What is Core-Exiles ?

In the far-flung future, most of humanity live safely within The Core, a place of rigid control and conformity. You however refuse to conform, refuse to be controlled and regulated, and so have been exiled from the Core.

Here, in the Sphere Galaxy, life is not easy. Factions strive against each other for economic or military supremacy, gangs of ruthless pirates roam the spaceways attacking where they wish, and a sinister alien enemy waits just beyond the edge of known space to destroy all life.

Yet riches and fame are also out there for the taking. Whether it’s upholding the law against pirates or plundering from the unwary, mining asteroids for valuable minerals, salvaging space debris or researching and building new technology, there are plenty of ways for a Captain to make a name for themselves.

What can I do in Core Exiles?

Welcome to Core exiles, an online world the like of which you’ve never seen before.

Here you will become the captain of your own spacecraft trying to make your way in six galaxies. What you do is entirely up to you.

You might choose to take on combat missions, upholding the law or indeed preying on fat merchant ships for loot. You might become a crafter, able to build and sell a diverse range of devices from new weapons to resource extractors.

You may build your own settlement, maintaining its people and protecting them from attacks while trying to earn a profit. Mine asteroids for resources, explore strange alien planets or derelict spacecraft, run drones, factories and hundreds of other pieces of technology.

For the competitively minded there is Mech combat, where you can battle your large robotic creations against those of other players for glory and renown.

Whether you’re a strategist, an explorer, a privateer or a mix of all three, you’ll find yourself at home in Core exiles.

New additions like Derelict Exploration, Wreck Salvaging, Nebula and the ability to collect Dark Matter resources. In game exploration that clears the way for new planets. Global research projects making sure there is always new technology and items being added. Certification in ship based skills preparing for player made ships and Level 6 Settlements.

What about a community & Updates?

With a friendly and welcoming group of fellow captains, always ready to offer tips, buy and sell gear or just hang out and chat, and various player guilds to join, the Core exiles community is as diverse as the galaxies where the game takes place.

Then of course, the game is constantly evolving. New technology, enemy threats or options for research or competitions to win valuable prizes appear each month.

Core Exiles is always evolving and what’s great is Core Exiles will always be FREE to play. Sure you’ll be able to purchase some special items should you wish to but the game still remains free to play.

But don’t take our word for it. Creating an account is free and easy and you’ll instantly be able to access the game through your browser.

Sign up today and begin your space adventure!

Welcome to Core exiles, Being an exile might be the best thing that ever happened to you.

What have you got to lose?

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Please Note: You may only create and play ONE FREE Account per person. Accounts on the same IP address wishing to trade will require both accounts to upgrade to a premium status.

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  1. OtherRick says:

    Core exiles has a lot to offer regardless of what you’d like to do. The variety of activities is astounding. It is quite relaxing to settle down with a YouTube video or audio book and get to hauling cargo between galaxies. Or blowing up alien attack vessels.

    Even when I don’t have much time, I can still check in on my factories at my leisure and oversee my modest shipyard salvage operation.

    The supportive community is fun to play with, and the developer is friendly and down-to-earth. Very responsive to player feedback.

    See you on the promenade!

    –Cpt. OtherRick and Copilot

  2. Lord Castellan Creed says:

    No game has the same depth as Core Exiles. After what has scarily been ten years, I still haven’t covered everything that there is to do. And that’s what makes me come back, unlike other games which appear to have a lot of content, however becomes repetitive or samey.

  3. Yokose says:

    Where to begin…? First, I want to say that this will be a bit of a read, I apologize for that, but I hope that you will stay with me until the end. Anyway, I am a blind player and I have been playing Core Exiles for about a year now, and I can say that I am enjoying the game immensely! There is so much that one can do in the game a newcomer may find things daunting in the beginning… however continuing to play can be very rewarding! More often than not the rewards are slow in coming, but the patience and effort are well worth the wait for them in the end. I think I will start off by telling you all what you can do in the game, not everything of course… I have to leave some surprises for you all… plus, I do not know everything myself, LOL. After that, I will tell you of my experiences as a blind player… both good and bad.

    Here are some professions that newcomers can expect to choose from… You can become a Haulage captain, mine, extract, harvest, salvage, and loot the over 650 different types of resources through asteroid mining, combat and derelict exploration, salvaging loot from destroyed ships… and so on. You can become a crafter and craft over 2,000 items through manufacturing, and much more.

    As one progresses in Core Exiles, you can acquire assets… like a mining barge for example. Want to own your own place to call home? A player can have up to 2 settlements. Want to own your own business in CE? Of course a player can open their own corporation as well! Feeling lonely during your travels? A player can get their own pet to keep them company while enjoying the perks of having a pet. Want even more company? Hire a crew to join you on your ship and send them off on their own missions. There is so much more as well!

    You’re probably asking yourself… “Is there any PVP?” In a way, yes there is PVP… assemble a couple of mechs and send them to the arena to fight other player made mechs if you are so inclined. Sadly though a player cannot fight another player’s ship. The only PVP is through mech combat in the arenas.

    This game is a great long-term choice for those who enjoy going at a slow pace as well as the learning process. There is also a great community on Discord that is always willing to help out newcomers who have joined, as well as seasoned players who might have forgotten a thing or two after a decade or so of playing. The developer is also very welcoming and very willing to help out newcomers as well, though he will not spoon feed you, LOL.

    So now that I have told you all about what you can do in Core Exiles, I figured that I would tell you a little bit about my experiences as a blind player here in CE. As I have mentioned above this game is long-term, so there will be times when it seems that progress is going slowly… from what I can figure, that is how it should be here. Once again though… the patience and effort that are put into playing are well worth it for the rewards you get.

    When I first started playing, I enjoyed doing asteroid mining and combat so I could gather the loot and resources… I should do more combat at some point to gather more resources. Anyway, I enjoy doing things like that. At the moment, I am a level 88 captain of a player made ship called “Haruna”. I enjoy doing hauling and mining missions. Some time ago I deployed my second settlement “Yokohama”. A settlement is a great asset that requires some research and preparation before deploying, once you get the hang of it however, it can be a great benefit to you. I, of course had help with both doing the research and through the community on Discord. As a blind player, I have had no difficulties with my settlement. I’ve managed to get my settlements levelled up to around 4~5, and will be taking my time before I bring them up to a higher level… I think, can’t wait!

    I am extremely happy with the progress thus far and with the game in general. There is very little for me to complain about. As a blind player… in general, I have again found nothing to complain about. Accessibility is great here in Core Exiles, and if there is a problem, it usually gets resolved swiftly.

    Anyway, this game is wonderful to play, for both sighted and blind players! So make an account, come and join us here in Core Exiles. The community is quite friendly, the game is very mature and has been in development for over a decade… so there is bound to be something for everyone here. If you decide to join, drop in Discord and say hi, we’d love to have you here, and have fun playing!

    Captain, Yokose

  4. zeinblack2nd says:

    What is core exiles ?
    For me its a game unlike any other. Low requirement check. Play anywhere (at home on my pc, at the road while resting from my work on my cell (not recomended) deep ( i mean very deep) gamplay
    Its everything i want to satisfied my gaming soul

  5. MadMaxxx says:

    Come join us in this old school game, where you can play the way you want. There is plenty to do here in Core Exiles from mining, combat, refining, extracting, salvaging, RAIDS (where players band together to take down big pirate ships), planet exploration, Derelict exploration,…..
    The game itself is massive and its getting updates on regular basis. Community is awesome here and can support you via discord, because we always say that there is no bad questions when you need information about something.


    Captain MadMaxxx

  6. Sir Timeless says:

    This is a wonderful old school game that is open ended but there is also a great community behind it that will help you along the way.

  7. Sir Timeless says:

    This is one of the best old school games i’ve found. not only is it an open ended game the you can do almost anything. the community is very helpful and takes the time to actually help you.

  8. Hand Solo says:

    Great old school browser game. Free to play and enjoy and you can play from anywhere. Been playing since 2016 and still enjoying the challenge. Coops (game developer) is always hatching new aspects to the game.

  9. skyhawk says:

    For anyone looking for a never ending challenge .With plenty to think about and manage.

  10. Kermit De Frog says:

    I play CE because there is so much to do. Additionally you can do it at your own pace. Which for me is a lot slower than the younger me…. The older me can’t and won’t play anything requiring pvp, which CE doesn’t have. Add in a good dose of Guild mates help you along, results in a wonderful game. KDF

  11. DanaLee says:

    Core Exiles is a classic style space game. Traveling the galaxies, building your own settlement via crafting, mining and trading. Interact with a great gaming community or play on your own as a loner. The community is always available to answer questions and provide support when needed.

  12. Samantha says:

    An old-school space game that I’ve only scratched the surface of so far.

    There are so many possibilities in Core Exiles: Trader, Miner, Constructor, you can even build your own space station. (If you have the materials).

    I’ve been looking for a game like this for a long time and I don’t regret a single euro I’ve invested so far. There is enough to do here for months and years. Both thumbs up!

  13. Porrima says:

    I have been playing CE consistently for well over 10 years. There is significant depth and many different things to do from mastering one or more of the occupations, building settlements, managing a corporation, or engaging the ongoing battle with the AI adversary.

    The game is available continuously (down time is exceedingly rare) so it easy to jump on via a browser and do a little or a lot.

    Captain Porrima

  14. Fjiekie says:

    CE is a game i’ve been playing for many years, some very active, some not so, but you always can come back to the great community. Also when you come back you’ll have plenty of new things to do
    Greeting from captain fjiekie

  15. Blackbeard says:

    As a blind user it is hard to find games that I can play that have real complexity and depth. There is so much to do in this game, I am still finding new parts to explore, and I know there is still much more I haven’t even touched on yet.

