over 3 years ago πŸ™‚

  42. Poltergist says:

    I have played Core Exiles since February and have always remained entertained
    There are always new additions and developments to the game, not just small changes, huge additions which keep the player challenged and having to choose which direction/target to take

    Having made your choices it is comment to find newer players exceed you in some aspects and you can help each other progress, in this way new players quickly become involved in the CE community as valued members

    The community is huge and friendly with various forums and IRC chat

    The game is non-PVP and even has aspects where players have to work together to succeed being involved is a player’s choice

    CE is for anyone to play and become involved in to the level they choose and with the knowledge that when you log out you will log back at exactly the point you logged out

    The best way to fully appreciate CE is to sign up and try it, get quickly acquainted with how to play then enjoy years of fun

  43. king david says:

    I have waited So long for a game like Core Exiles. It is so unique. It is shallow enough that anyone could wade into it and have a load of fun. It is deep enough that you will never exhaust its vast list of things to do. I like how if you set down a path you didn’t like, you can reset all your skill points and choose a different path. Also I like the fact that you don’t have to participate with hardcore pvp competition. Also the long time veterans in this game help the smaller players. Like the more people playing the resources we will eventually have access to. So most veterans are attempting to help the new players “stick” .
    It is also a game where you can take a break and not be penalized. You just pick up where you were at. Actually if set up right a long break can help you out!
    Also you can truly play this game for free. There is access to store items through different paths to allow people who can’t afford to donate to have cool stuff too.
    I haven’t met one person in this game who has a bad attitude either. Everyone is easy going and willing to help.

    In short Core Exiles Rocks!

  44. JadeStar says:

    The core-exiles community is the very nicest community i have ever found in an on line game, this includes the devs and staff who are always just a mail away, and after 4 years playing, i have never once had a mail or problem go unanswered or unresolved, quickly ..Thank you devs and staff for making the game a good place to have fun

  45. Cap'n Henry says:

    The nice thing about this game is that there is quite alot of things you can do from mining, to fighting, crafting and more. Hard to get bored with this game there is always something you can do to raise your levels. And the player base is always offering to help you as you need from info to (if you join a guild) making items to help out beginners in the game. I would tell anyone who reads this, “Give it a try, it might interest you”

    Cap’n Henry

  46. Captain aRJay says:

    Core Exiles starts in a way familiar to those who have played space combat/trading games over the past 30 years, you find yourself at a space station the proud owner of an inferior starship.
    But that is where everything changes as no longer are you limited to a few roles and a linear mission chain to make progress here there are multiple careers and paths to take all of which can be rewarding and best of all if you want to change your career you can.
    There are other great things about Core Exiles but the best of them is how the developers keep on expanding and improving the game for us all.

  47. Bebeb says:

    The generosity of the devs at Core Exiles is unmatched in any game i have played, truly astounding how much is constantly being given to the players of a real free to play game

  48. Alima Lyndarra says:

    Core Exiles never gets old. Even after years of playing there always seems to be new goals to shoot for, new things to do and exciting things popping up all the time. It is very addictive and I can’t seem to stay away. I love Core Exiles and would recommend it to anyone.

  49. Thrill Fill says:

    Core-Exiles soon became the only game i keep playing with increasing interest

  50. Ravenwood240 says:

    Core Exiles is quite possibly the most involved and interesting game I have found in ten years of online gaming. Any comment that truly does it justice would be far too long to leave here; I highly recommend that you come check it out for yourself.

    Capt. Ravenwood240

  51. Garan says:

    I started playing CE a long time ago when it was still Shields Up and it was a great game back then.
    I was away from the game for quite a while but came back to find it had grown and added a whole lot new content and is growing even more as time goes on.

    The only thing I miss on it is the pvp but at least the void was filled with the addition of mechs .

  52. Strongwood says:

    Thanks to Coops and staff for the new festive tokens. There are some nice awards from them. I have been playing for over 3 years now and am enjoying this game as much as when I started if not more so. The additions to mining and the implementation of new crafting missions are just a few things new to try out. There are so many things to do in core exiles and the continuous advancements of the game give so many options to whatever type of player you are. Keep up the great job!


  53. Rapa2k says:

    Hello! Here Captain Rapa2k, I play for almost four years and this is best space game I’ve met, lots of things to do every day, new challenges, in a word BRILLIANT ! ! !

  54. Renfield says:

    Core Exiles let’s you do what you want to do. But you aren’t locked in to anything. It’s very free-form but with solid objectives that can be obtained. This allows you to set your own goals and get there in your way.

    Come be a captain!

    —Renfield the Pirate

  55. easyjaws says:

    What I like best about CE ?
    Where to begin….
    Tamara Lee my pm ship is just awesome, gets me where I want to go & I look good doing it!!!
    My pet Snarg “Bailee” is great to have on board, the crew really like her around, if I wasn’t all the pranks
    Tamara & Bailee pull off, still finding silly string in my underwear. Like all the new changes for mining, really
    has renewed my passion for it. Plan on doing some planetary exploring soon.
    I even have done some of those new crafting missions, just for the tokens πŸ™‚

    Things are allways new challenges, and contests to keep things FUN & INTERESTING

  56. paco1601 says:

    hi guys, this game is more than a game: you can build dozens of items, trade, haul, mine, you can battle against NPC, buy shops, facilities, starbases and so on.
    It is 3 years I play here and there are many many things to do, and you can change jobs everytime you like.