  16. Blackbeard says:

    There is so much to do, it can be daunting, but that is far from a complaint. As a blind player, games of any real complexity or substance are hard to come by, so this is a real find for me. I have been playing for a while now, and am still opening up new parts of the game to play.

  17. Fitzbacon says:

    Truly unique. Active player base. Active Devs. Play at your own pace. Do what you wish: Combat, Crafting, Mining, Exploration, Hauling, Passengers. Own your own Settlement, or even a Starbase. No PvP and no destruction of assets when you are not around.
    Give it a go. What do you have to lose? Except for a few years.


  18. King David says:

    Core Exiles is a chill place to come and experience a unique game environment. A very friendly player base with an active dev and staff make this an awesome experience. I personally like how the economy evolves and the trading is engaging.
    There is no other game like Core Exiles it is one of a kind

  19. Jedimiah says:

    Core Exiles is the best online game ever developed. You can play all the time, or only when you have time. It is a very challenging game, but lots of fun, with lots of rewards and contests. One of the best things about the game, is that other players cannot destroy your ships, settlements, etc. when you are not in game. You advance at your convenience and your own pace. Build new ships, settlements, start a corporation, obtain a census plot and develop at your leisure.
    Coops and the development team are constantly improving and updating the game. Also it has the best story line and plots that make the game very entailing.
    Captain Jedimiah

  20. Kyrith says:

    This is the only browser based game that has held my attention for years, and always manages to feel both familiar and new at the same time. It can be as complex or as simple as you wish with all the activities you can work toward or participate in. I’m the type of person who wants to at least dabble in everything a game has to offer, and there is a lot here! Whether you have a couple hours a week, or several hours a day, you won’t run ouit of things to do in the Core.
    Captin Kyrith

  21. MelodicFate says:

    Core Exiles is a huge game with lots of things to do. I’ve been playing for about 6 months and have barely scratched the surface. But the community is amazing, and will help you whenever you feel lost or just have a simple question. The developer is great and always responds quickly to questions or commments, and he participates in chat along with the rest of us. Give the game a try if you’re at all interested in sci-fi.
    Captain MelodicFate

  22. Rapa2k says:

    I live Core-Exiles! I playing it since 2010 and i enjoy every minute spent in this game!

  23. TechnoBeast says:

    Core Exiles is all about the community to me, as there are a good number of people that participate in the chat channels on Discord, and are there to help each other out, as well as having a good time while doing so. If you are ever unsure about how something works, or where to find something, all you have to do is ask,

  24. Captain Bethany says:

    I’ve been playing this game for years. It has a lot of depth, lots of things to do and you can build without having your stuff torn down by other players. The community is friendly and helpful.

  25. Otherrick says:

    Core exiles is a game that you take at your own pace. Some players take it very leisurely and pop in for a few activities every few days. Others (myself included) are constantly checking in and keeping those balls in the air.

    Regardless of the pace you play at, there’s something for everyone, and a developer that works very hard to respond to community feedback and foster a family-friendly and enjoyable experience.

    See you in the Sphere!

    –Cpt. OtherRick and Copilot

  26. mohammedradwan says:

    i like the idea of the game, it has almost a real life simulation, almost it has everything, just it is huge and it is easy to get lost, but helpful community makes it easier
    mohammedradwan from egypt

  27. mohammedradwan says:

    i like the idea of the game, it has almost a real life simulation, almost it has everything, just it is huge and it is easy to get lost, but helpful community makes it easier

  28. Jedimiah says:

    Core Exiles is the best online browser game ever. It is challenging and very entertaining. Lots of competitions for free rewards. Players are very helpful and a very supportive staff. Coops is constantly updating the game and the challenges are never ending. Been playing for a long time and I highly recommend this game to all players.
    Captain Jedimiah

  29. Chiron says:

    Coops (the developer and coder of this game) is active in chat and is quick to come to the assistance of anyone who gets confused or makes a mistake that seems catastrophic to a new player. Space game, many different things to do in game, and unlike some online games a wonderful community of helpful players and staff.

  30. Asjopen says:

    So much to do, so much to learn! If you’re struggling with something the game itself, the dev and the community will help you work out your problems no worries. Just pick some of the many activities you can do in the game and enjoy!

  31. Elkhorn says:

    Core Exiles holds your attention. I’m a long time player, 10 plus years, yes over 10 years.
    The number of career avenues is amazing and there it no penalty for changing. Okay, you may need to to an IP reset, but you earn those free as well.
    No hook and then “pay the money to advance”.
    An active and engaging Dev (Developer). Truly, he is on pretty much every day!
    An involved community ready to answer your questions.
    Did I tell you I have been here over 10 years!
    Seriously folks, if you want game depth, an engaging community, a Dev that is present and willing to chat, create a character (toon) and launch into your first set of missions!
    Captain Elkhorn

  32. Chiron says:

    The player community is great. I have never played another game where the players are so helpful, both to new and experienced players who have3 questions. There are so many things to do in game that I can always find something that catches my interest. There are many player made items that will make your game play more efficient. This game can be played without spending money, of course some items that cost money will assist you, but you can play the game just fine without them.

  33. DanaLee says:

    I love this old style game. The developer is active n game and chat and is eager and willing to help players with problems or information as well as actively adding stuff to make the game more fun.But really, the best thing about the game is that the players are friendly and willing to help out new players as well as more experienced players who may have forgotten how to do things in game.

    Give it a try.

  34. Core Exiles is a relaxing, fun, and challenging game. I have been playing for about a year now.
    You can play as little or as much as you want. Core Exiles is constantly adding new features. There are a ton of different things players can choose to do. Coops is always giving away free stuff, sometimes just for playing. And the community of players and guilds are just fantastic. Everyone helps each other. (I need a lot of help.) hehe.

  35. Captain Bethany says:

    I’ve been playing Core Exiles for over a decade. I like building and collecting games and it doesn’t have the frustration of PvP where other players can destroy what you build. There’s also a great community built up around this game, sign up and come join us.

  36. Kortha says:

    Great game, good community on forums and Discord, and always new content coming down the road.

  37. Giles Franklin says:

    Core Exiles is a fantastic game.

    It’s a sci-fi simulation game. It’s got a lot of depth to keep you busy. In game pursuits range from hunting pirates (or those fat merchant vessels) to mining for ores to exploring uncharted space to even running your own settlements. The game is also great for those that want to blaze their own path, it never forces you to make any choices to one path or another, you are free to aim for what you wish.

    The player community is always excellent, quick to answer questions and provide assistance.

  38. Korthen says:

    Core Exile is a great (and fun) game with a wide array of content. From resource acquisition (Combat, salvage, derelict exploration, planet resource extractors, mining drones, mining barges, Corporations, Genesis, and good old player mining) to many ways to use the ‘stuff’. No preset classes, all skill base and you can get skill resets (every 20 levels or special rewards) and allocate to try something new. In addition there are frequent ‘festive’ events and Challenges where the whole server tries to make goals for additional rewards. I am eagarly awaitng new content for Star Bases and the eventual AI Wars.

  39. Nifft says:

    I’ve been absorbing a lot of information since I started playing, and having fun! Right off the bat, the depth is amazing! You can play for years, and still find something new. Coops and the community are amazing, friendly and helpful, from the in game messages/discord/forums. I feel very welcome, and look forward to years of fun ahead. I think it’s very cool that there’s a focus on playability for the visually impaired as well, and the in-game giveaways/events are a nice touch.

  40. Hand Solo says:

    Been playing in a galaxy far far away since January 2016 and still plenty of professions and aspects of the game left to explore. Buy, trade, sell, explore, build, and battle your way through the galaxies to build your Galactic Empire. Do it all (if you can) or just become the best in your chosen profession.

    Great community and easy connection to other players via chat portal, even if it’s just to read what others are learning about the game. Joining a guild early is a great way to get going. Guilds offer more than just advice, most will loan equipment or help you get resources for builds (Tagon Toughs is the best and largest!).

    Some aspects of the game will play themselves while you are back in the real world, other aspects will be right where you left them just waiting for you to return. Browser based so you can play from anywhere.

  41. Korth says:

    Great game. I have been playing 7 years and still haven;t done more then tried “most” of the content. I like Raids and when I have the time lead weekend Raids. I al also heavily into Corporations, Genesis, Settlements and starting onto Starbases. Play at your own pace or dive all in.

  42. Navile says:

    I enjoy conquering not other players but the Core Exiles game world. I’d classify it as “forgiving but challenging”; there’s no way to lose all your progress or anything like that, but there are obstacles to confront. Some things require thinking and planning, other things just need relatively mindless clicking that I can do while listening to music or podcasts.

    The forums and Discord server are active and the folks there (including me!) like to help. Hope I’ll meet you there soon!

  43. Kyrith says:

    This game is truly one of the best out there. I get bored with a lot of browser games, because as soon as you get a bit more than the basics, it’s just repetitive clicking and loading pages.
    While there are definitely repetitive elements in Core-Exiles, they don’t feel as repetitive due to random events, random loot and the ability to change what you wish to do pretty much when you want.
    It can take some time to really get going, but so far everyone I have spoken to or asked for help has been very nice and helpful.
    If you’re wondering if this game is for you, it probably is, all you need to do is give it a chance and you’ll be hooked.

  44. Chris (LordLinux in game) says:

    Found this game about 1 1/2 years ago and will be playing and supporting it for as many years as I have left on Earth! So much to learn and do it is amazing and super fun! Have been playing pc games since the days of A O L but this will a;ways remain my #1!!!!!

    • Jedimiah says:

      Core Exiles is a challenging and sometimes frustrating game. It is also enjoyable. There is a lot of help available from Discord, forums, guilds and other players. Core Exiles is constantly being upgraded with new challenges and competitions for rewards. Coops does an excellent job of coding and keeping the game up to date with all of the additions to game. I really appreciate the fact that in this game you as the Captain control your own destiny. Other players cannot attack your ships and/or settlements and destroy everything that you worked so hard to build. Some of the other games are based on how much real money you spend.
      Core Exiles is the BEST game ever.

  45. OtherRick says:

    I’ve been playing Core Exiles for about 1.5 years now, and never cease to be amazed at how many excellent competitions and challenges Coops puts on.

    He’s recently released a bunch of well-received expansion content, which promises continued new content and is certainly proving to help the thriving player economy.

    Pardon me while I check my bid for a starbase location…

  46. The variety of things to do in the game is vast. Sometimes they can be confusing/complex to work thru. The community of Core Exiles on Discord is so very helpful. Helpful in many ways. Add in the help from the guild I am a member of, is just wonderful.

  47. Dragon says:

    I am in my 80’s and have been playing CE for about 7 years now. It is a game that is interesting, varied and fun. If you get up to go do something else, it is right there where you left it when you return (be that 10 minutes or several days)-no one has killed you or stole anything while you were gone. It doesn’t require speed and agility and there is always something you can do. You can haul cargo or passengers, mine ore, craft things, survey , build a settlement, or corporation or both and lots more. Granted it takes time to get where you can do a lot of things, but there is enough even if you just started to keep you occupied…do the missions and you will soon learn the ropes. Just try it and you will soon love it as much as I do. And the community can be accessed by discord and they are always helpful and good natured. Really a laid back game that is enjoyable, and interesting!

  48. Chiron says:

    Hi, Core Exiles is a game with a wide variety of things to do. Anyone can find something that they enjoy doing. But, the best part of the game is the staff and the players themselves. They are quick to offer advice if you get stuck and help you out with materials if you need them for an in game project. In addition the game developer is active in chat and takes suggestions on what to add/improve in game. Try it out and see what I mean.

  49. Captain Bethany says:

    I’ve been playing for years and I keep playing because he game grows and is cared for by someone who likes their players, who have formed a community around the game.

    Come join us!

  50. DanaLee says:

    Core Exiles is a game with a strong helpful community. Advice is given freely on how to do things in game by active players and the game developer himself. Yes, we have game developers and staff that actually respond both in game and in CE Discord chat.

    Core exiles is a laid back game, you can play a lot and advance quickly or you can play a little and do as you please. One thing I like about the game is that the developer and coder actually listen to suggestions about how to make the game more interesting. Of course not all suggestions are carried out some of them would make the game too easy and boring. But at least players are listened to. and so, game play changes slightly as changes are made but not so fast that if you take some time off game you can’t pick it up again with a little information from forums and other players.

    Give it a chance. Some won’t like it, Some love it. Which are you?

  51. KEV1NJ says:

    This is a great game! It is easy to get started, but it is so deep and varied that even after several months of playing every day, I’ve only explored a small portion of the available game systems. There is so much to do, but the big draw for me is the community.

    The community is great, a lot of the people have been playing for years. Any time you ask a question (discord or forums) you will get a knowledgeable answer within minutes. Plenty of friendly chat and banter as well.

    The dev is on discord every day. He offers plenty of competitions and challenges to keep things interesting.

  52. Fitzbacon says:

    Approaching 3 years playing this game and still discovering new things to do. Recent additions include player and guild owned starbases and enhancements to the salvaging system. I am always able to find some project or goal to keep me interested. This is probably one of the most immersive games anywhere on the web….and it is completely free! There is no P2W. There is no PvP. Friends are easily made. One can make long term commitments to the game, for oneself and for one’s guild. Developer is most receptive to new suggestions and is constantly working to provide new content.
    Thoroughly recommend this game

  53. Navile says:

    Core-Exiles players come from all over the world. I’m a native English speaker; I admire those who aren’t but play here anyway. This international community of friends comforts me especially during the current pandemic.

    Yes, all are friends. Since Core-Exiles has no direct player-vs-player conflict, I have never made an enemy here. That’s a comfort too — who needs more enemies?

  54. Kortha says:

    Been playing since mid Aug 2020 and doing great. Being in a guild so you can borrow or have built or hand me down ships and equipment means you can advance faster. There is a wiki and some guides to help you out. No Big Red Easy Win Button thought. Best advice, read forums, join game chat and ask questions.

  55. Korth says:

    I have been playing since Dec 2012 and still haven’t run out of things to do. Currently surveying expanse to gain access to more resources, stocking up to build a Star Base and running a whole slew of factories and refineries. Still on the list to do is a deep dive into Alien Combat and revisiting AI Combat (and Emporiums, NPC Stores, Malls…)


  56. Bacon says:

    Been playing browser games for 20 years, and so glad I discovered Core Exiles a week ago. Although an established space opera game, it continues to evolve with its warm community. It’s admin and members on Discord are active, attentive and helpful. The in-game tutorial will introduce some traditional character lines (cargo hauler, ore miner, combat, derelict scraper) to encourage possible story lines for yourself, all knowing it can be redone periodically. In the world(s) of browser games, here thrives one for everyone. It’s not PvP, at least I have not seen it, PvM and collaborative with occasional fun theme times to keep it original.

  57. Darakhoranon says:

    Core Exiles is one of the very few games that not only claim that you can play at you own pace, but that actually deliver on that promise.

    The level of your interaction with other players is really up to you (though granted, you’ll need to join the chat for it) – and no matter what, since there is no actual PvP in this game, you will never come back to your game and find that some a** has burned down everything you’ve built up over weeks and months.

    There are also so many different paths you can follow in CE, that you can always do something else if your current activity starts to get boring. Mining asteroid fields is no longer interesting? Haul some packages for some time or carry passengers around. Want to explore planets instead of shooting pirates? No problem. Want to try your hand at something you’ve never done before? Go at it – and maybe ask for some pointers in chat.

    You can also easily set up your game to “wait” for you when you do not have time to play or just do not feel like it – while certain things do require more or less regular input by you, most can be either “automated” (e.g. a settlement set up in a way that will preserve it in its current state without you having to do anything for weeks or months) or “frozen” (e.g. your ingame pet).

    Last but not least, the CE store offers quite a few upgrades and interesting things, but not one of them is actually a “must have” (no PvP helps a lot in this regard). For the most part, store-bought items are “only” shortcuts, e.g. a settlement building you can buy “ready to use” instead of having to gather the resources and craft it yourself (or have it crafted by someone else).
    Coops also often runs events in which you can get something from the store as a prize – or at least collect points you can trade in for certain items (a lot of CE store stuff can be acquired ingame, too). And if all else fails and you really WANT something from the store, you can usually find someone willing to get it for you in exchange for ingame credits or resources.

    In short, CE is a game that allows you a lot of freedom to do what you want, play at your own pace (and as often or rarely as you feel like), without penalizing you for not running your weekly raid-rotation… 😉

    • Capt Steekay says:

      I have played CE since almost 10 years. I sm 23 now. I stil play, not as much as I wish, having less free time than i had at 13. But still quite often. with CE, i learnt a lot about managing and planning for long term goals, and I found a great friendly community. And it made me love Science-fiction even more than I already did. It is still so much fun to play this game. I thank Coops to be so devoted into developing it with always new creative paths ro explore in the game. Long live Core-Exiles!

  58. restroa says:

    I have been playing core-exile for last 2 months. Generally it is long enough time to explore what a game has to offer in most cases; but core-exile is different in this regard. I have barely managed to scratch the surface of what the game has to offer.

    It is very generous in free 2 play aspect. There is a cash shop; however I don’t feel any artificial barrier created in the gameplay to “force” you to spend. Actions in the game consume fuel which recharges naturally. However the recharge rate is generous enough to play for hours daily depending on what activity you choose to do. I have personally never ran out of fuel and forced to stop playing due to lack of fuel.

    The community is friendly and cooperative. There are events which require everyone to work towards a common goal.

    Finally; it is NOT a short term game. Try it out. If you like it; you will be playing for years 🙂

  59. Captain Bethany says:

    I really enjoy this game. I’ve been playing for about 12 years, I think. It’s been a while. This a game that receives much attention from it’s developers and there’s a great community that supports it. Come and join us.

  60. Elkhorn says:

    Core Exiles continues to be my “go-to” game for a number of reasons. A VERY in gauged developer buy the name of COOPS. The guy does sleep, but not for long and you can usually find him online, interacting with the players (even if its only to pop his head out of coding to say a quick howdy.
    The game keeps growing! It takes literally years to poke your head into everything the game has to offer, then you turn the corner and BAM there’s another one!
    The player base is fantastic! There are a lot of players active and willing to reach out to new arrivals.
    I could talk about it all day, but the best thing you can do is come over and try it out!

  61. Starlight says:

    This is the best browser based space game I have played. It’s not as restrictive as most games out there that have limited movements per day. Here you can play for hours doing lots of different things. Some occupations use more fuel than others, but you are not limited to one profession, you can do them all. You can travel to an asteroid field and mine resources, equip your ship with guns and fight pirates, or group up with other players and go on a raid. You can put on a space suit and explore derelict ships or even uninhabited planets. There are wrecks all over the place to explore, and many other things to do. I’ve just got a mining barge, and I can send that off to mine asteroid fields for me!

    Core Exiles is free to play, so why don’t you create an account and try it for yourself, it’s a brilliant game with a great community of players.

  62. Ophelia says:

    Core Exiles is a brilliant and well thought out game with a fantastic community to help you find your way through the Galaxies. There is so much to do in this game; you are never lost for things to occupy your time.

    I’ve been doing lots of building lately (well, gathering resources and getting other people to build things for me), for my new settlement. It’s great to have a place to call my own.

    Thank you Coops for developing such a wonderful game!