  57. Cap'n STONE says:

    This Easter Egg competition is just one of the many fun and interesting things you’ll find going on inside of CORE-EXILES. Been playing lil more than a year and haven’t even wanted to go back to some of my old games…plenty to do here…mining, combat, quests, treasure hunts for ancient atrifacts on unexplored planets, searching through broken wrecks floating around in deep space…yes even here it seems we still have litter problems but in CORE-EXILES space it comes with the random rewards.
    Come find out what I’m talking about and have a laugh or two..tell em Cap’n STONE sent you.

    No really put Captain STONE in the referral box when you sign up and you’ll get some items that will help you enjoy the game a lil bit more..:P

  58. Sukayo says:

    Eastern … free stuff, …. Core Exiles … what i think? Free to play, lot of stuff to win, fair play, long time play possible, and devs open to a lot of comments.
    Free to play is with the CE store a way to fund further development and some life for the devs when they are not lost total to programming new virtualities. No need to purchase anything, but a nice way to get some stuff for which you need otherwise a lot of hard to get resources ingame.
    So overall either you spend coins or not, all the time the fun is in clicking around to gather credits, experience and possible resources as fats as possible.
    And be in watch of the ribblez, keep your pet satisfied, and spend your stamina daily for exploring wrecks or new planets.

  59. Korth says:

    Core Exiles
    Pros=-Lots to do
    -new content added regularly
    – great community
    Cons- to much you will want to do
    – difficult to keep up with everything
    – spend way to much time playing and chatting

  60. KubaF says:

    CE is a great game, i like that it can be played at your own speed, be it once a week or every day.
    And i love how the game is being constantly updated with new content, craftable items or whole careers or career overhauls πŸ™‚

  61. Zoorland says:

    One of the biggest problems for any persistent, long-form game is keeping things interesting. When you’ve been in any game for a long time, some days it’s hard to find the motivation to log in. String a number of those days back to back, and that’s how you get players who log out one day and just never return. Not that they planned to leave, they just never felt the need to come back. There are several ways to combat this, but one of the best – at least from a player’s perspective – is active development. Additions and changes to the game refresh day-to-day play and help motivate us to return in a positive, healthy way.

    Core Exiles is amazing in this respect. I’ve played a lot of good browser-based F2P games over the years. A lot of terrible ones, too. None of them has had such active development for as long as CE has. Not a single one even comes close. Core Exiles is a terrific PvE game with loads of depth and breadth allowing for numerous different play styles. But best of all, it keeps me interested. After several years of playing this game, sure, I have the occasional day or two when I don’t feel motivated to log in. But every time I turn around some new feature is being teased or added, or an entire new part of the game is rolling out, or an existing system is being expanded, all giving me that extra reason to come back. Not that nasty “I have to come back for my daily obligations” feeling that most games rely on, but actual new things to discover and master. It’s wonderful.

  62. Droffy says:

    CE is an ever evolving all enveloping space faring experiece, A truely addictive game that keeps me constantly on my toes.

  63. Leim says:

    I’m still fairly new at Core-Exiles, but it keeps bringing me back every day so far. Sure, it seemed big and overwhelming at first, but now I feel more at home. Following the simple beginning missions helped, reading the player guides helped, and joining a guild down the line also helped. There are a lot of tools in the interface to help you find what you’re looking for, so it’s mostly a matter of not being intimidated and looking around! And asking. No shame in asking someone for help if you’re at a loss, right?

    There’s enough diversity in Core-Exiles to cater to different types of players, or even to those that quickly get bored or doing the same task. You just have to swap a few parts and you can take your game in a new direction. Of course, a jack-of-all-trades won’t be as efficient as someone who specialized their skills, but still. The point it, you can play it how you like it. Mining, manufacturing, transport, battle, salvaging, exploring… whatever. It’s good to see choices.

    On a personal note, I really like the random event system. Sure, it stinks when you get a bad one, but you have just as many chances to get a good one and get a boost in XP and credits, and sometimes even an item. Plus, they are usually pretty funny, regardless.

    Looking forward to playing some more,
    Captain LeimLion

  64. Alumoi says:

    Best space game ever!
    Be whatever you want. Do whatever you fancy. No PVP and no nonsense.

  65. Yogan says:

    Always something new every few months, keeping the game fresh and alive.

  66. Alan Sinclair says:

    great game, love the crafting aspect of the game. many career choices to choose from πŸ™‚

  67. Mac Andrews says:

    This is a really engrossing, fun, indepth game with a fun community. I have only been playing a little while but I’m amazed by the friendliness of the community, the number of different things one can do in game, and the number of new content things that are added on a regular basis, If you like having fun, come to CE! I can’t wait to see how this new tradition is integrated into the game.

    Mac Andrews

  68. Aello Starfire says:

    I think that is CE is honestly one of the best games on the web! There are so many options for what to do and you can do it all at whatever pace suits you!

  69. pikolinianita says:

    FIrst! lol,

    And Captain pikolinianita here, And I think only good things about CE! it is great and Awesome πŸ™‚

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