  63. Yokose says:

    Where to begin…? First, I want to say that this will be a bit of a read, I apologize for that, but I hope that you will stay with me until the end. Anyway, I am a blind player and I have been playing Core Exiles for about a year now, and I can say that I am enjoying the game immensely! There is so much that one can do in the game a newcomer may find things daunting in the beginning… however continuing to play can be very rewarding! More often than not the rewards are slow in coming, but the patience and effort are well worth the wait for them in the end. I think I will start off by telling you all what you can do in the game, not everything of course… I have to leave some surprises for you all… plus, I do not know everything myself, LOL. After that, I will tell you of my experiences as a blind player… both good and bad.

    Here are some professions that newcomers can expect to choose from… You can become a Haulage captain, mine, extract, harvest, salvage, and loot the over 650 different types of resources through asteroid mining, combat and derelict exploration, salvaging loot from destroyed ships… and so on. You can become a crafter and craft over 2,000 items through manufacturing, and much more.

    As one progresses in Core Exiles, you can acquire assets… like a mining barge for example. Want to own your own place to call home? A player can have up to 2 settlements. Want to own your own business in CE? Of course a player can open their own corporation as well! Feeling lonely during your travels? A player can get their own pet to keep them company while enjoying the perks of having a pet. Want even more company? Hire a crew to join you on your ship and send them off on their own missions. There is so much more as well!

    You’re probably asking yourself… “Is there any PVP?” In a way, yes there is PVP… assemble a couple of mechs and send them to the arena to fight other player made mechs if you are so inclined. Sadly though a player cannot fight another player’s ship. The only PVP is through mech combat in the arenas.

    This game is a great long-term choice for those who enjoy going at a slow pace as well as the learning process. There is also a great community on Discord that is always willing to help out newcomers who have joined, as well as seasoned players who might have forgotten a thing or two after a decade or so of playing. The developer is also very welcoming and very willing to help out newcomers as well, though he will not spoon feed you, LOL.

    So now that I have told you all about what you can do in Core Exiles, I figured that I would tell you a little bit about my experiences as a blind player here in CE. As I have mentioned above this game is long-term, so there will be times when it seems that progress is going slowly… from what I can figure, that is how it should be here. Once again though… the patience and effort that are put into playing are well worth it for the rewards you get.

    When I first started playing, I enjoyed doing asteroid mining and combat so I could gather the loot and resources… I should do more combat at some point to gather more resources. Anyway, I enjoy doing things like that. At the moment, I am a level 62 captain of a player made ship called the Kobayashi. I enjoy doing hauling missions. Some time ago I deployed my first settlement “Yedo”. A settlement is a great asset that requires some research and preparation before deploying, once you get the hang of it however, it can be a great benefit to you. I, of course had help with both doing the research and through the community on Discord. As a blind player, I have had no difficulties with my settlement. I’ve managed to get my settlement up to level 3, and will be taking my time before I bring it up to level 4, maybe within a few months or so… I think, can’t wait!

    We are also in the middle of the yearly Christmas event… it is my first time around, and I plan to gather several Christmas specials for my ship. I am extremely happy with the progress thus far and with the game in general. There is very little for me to complain about. As a blind player… in general, I have again found nothing to complain about. Accessibility is great here in Core Exiles, and if there is a problem, it usually gets resolved swiftly.

    Anyway, this game is wonderful to play, for both sighted and blind players! So make an account, come and join us here in Core Exiles. The community is quite friendly, the game is very mature and has been in development for over a decade… so there is bound to be something for everyone here. If you decide to join, drop in Discord and say hi, we’d love to have you here, and have fun playing!

    Captain, Yokose

  64. Bullwyf says:

    What is Core Exiles? Well it is a game in space that you can do just about whatever you want! Unless you want to bomb a settlement back to it’s basic elements. You can’t do that. But, if you want to mine, check. Combat? Sure thing. Salvage? Ayup. Haul goods between the stars? Affirmative. Mech fight! Yuppers. Explore derelicts? We’ve got them, ghosts may not be included. Carry out missions from 100 different NPCs? Absolutely. Build your own settlement on a planet of you choosing? Yes. And the list goes on and on. Seriously, this only shows a few things you can do

    I’ve been playing for 10 years and let me tell you, I don’t think there is much in my life I’ve done that long. Sure, I have had a break or two but I’m always pulled back in. The community is great, Coops as the Developer is extremely present and approachable. Recommendation are not just thrown away but actually listened too. There is always something new being introduced to the game. In short, it is a huge game that has so many different paths to entertain you it can just keep going and going.

    I can’t recommend it enough. Whether you want to just kill a few minutes a day blowing up passenger liners or want to get into the nitty gritty and create your own empire, it is all there for you. So, get in there and give it a try!

  65. Chiron says:

    Core Exiles is a space faring game, explore the galaxy, trade, combat NPCs, mine for goods, accumulate wealth or build an empire. The community is friendly and helpful. The staff and developer are active in game and very informative and quick to address issues. Unlike some other games there are no level 100+ players waiting to shoot you down as soon as you are able to lift off. You ave time to learn and grow at your own pace.

    It is also coded and adapted to be friendly to vision impaired players.

  66. OtherRick says:

    If there’s one thing that sets Core Exiles apart from the crowd in the world of browser games, it’s the community.

    Many other games promise short-term goals which keep players interested in the short term, and then they leave before they have the opportunity to talk with others from the community. Core Exiles has many long-term activities and content to work towards (some certain goals take months or more of effort) that can be greatly helped by interaction with other players.

    By spending time working on self-determined goals with the help of other players, CE fosters player interaction in a way that other games don’t.

    I’ve met quite a few good friends within my guild, and look forward to seeing their comments on the discord channel all the time!

    –Captain OtherRick and Copilot

  67. DanaLee says:

    Core Exiles is a laid back game. You can get totally involved or you can sit back and do nothing for a while with no major consequences other than lost opportunities. The game is updated regularly with small improvements that do not change the tone or action of the game a lot, so you don’t have to learn what a major change does every time it updates.

    The community is very helpful both to new players and established players. I’ve only been playing a few month, once in a while I see a high level player ask a question about how something works. No one ridicules that level 120+ player thinking they should already know that, they answer the question as best they can just as if it were a level 3 player asking. The community is friendly and helpful, unlike a lot of other games.

  68. Albatro5 says:

    CE is a SOLID FUN AND CHALLENGING space game in which you can choose to develop your characters on one of plenty proffesions (trade,mine,combat,explore,alien trade,alien mine,alien combat,alien explore,craft,derelict ship exploration,salvaging) or try to do as much at the same time.
    You can be a lone wolf or join the community to RAID pirates and/or you can focus on destroying the AI threat by building your armies and sending them to fight AI.
    On the process all the server wide challenges and competitions held by a devoted Admin and his hard working staff will keep you busy and your stores full of festive loot.
    Upcoming starbase update tha’s currently been worked at will add more scenario and activities on top of all the above.
    Just create an account (or two) now and join the adventure!!!

  69. Yokose says:

    Where to begin…? First, I want to say that this will be a bit of a read, I apologize for that, but I hope that you will stay with me until the end. Anyway, I am a blind player and I have been playing Core Exiles for coming on 10 months now, and I can say that I am enjoying the game immensely! There is so much that one can do in the game a newcomer may find things daunting in the beginning… however continuing to play can be very rewarding! More often than not the rewards are slow in coming, but the patience and effort are well worth the wait for them in the end. I think I will start off by telling you all what you can do in the game, not everything of course… I have to leave some surprises for you all… plus, I do not know everything myself, LOL. After that, I will tell you of my experiences as a blind player… both good and bad.

    Here are some professions that newcomers can expect to choose from… You can become a Haulage captain, mine, extract, harvest, salvage, and loot the over 650 different types of resources through asteroid mining, combat and derelict exploration, salvaging loot from destroyed ships… and so on. You can become a crafter through manufacturing, and much more.

    As one progresses in Core Exiles, you can acquire assets… like a mining barge for example. Want to own your own place to call home? A player can have up to 2 settlements. Want to own your own business in CE? Of course a player can open their own corporation as well! Feeling lonely during your travels? A player can get their own pet to keep them company while enjoying the perks of having a pet. Want even more company? Hire a crew to join you on your ship and send them off on their own missions. There is so much more as well!

    You’re probably asking yourself… “Is there any PVP?” In a way, yes there is PVP… assemble a couple of mechs and send them to the arena to fight other player made mechs if you are so inclined. Sadly though a player cannot fight another player’s ship. The only PVP is through mech combat in the arenas.

    This game is a great long-term choice for those who enjoy going at a slow pace as well as the learning process. There is also a great community on Discord that is always willing to help out newcomers who have joined, as well as seasoned players who might have forgotten a thing or two after a decade or so of playing. The developer is also very welcoming and very willing to help out newcomers as well, though he will not spoon feed you, LOL.

    So now that I have told you all about what you can do in Core Exiles, I figured that I would tell you a little bit about my experiences as a blind player here in CE. As I have mentioned above this game is long-term, so there will be times when it seems that progress is going slowly… from what I can figure, that is how it should be here. Once again though… the patience and effort that are put into playing are well worth it for the rewards you get.

    When I first started playing, I enjoyed doing asteroid mining and combat so I could gather the loot and resources… I should do more combat at some point. Anyway, I enjoy doing things like that. At the moment, I am a level 57 captain of a player made ship called the Kobayashi. I enjoy doing hauling missions. Some time ago I was able to deploy my mining barge with the help of a lovely player here in CE. The barge is a great asset that is pretty straight forward to use once you get the hang of it. I, of course had help with both doing research and through the community on Discord. As a blind player, I have found nothing to complain about with the mining barge. I’ve managed to get the barge up to level 8, and will soon be reaching level 9 within the week I think, can’t wait!

    We are also coming to the end of the yearly Halloween event… it was my first time around, and I managed to gather several Halloween pods for my ship. I am extremely happy with the progress thus far and with the game in general. There is very little for me to complain about. As a blind player… in general, I have again found nothing to complain about. Accessibility is great here in Core Exiles, and if there is a problem, it usually gets resolved swiftly.

    Anyway, this game is wonderful to play, for both sighted and blind players! So make an account, come and join us here in Core Exiles. The community is quite friendly, the game is very mature and has been in development for over a decade… so there is bound to be something for everyone here. If you decide to join, drop in Discord and say hi, we’d love to have you here, and have fun playing!

    Captain, Yokose

  70. OtherRick says:

    I started playing Core Exiles about 7-8 months ago, and it has been a wild ride!

    Currently, we’re well-into a serious server wide challenge that is fun to contribute to. Most of my contribution has been in the Mech war– constructing almost 300 mechs with my hard-earned gear and watching them get blown to pieces while I try to figure out what would have made them better.

    There’s so much to do! I can’t wait to see what new challenges Coops unleashes in November!

    –Captain OtherRick

  71. Captain Navile says:

    Core-Exiles gives an introvert like me plenty of choices. Usually I like to be on my own, shuttling passengers and cargo or maintaining a settlement. But when I’m in the mood to be more social, the Discord server lets me be talkative and RAID combat lets me help others to take down pirate bases.

    I flit from hobby to hobby. When I’m not feeling computer games, I can leave Core-Exiles for months (even over a year) and everything* waits for you until you return.

    *OK, I lost a Corporation once, but that’s just one of about fifteen major things to do in Core-Exiles.

    Finally, this is a “labor of love” game, started by one guy (Hi Coops!) who’s trying to make a living. As a fellow traveler, I respect that and like to support that.

  72. Kortha says:

    Started this game in August and love it. The Halloween event is great with pods that really help out a low level player.

  73. Mionax says:

    Core Exiles is massive! Exploring this universe is going to take a very long time. I view that as a great thing. Not only are there so many settlements, planets, systems and galaxies to visit there are so many things you can do. Craft, Mine, Combat the bad guys, be a bad guy and fight the good ones, explore wild planets and derelicts. And there are so many other things I haven’t even touched on. The community is pretty chill and helpful too. Nice group and the developer is active in discord too. I give this game a captain’s shout of praise.

  74. Chiron says:

    Life is too short to deal with player egos. Core-Exiles has no direct player combat. No one is going to drop your toon as soon as it steps outside. Players in Core Exiles for the most part co-operate or at least remain indifferent, rather than antagonistic. The Discord channel and forums are full of helpful people and is manned by staff representatives most of the time.

    There are many activities from NPC combat, manufacturing, mining, trading between players, exploring new regions or exploring derelict spacecraft to keep you occupied. Try it, you might just like it.

    You can play alone and never interact with another player or you can join a guild and be totally immersed in their activities. It is totally up to the individual how they want to play.

  75. DanaLee says:

    I like the fact that Coops, the master magician at the code keyboard has been making small changes that are making it simpler to do some of the most common activities in the game. He seems to be working on it constantly and is normally in chat and in the forums everyday to deal with any player concerns and suggestions. Not all suggestions are followed, and that is as it should be. But the ones that are done are all fully thought out before implementation. He also has some major changes in the works but they cone out very infrequently. and are also well thought out and tested before being put into game.

    I played another game off and on for 7 years that finally drove me away because they did semi-major changes every month. If you didn’t play daily you couldn’t keep up with the changes and the informational websites wee completely out of date. With the live chat and slow well thought out changes that is not a big problem here.

    I’ve been playing various games online for over 20 years now, and this is the only one have spent real money on. I do that because I like it so much.

  76. Halmir says:

    The more I play Core Exiles, the more I enjoy playing the game. There is zero pressure to do things within a certain time frame, everything is at your own pace. You can build a settlement; when you get to level 25. But, if you want you can hold off until you have a lot of money from other things or until you have enough resources and skills to build everything yourself. Do not focus on what and when others are doing things. Do them when you are comfortable and you will fall deeper under the lure of space as it shows itself in Core-Exiles.

  77. Fitzbacon says:

    Where to start? Gosh there is so much to do, from mining, to manufacturing, to fighting, to exploring, to owning ones own settlement. There is never any lack of things to do

    The game is complex, but at the same time the player base is always willing to help and guide.

    The Development Team is always adding new content and spawning competitions. Additionally they are very responsive to adding content, or changing content based upon other player suggestions. Nothing it seems is too much trouble.

    For a free game this is hard to beat. There is a Cash Store option but none of the content of such is necessary to the gameplay. There is no End Game. Do what you wish, when you wish, at a speed at which you are comfortable.

  78. Captain Bethany says:

    This December will be my 12 year anniversary of playing this game. The community is great, I can build without having my stuff destroyed by overly aggressive players. Coops is always working on the game and keeps adding new things. You should totally play this game.

  79. Ophelia says:

    I have been playing Core Exiles for over 2 years now, and I am still finding new things to do. The community is friendly and very helpful, making it a fun place to be.

    There are always competitions and events to take part in, with really fantastic rewards. Come and join in the Halloween fun, I can’t think of a better way to spend my free time!

  80. OtherRick says:

    There’s a lot going on, and plenty of time to do it in.

    Core Exiles has been running for about 8 years now, and I can see why players stay around for that time: there are lots of long-term investments to explore, which pay off farther down the road.

    You can vie for the “chief explorer” title on an uncharted world, start up a corporation with a whole fleet of ships, donate resources or crafted modules toward creation of an artificial planet, help your guild assemble the hubs for a shiny new starbase, adopt a cuddly pet SNARG, and more. All of these tasks can be begun in short order, but present a goal to work towards and a sense of accomplishment when you finally break even on a project you’ve nursed from the beginning.

    You should join, and plan some new adventures with us!

  81. DanaLee says:

    The game is full of different content, so much so that it seems daunting at first but the players that hang out on the discord channel are helpful. Also there are many long time players who will give advice, items or resources until you get your feet under you … ?? Can you really get your feet under you in space? I guess I’ll find out.

  82. Lord Castellan Creed says:

    Having played this game since 2008, I can safely say it’s the only game that has kept me coming back for so long. There’s so much to do, and I don’t think there is a single player who has done everything. I know I’m no where near.

  83. Paris Dalton says:

    I love this game! The forums are full of useful information. Everyone is friendly in the chat room. I love this game! I said that already didn’t I. Leveling up and rewards are just challenging enough to keep you on the edge of your seat, at least in combat.

  84. Yokose says:

    So this comment is coming from the prospective of a blind gamer/player. Firstly this is a great game, and the devs have done an awesome job! Now then, the game is over a decade old and thus is very mature. There is so much to do here that you could play for a decade or 2 and still not get to every aspect of the game. I have been working on hauling and recently FOM missions. For several months now, my goal has been to get to level 50 as well as set up a mining barge… I love to collect the insane amount of resources that are in the game. I’ve also gotten into Derelict Exploration, an interesting side job, but another way to get more resources amongst other things. Once I get my mining barge setup, I will have to come up with another goal… LOL. Anyway the game is as I said “awesome!”, the discord community is even more awesome, the other players are very helpful to newcomers as well as long term players due to the sheer enormity of the game. The developer is often in discord chat as well and very social with everyone in chat. So if you’re a blind player… shoot a sighted player, come on and join the game and our community, we’d love to see you here. 🙂

    Captain, Yokose

  85. Daemon says:

    I have been playing this game for over a year now and there are still some aspects of the game that I have not touched. This just shows the level of depth of the game. There are different professions for any type of playstyle and the game is continuously updated. If you are looking for a game with intense depth and a very helpful community, then CE is the game for you.

  86. Cashew says:

    As a long time player of this game I can vouch for the fact that there are plenty of things to do that will keep you busy. From mining and stockpiling resources to combat and exploring, this game has it all.

  87. amro meero says:

    this game is simply amazing. I love the community, the activaties you can do on here. the work coops made to make the game accessible for vi players.

  88. Fukodlak says:

    A very fun game, and not so demanding as it may appear at the first glance. I strongly recommend joining some clan as older members can help you in your early days of CE. There’re many challenges ahead.

  89. mentlsback says:

    It has taken some time in isolation during this pandemic for me to finally realize and fully appreciate just how great this game is.
    I’ve been playing CE for years .. (started with Shields Up) .. though now and then I’ve had to take a few leaves for medical reasons.
    When you find yourself worrying about the state of the world however, there are now extractors that have to be emptied, mall stores to re-supply, factories to maintain as well as mining drones, not to mention enemy ships to destroy, loot and salvage. All the while running the risk of being attacked by a bounty hunter or bit in the @ss by a spider.
    Escapism at its best, and for that Coops, I will be eternally grateful.

  90. Typhon Grey says:

    What I like about Core Exiles is that it about what you do, not about following some pre-determined path for advancement, and you can do it all with the same captain. Want to sit and mine rocks, go for it. If you want to go blow stuff up, there are plenty of enemies. If crafting is your thing, put up some GBM contracts and have at it. Whatever you want to do, this is play your way.

  91. BazingaSru says:

    The best thing for me is that Core-Exiles is not time-absorbing, unlike other web-browsing games. I like it very much but I cannot play every day, and guess what? Nothing happenes! I won’t loose all my credits, my ship won’t be destroyed, my things won’t be stolen. I can leave it for few days, sometimes much more, and after I will return, I can continue to play.
    Besides, game is really good with multi-aspects, you can be what you want, Devs are halpful and community is very cool!

  92. MadMaxxx says:

    Core Exiles is an awesome game where you become pilot of spaceship and you can play it your own way. Be either combat pilot, miner, cargo or passenger hauler and later in the game you can be salvaging your own wrecks (ships you blown up) or be crafter, etc (plenty of professions to choose). You can own a settlement on a planet and there are also Starbases coming to the game.
    Community is helpful and one of the best in the world. If you dont believe me come join and have a chat with us.
    Be part of a guild that works together towards goals they set themselves or you can play it solo as like pikolianita said that there is no PVP so you wont lose a thing if you cant play regularly.

    Cant wait to see you in game and in chat (feel free to msg me and ill gladly respond)-

    Best Regards

    Captain MadMaxxx

    PS: Some of us have been playing the game for years and we still love it 🙂

  93. pikolinianita says:

    Great Game. A lot of fun, There are many various activities, so hard to be bored. and NO PVP, so you can leave game for week and you still find your stuff in place. It’s really great game

  94. Robotix says:

    Core-Exiles is a collection of great captains willing to help you with your crafting projects.


  95. Kyrith says:

    This is a great place to spend time. Friendly players and staff, and one of the most interesting browser based games I’ve ever come across.
    I suspect I’ll still be discovering new things a year from now, and still be enjoying the hauling, combat and mining missions that hooked me in the first place.

  96. Hadron says:

    I have been a avid computer gamer going all the way back to A Bards Tale on the Amstrad CPC in 1985, then moving on to MMO’s in 2002.
    In 2008 I had to switch to free games due to losing my job due to the economic downturn. I looked around I found a game which looked perfect but it was in a Beta state so I bookmarked it and went on to other free games. Then in 2010 I went back and found out that the game was as the Dev stated in a “perpetual Beta state”, that game was called Core Exiles and I have been here ever since.
    10 Years later I can say I am still enjoying this game, I have tried everything, and completed nearly all the goals I had set for myself bar one, when I started playing way back then, Star Base’s were just a rumored ‘to be added at some time in the far future addition’ and I thought cool I can get my own Deathstar LOL, SB’s are still being worked, on slowly but surely, as the Dev put it “its a huge addition that encroaches on so much of CE.”
    While I am still waiting for SB’s, there have been many cool large additions in the meantime such as a new Galaxy (Furnace), Player made Ships, Level 6 and Level 7 Settlements, and many smaller additions such as Mining Barges, Corporations, Genesis etc, making game play so much bigger better with many things still to enjoy keeping me coming back daily.

  97. Capt. Henry says:

    Great game. RL took me away from the game for awhile, but when I came back it was like I had never left (except for Coop’s updates). But that’s a good thing, he is always tweeking the game. and listens to suggestions

  98. SpaceBucks says:

    The good:
    You can play Core-Exiles from any browser in the world where you can get an internet connection. Your character is what you make of it in a universe that is constantly expanding. You can go anywhere and do anything you want and will not be clipped because you do not want to act in a particular manner.

    The bad:
    The game is addictive. The players are mostly all cool and love to give guidance to others.
    Sure there are no glitzy graphics, but the game still keeps your attention because of the notebook you keep of things you need to know.

    In short, if you are reading this, you really should be playing the game.

  99. The best thing I like about Core Exiles is that there is no PVP in the game…. My reflexes are not what they were… Hehe


  100. skyhawk says:

    Core exiles: Yes it is a game, which means NO pressure if that’s what your looking for. A great release from real world tension. I love the many layers that rely on each other, Its a real workout for the brain cell. On the down side I think the number of mouse clicks needs to be reduced my finger is real tired. It has a great community that supports the game with very helpful players and admin.

  101. Elkhorn says:

    Hey, stop by and give this game an hour of your time. What do you have to loose?
    Here’s what you gain, access to a games spanning several galaxies. Your very own ship free! Starting credits to get you off on the right foot. But wait, there’s more!
    A friendly community always willing to give advice or a helping Adapted Sec-Gen Plasma Reactor ADV-96 RA-309.
    A Dev that is there every day and responsive to players.
    A knowledgeble staff.
    Free stuff!

    You gotta try it!

  102. The Wolf says:

    Core-Exiles is a great browser game, with a massive range of activities to do. While there is not much focus on PvP (Except for mech combat), there is a massive focus in this game on helping each other out.

    The community on Discord is really good to find help and to catch up with fellow captains.

  103. Albatro5 says:

    Absolutely unique and super challenging space game,everyone out there still having thoughts just jump in and get addicted.
    Very helpful community and hard working administration ensure you never get stuck or bored 🙂

  104. Hand Solo says:

    Awesome game. So much to do. Been playing for 4+ years and still not done it all. Not mind bendingly difficult but not boringly easy, just right for an excellent challenge.

  105. Storyman2k says:

    This game is awesome. There are so many choices and things a player can do.

  106. DrRelic says:

    I love that the game also allows for captains to step away and not have to worry about much when real life hits and you just can’t play. The game play is as fast or slow as you want it to be. Use all your fuel as quickly as you regen it (there’s upgrades for that too *wink*) or bounce around very leisurely like, the game will pace itself to your liking! I also recommend joining the Discord channel and getting to know the community as we are super helpful and always friendly . The game and the people in and around the game rock!


  107. Korthen says:

    CE is a great browser game. Many activities so there is always something to do. Read the first few comments below, I agree with all their remarks. The Player Community is very helpful and almost any time off the day you can get information to help you along.

    Give it a try, it’s free.

  108. Korth says:

    Core Exiles is a great browser game with a wide range of activities, and no PvP (ok there are mechs but no one comes hunting you). For new players- after you have completed the initial few missions, join Discord (Game Chat) where you can ask questions and see what other players are doing.

    Remember to have fun.

  109. Captain Bethany says:

    I’ve been playing for over 10 years. The community is friendly. You can be interrupted, come back and your ship is still there. You can build and gather without meaningless destruction from other players. I always come back to this game.

  110. Siddharth says:

    well am playing ce from 10 years daily chores which keep me coming to game each day even for few mins of login .
    from selling ribliz to spven to sending mineing barge to mine or even deploying extractors .

  111. OtherRick says:

    Core exiles is a surprisingly open sandbox game which encourages player interaction, and where the game developers are actively involved in the community.

    Open sandbox– there’s a huge amount of locations to visit and things to do. Crafting, Mining, Combat, Cargo Hauling, Passenger transport, owning Shopping malls– the list goes on. It is absolutely up to the individual captain to determine their own goals and put together a game plan for accomplishing them.

    Player Interaction– You could do [almost] everything in Core Exiles without ever talking to another player, using one of the player-constructed settlements, or buying an item from their emporium. However, there are a fair number of in-game incentives for interaction, ranging from discounts on purchases, availability of a material you need a lot of, to some of the most useful docking locations, guild bonuses, silly news headlines, and more. You may be able to actively avoid interaction, but you’ll want to make friends.

    Game Developers– Coops in particular is always involved. He’s on the group discord [apparently for hours each day], running competitions in the forums, and actively working on improving the gameplay experience and performance in an open and transparent way. He runs the competitions in a way that encourage cooperation with other players and communication with him or other devs directly.

    One last bullet point– Core Exiles is *not* a taxing, stressful, or demanding game to play. There isn’t a dire need to check in every day and do several grindy tasks for required items in order to progress; you can walk away from your computer for a week, come back, and pick up where you left off without much issue. It’s a relaxing, play-at-your-own-pace kind of game.

    –Captain OtherRick

  112. Yokose says:

    Hello Newcomers,

    So I’ve been playing Core Exiles for close to 4 months now. It is an awesome game with so much to it… I’m sure you’ve heard that before in these comments or elsewhere. The game has been in development for over a decade… and I suspect that it will be around for another.

    One thing I do want to say is that I am a blind player of the game, there are a few blind players I believe. The game is very accessible when used with firefox on a Windows PC with JAWS or NVDA. I use a MacOS X Laptop with a screen reader to play. On the Mac the game is for the most part accessible, though it can be a little buggy… nothing that prevents playing though. The problem has to do with Tables in the game. I know that tables are used quite often in the game to keep things efficient, sometimes however VoiceOver my Mac’s screenreader, does not see that there is a table after certain pages are done loading. As I said it is not a problem, the game is still very playable. All buttons are available and all links as well.

    Right now my goal is to deploy a mining barge, I am 3 levels away from doing so at the time of this post and I can’t wait. I love mining and hauling… and I might try out manufacturing via using schematics… need to find out where I can purchase all of those smaller module schematics though.

    Anyway, I hope you will come and join our family here in game and in chat/Discord. Everyone is very friendly and helpful to new players. Coops a developer or “the” developer of the game is often if not always in Discord if you want to say hello, nice bloke who will indeed say hi back when he is not crunching away developing this awesome game. Sign up for an account, start your journey and meet some great folks here!

    Captain of the Kyushu

  113. sylven says:

    yes, core exiles is really unique in its own style, I play so much but I realise I never stick to one activity cause it helps me never get bored, keep trying out different activities and stay tuned to levelling up and becoming a strong pilot in core exiles!

  114. Sunflowers says:

    Core Exiles is a unique “Indie” game. This means that it’s not run by some faceless company which is more interested in how much money it can take off its players, but just one man and a dedicated team of long-term players who have volunteered to assist him.

    There are so many aspects to this game that, although I’ve been playing it for more than 10 years, I’ve never managed to cover everything in it – and there are still more things being added. This is ideal because you’re not forced to follow a specific plot line (apart from the training stages when you first sign up for the game) but you can pick and choose what things you want to do. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to fight, trade, explore, mine or anything else. It’s also advisable to join one of the Guilds. It’s not compulsory but it’s reassuring to be part of a group and you have “names” to turn to if you need help.

    When you reach certain levels more stages open up to you and you can begin to improve your ship, weapons and tools and can travel further throughout the Core Exiles universe. You can found your own settlement and make profit from other captains who visit it, you can manufacture items for other players, you can help them out by selling them resources that they need, there are NPCs (Non Playing Characters) on some of the planets and orbiting stations who will assign you missions to carry out for them and will reward you well. Whatever you choose to specialise in – or whether you want to spread your options – you gain points towards the next rank in that speciality. For instance, I’m a trader so every time I set out with a hold full of cargo to deliver I receive “credits” (in-game currency) but I also climb another rung up the ladder in my haulage rank. When I reach the next level I’m offered better-paying cargoes and I can open up more destinations and it’s the same with fighters and the rest. Because CE is a co-operative game, if you need certain resources to finish a mission or craft an item there is a “market” where you can put in an order for – say – 1000 units of ore, and then other players will fill that order for you and you will receive an in-game message to tell you to collect it. There is also a chat (Discord) where you can ask other players for help – or you can send them an in-game message.

    The best part of Core Exiles is that it’s FREE TO PLAY! It will not keep pestering you with annoying popups every few minutes and you do not have to pay for any improvements (although if you want to there is an online store where you can buy them with real-world money) – just work hard and keep having fun!

  115. skyhawk says:

    Love the level of complexity, always something to figure out and think about. there’s plenty of help when u get stuck.

  116. PantalonRubber says:

    I love this game because you can play it in a completely individualized way. You can focus on combat, or industrial development, or exploration, or crafting, etc.

    It’s such a vast game with so many pathways that it’s near impossible for anybody to work out all its complexities and wrinkles. It’s like the real world that way.

  117. Destranis says:

    I’ve started to play this game reccently, and it definitely caught me. It’s the deepest and most interesting game I’ve ever seen, even if I’ve tried a lot of browser games. Out of all, CE is the most outstanding and massive game. The community is really friendly as well, the developer is opened for anything. So all I have to say is keep up the good work, and I encourage everyone to try it!

  118. Albatross says:

    This is your only warning. Core Exiles will take over your life, and your family and friends will desert you.

    You will be so involved in chatting with your awesome guild (mine), upgrading your ship, reading the sarcastic commentary of your ship AI, and trying to make a profit that you will ignore real life… forget to shower, brush your teeth, go to work, *non-family-friendly* with your spouse, throw sticks to your dog, go to work… you get the idea.

  119. DrRelic says:

    I stumbled upon Core-Exiles while voting for another game. Just the logo itself caught my eye, and some of these other posts gave me good feelings. So i signed up and was blown away by the community once i joined the Discord channel! Everyone has been awesome and super helpful and getting to know the game and learning and doing has just been a blast! Everyone should join!


  120. EmelioFahrlanger says:

    I have been playing for about 2 months now, playing between 5 minutes and 5 hours a day depending on RL and my mood. As everyone else has said, it is very deep and interesting, and there is a learning curve. I have barely scratched the surface of my options. As others have said, it does require patience.

    You can start play without reading much at all besides the three short Beginner Guides. One negative for me is a less-than-complete starting guide in print, but then, I am a reader, and it is designed as a game of discoveries. I must say that Coops and others have been very tolerant of my numerous questions, and I feel I have a firm grip on the game mechanics usable at my level. I have collected many items, and will spend a long time locating uses for some of them. There are many in-game surprises, good and bad, from events during play. I especially like the Galactic headlines, which are a mix of actual game messages, in-game jokes, and rumors. There is even an in-game notepad for your use!

    I highly recommend this game.

  121. Robotix says:

    Ship combat, cargo hauling, asteroid mining, crafting, salvaging, and exploring all in abundance.

    And there’s more…

    Manage your fuel, extractors, mining drones, harvesters, refineries, malls, ships crew, settlements, certificates and build an industrial empire.

    Join us today! 😀

    Captain Robotix

  122. Anonymous says:

    I see that my last post on this thread was from
    August of 2012 !! Wow ..where did that time go ??
    I actually started playing this game when it was
    known as Shields Up (account name ‘frostyfriday)
    When it evolved into Core Exiles I started a new
    account ‘noone’, and after having to leave the game
    due to medical issues a couple of times, have returned
    as ‘mentlcase’ and now as ‘mentlsback’. !!
    If that makes it sound like it is a highly addictive game,
    it is!! …. You have been warned!! Prepare to enjoy yourself
    playing a great game !!

  123. Morzorak says:

    I think I have been playing for around six months now. The game is great because whether you have five minutes or 15 minutes or five hours, there is always something you can do. Whether it is planning a trade route in jumping a couple of galaxies at lunch, or destroying a bunch of pirates while you watch a comedy in the evening, there is always something to do.

  124. Smiler says:

    I have been playing Core Exiles for a number of years, at the moment I am just ticking over doing a few small things, but its so easy to get full on and really involved if you have the time or inclination. I love the fact you can change between these modes very easily and where it isn’t ‘against’ the other users you don’t miss out or make it impossible to enjoy, thoroughly recommend.

  125. Halmir says:

    I enjoy the game. It is very relaxing. I’ve only been playing for a month and I think I have done okay so far.

  126. Capt. Skyhawk says:

    I have been in the game for a week now, love the complexity of options.

  127. SpaceBucks says:

    Core-Exiles will be both fun and frustrating to you as a player. It is very much a game of community as much as it is a solo game. You will need the help of other players to get through NPC missions and to make decisions for your character’s success, so if you are anti-social, you may not like it.
    Do not worry, the Core-Exile community is a very good bunch of folks who are always willing to help where and when they can.
    Give the game an honest try and you will find a nice corner of the galaxy for yourself.

    • Cashew says:

      I have been playing this game for several years now. There are several things that I like about the game. One is the fact that there is no set way of doing things and that you can take it any direction that you want. The people that I have met while playing are also at the top of the list.

  128. Fukodlak says:

    Since I’m now in the superb clan Tagons, I can easily find all the answers I need. But folks who are not may have a bit of tough time, after the initial part of the game, to find out what-how- where. Remember the starting PDF? It was an excellent guide. Perhaps make some other, too. I have an idea how to map out the possibilities, so do not hesitate to DM me for more.

  129. drayinexile says:

    Nice game !!

  130. Storyman2k says:

    This game is great! The developer is awesome and very responsive to everything. It’s. Great!

  131. Jack Charlini says:

    Core Exiles is a very in-depth space sim, I’ve barely scratched the surface after a couple of weeks. This can mean there’s a steep learning curve at times, but the community is very helpful. If you’re looking for a chilled out sci-fi game where you plan your strategy and grow over time then give it a try.

    Jack Charlini

  132. Fitzbacon says:

    A game with much depth. So much to do, and so much to learn. Player base is extremely accommodating and so willing to pass on knowledge to new players. No question seems too trivial to answer. Devs are constantly active, and daily, weekly and seasonal competitions keep everyone on their tows. No P:vP either so that means that ones endeavors are not destroyed by someone when one is away from the game. Can’t recommend this game enough if you are looking for an old school space odyssey.


  133. akkamaddi says:

    I signed up for Captain akkamaddi in June of 2014, and I’m leaving another review in February 2020. That could stand alone as an accolade. While I’ve taken a few breaks, when life pulls me away the game keeps pulling me back.

    This game is designed to be very deep, and reward investment of time. While it may seem a bit cramped and simple in the first few days, acquiring a few levels and developing a few skills allows you to diversify and specialize. You can amass wealth just hauling cargo and passengers. You can do mining missions, or keep space lanes neat and tidy by salvaging. If you like creating wrecks, you can focus on combating pirate, or be a pirate and target military and civilian ships. You can focus on extracting planetary resources or creating manufactured resources. You can harvest dark matter from nebulas. You can curate a settlement. You can curate a Genesis plot and launch military attacks on the A.I. menace. You can invest time in a rickety mining barge and turn it into an industrial powerhouse. Or, you can let a few drones and extractors work for you and hang out in the chat room. You can even tend a pet snarg.

    The graphics are simple, and actually designed to work with screen readers. You can even check in on your phone. (Every day at lunch, I check my mining barge and Genesis contracts.)

    There is no install, no loading time, and no fancy frills. You just launch right into the game.

    And if luck is on your side, you can find a ribbelz in your hold.

  134. Daemon says:

    CE is a game that gives you freedom based on your playstyle. There are so much things to do in CE that hardcore and even casual gamers will have fun playing it. This freedom even extends on the amount of time you need to invest in the game. You can play it based on your own pace so there is no pressure to keep levelling up. The game has an excellent community that is certainly a breath of fresh air compared to most games nowadays where toxicity is everywhere.

  135. Delandra says:

    Lots of new content and developing universe. Plenty of enemy ships to fight and salvage. AI invasion to hold back. We are gradually from the AI and developing weapons to turn the tide and eventually take the battle to them. Crafting, mining, trading, passenger delivery, salagin, PvE Comba t and even PvP Drone vs Drone arena. NO PvP in real space so all your developments are safe from other player!

    Not only can you build your own settlements, genesis lot and mining barges but you can now set up a corporation with corporate HQs and have multiple ships zipping around the galaxies.

    Awesome game!

    • Delandra says:

      You will be always welcome at my settlement Foundation on the planet Fijimori in the Trantor system, Anvil


  136. james t kirk says:

    i’ve been playing this game on and off for around 10 years now. it’s a bit like a book. regardless of how long you leave it for, you can always come back to where you left off. it’s a truly unique game in that it’s so large and complex you could play it for years and still not do all the activities this game has to offer.

  137. Severian says:

    CE is a different game than most I’ve played. It’s not a flashy shooter game by any means, it’s a thiinking, planning and social game. Mind you they graphics are well done but the real attraction is the community, story and wide breath of activities you can do. So many directions to go and so many things to try, it’s a good thing there’s lots of people around to discuss your intentions with and to give advice. I’ve not been playing long but I can see myself continuing to play many years from now. The developer is involved and accessible in game every day and the community is amazing. The miles of content from resources to manufactured commodities to things you can make with 2 different crafting systems (schematics and engineering). There’s a lot here to keep me interested for many years to come. Try it, it’s quite surprising.

  138. Joe Bishop says:

    As you can tell by most posts many players love this game. I would count myself as one of them. Personally, I have played this game off and on for 10+ years(truthfully I don’t remember the date but it was not too long after it first started.) Real life has taken me away from the game a few times but I always end up coming back and playing again.

    The depth and breadth of this game are what truly makes it so addictive. You can spend years playing this game and play it in many different styles and not play it wrong. There are many opportunities to change your mind and do something different. The biggest quality you will need to have to really enjoy Dore Exiles is patience. There are parts of the game that you will not be able to do until you have spent quite a while in-game leveling your captain.

    The depth and breadth combined with not having easy access to everything will probably be overwhelming to you as you first start this game. However, the players who love this game are a great community and very helpful to new players. The best thing you can do in this game is to ask questions. One of the players will be there to help you out. Heck, you will even see the game developer(Coops) in-game chat helping players on a daily basis. I have never seen this in other games I have played.

    So give Core Exiles a try. It just might become an obsession as it has for so many of the players.

    I hope to see you out there in the space lanes,
    Cpt Joe Bishop

  139. Mkgel says:

    Core Exiles…… Been playing it since February, although just a few months, i feel I’ve been here for quite a long time. With so much depth and content of the game, friendly and helpful players and an admin who is very much “hands-on”, I think I will be playing this for many more years to come. If you are a fan of Sci-Fi games or just want to experience being in space, this game is for you! As I have said – depth and content, there is so much to do here, you can make it simple or complex – your game play – your choice. Finally, a word of warning, it is very immersive and addictive – play at your own risk!

  140. LocutusBorg says:

    After about 180 days of absence, I am back. RL took me from it, not that I was bored!
    So, if you start this game, beware! It is addicted 😀
    (but in good way!)

  141. MadMaxxx says:

    Core Exiles is game where you can chill out for days. Play it as much as your free time lets you (in time you are not around you can refill your tanks), to play again when you have free time. Community is awesome as we (players) help each other with tips, knowledge and sometimes with resources, credits or even freebie items (better gear for ships,….).
    I have been taking breaks for almost a year sometimes due to RL issues and find myself returning back to game to chat with old friends, discover whats new in game and to see how game develops over the years.
    If you like playing a game that gives you challenges for you to overcome for years to come then CE is definitely game for you.
    Try it out and pop into chat to see what its all about. Trust me you wont regret it!

    Best Regards

  142. Lutes says:

    If I was to think of one word to describe Core Exiles it would be fun, There are may other words that I could use – challenging, engaging, frustrating (in a challenging way), rewarding, evolving, friendly, expansive, free (if you want it to be), absorbing and captivating are but a few other words.

    There are numerous pathways to level up your captain; you may wish to concentrate on some of the more obvious routes of combat, haulage, production, mining, salvage or NPC missions however as you gain experience and level up you may wish to expand into more challenging gameplay pathways – corporations, exploration (galaxy systems or planets), AI combat are my personal choices at the moment. The list is much larger and the game continues to introduce new and interesting pathways to enjoy.

    I have been an Exile for over 5 years and continue to enjoy developing my captain’s abilities in both established and new pathways. Not sure my wife is too pleased mind you 🙂

    I would encourage anyone who has made it this far and had their interest piqued enough to find out about the game to give it a try – after all you’ve nothing to lose. In the immortal words of Mrs Doyle (Father Ted TV show) – Go on, go on go on go on go on go on go on – you know you want to 🙂

    Anyway – I’m off to haul some cargo now, explore a galaxy, explore a planet, manufacture some weapons to help with AI combat, assign a mission for my corporation, give my ship crew some new objectives and post some resource requests for building a new corporation reactor and research facility whilst checking in on my resource extractors and settlement 🙂
    Some dinner too wouldn’t go amiss 🙂

    Hope to see you soon.


  143. John Carter Barsoom says:

    I have been playing Core Exiles since the beginning of January 2018, and I love it.

    The freedom of this game is breathtaking. You really can do whatever you want in this game, and become what you want, based upon your choices. There aren’t certain character classes which you must play within. There are your abilities as a player and the opportunities of the game, and then it’s up to your choices. You can become a trader, fighter, explorer, pirate, whatever. There are several galaxies and hundreds of star systems to explore and adventure in. And, you can take a break for up to a year and the game will start for you wherever you left off. If you are tired of being channeled through someone else’s story-line, this game might please you very much…

    Another point, there is decent support and lots of friendliness by the admin and players. My suggestion: Play the beginner’s missions that are offered by the NPCs as a way to learn the game and to build up credits and experience. Do that till you reach level 3-15: whenever you feel comfortable with the basics of the game. Then, join a guild. The mentoring and information and resources will prove quite helpful. I joined Aesir guild (because they kept reaching out to me), and I am quite pleased with that decision. Among other things, Aesir members get a 10% bonus on experience points and credits. I waited to join till I reached level 25; if I had to do it over again, I should have joined when I reached level 11 or 12 and I had a good idea of the basic points of the game.

    One point that some people might not like: this game has old school graphics. This game does not have cinema quality videos and graphics. Instead, the screens on this game has menus and maps and charts and so on, and a picture. If you are looking for state of the art video entertainment like a movie, this game is not it.

    On the other hand, if you are looking for a thoughtful and enjoyable game, in a science fiction setting, with wide-open adventure, and a good support system by admins and friends, Core Exiles is it.

  144. Shadow says:

    C.E. has a lot to offer and as one person I just read stated – you cant learn it all, there is too much to be an expert on all that is within the game. One part of the game I do like is that your allowed to have a 2nd character playing (within rules) My first hauls lots of cargo for the moneyyy and sometimes goes out to complete non player character missions for a bonus. My 2nd has allowed me to operate in new areas of the game I hadn’t tried and I find this an aspect of the game not many others allow legally.

    The game is great, the players are very helpful (I cant believe how much knowledge some have hidden away) and the admin are tops..

    No, its not for everyone. But for those that try and stay more than 2 or 3 weeks, I think you will find the 2 or 3 weeks turns into 2 or 3 months – 2 or 3 years very quickly

    In game name is Shadow. welcome all of you to try us out.

  145. Marcsp says:

    I’m one of those long term players (8+ years now) and I play nearly every day. Sometimes I can only do 10 minutes, other days four hours, but I haven’t considered leaving this game since that first year. Its also the only game I spend actual money on – most games I try out, I leave from disgust or boredom within a couple of weeks.

    That said – this game isn’t for everyone. There’s no PvP here, no twitch fests, no newbie looting. If that’s what you
    want, CE is not your game. But if you like long term, steady progress type of games, CE has got a lot for you.
    Over the years, I’ve mastered four or five careers. And I’m a raw newbie in at least three or four other careers.
    Not from inability, but rather because I’ve never gotten to them, because my primary careers are so deeply developed that I’ve never had time or inclination to get into those other careers.

    CE has a depth to it that I’ve rarely seen matched in any other game. Thats what keeps me coming back day after day.

  146. Mechwarrior says:

    l have been playing CE for about 3 months now and l wanted to post something here to help others who might be thinking about joining up. Firstly, l come from an Ogame/2moons space strategy background and if your here looking for something like they offer forget it. l had four game accounts on four different games and left them all for CE. ln other games you mine three basic metals and build up levels of lab, shipyard etc and gather large ships to raid others. Stepping into CE leaves all of that way behind. l often talk in game with players who have been here for over NINE YEARS and they are still having to gather items and resource to build something new to them!
    There is no actual fighting with other players except in the mech combat area. But if you like the thought if chasing down pirates to earn experience and income, you will never be short of targets. (some even play as pirates) The resources you can mine or stumble across when searching derelict ships is into the 100s and the items you could locate and later put to use are into the 1000s.
    The guys who play the game are a mixed bag. Some talk everyday, some like me sit back and read comments and post.on topics of special interest. The players who form game admin are amazing. l have never met a more helpful group in my years and years of gaming.
    Lastly, Coops is online for hours each day, talking with us all. Ever friendly to help others enjoy is baby ‘CE’
    He runs special in game events constantly and he plays an account in game so he us very aware of whats going on and how the game is running.
    My last word for CE…. ln over 10 years of playing strategy games, CE is the first game l have spent any money on. The exchange rate for me into english pounds is a killer, but l cant help but want to try and pay back something to this game.
    This is all about LONG TERM STRATEGY and its amazing!

    in game name ~ Mechwarrior

  147. king David says:

    hey this game is really fun and addictive. It is constantly updated and relevant. Dev works daily to improve game. And this is one of the truly play for free games. You can play and compete all the way to the highest levels for free. Also the Dev gives players a chance to get access to cool store items without spending money. I support because i am able, but not everyone can. All are welcome.
    Come join a community where players work together to achieve common goals and builds.

    i have played for 4 years and really enjoy Core Exiles. Log in look me up in game , im King David and experience the difference.

  148. Ember-16 says:

    Why is thar no bad things about this game I don’t play but I read all the comments and but not one was saying it’s bad why?

    • Coops says:

      Why not play and find out, we never ask players to ONLY post the good stuff so I guess the ones that take the time to post actually like the game. Your welcome to join and find out for yourself. CE is not for everyone but if you like a deep and broad space game that you’ll still be finding new elements to several years down the road CE might be for you.


      • RhysAnnwn says:

        I do note, however, that there aren’t any real comments for over two years. That is a long time, and may speak volumes about the player base.

        • Coops says:

          Try looking at the rest of the site there are LOADS of recent comments about CE, just not on this thread as its an old thread.

          Try looking at the forums and joining in the Discrod Chat. We are a friendly bunch here to help. You might even make some new friends


  149. SpaceBucks says:

    Why bother playing Core-Exiles?

    If you play games on your phone or tablet, you can play some glitzy games, but they have no substance at all.

    If you have a PC, then you can play MMORPG games that require huge downloads and massive bandwidth to get rolling. Then you find all the other players only care about themselves. And they want you to pay them for the honor.

    Here in this browser game, you will find some really fun folks that want to help fellow players. You can ask questions and someone will surely give you an answer and help more than you expect.
    The basis of the game is real to life. You are a reject, an outsider not loved by the mainstream world. You leave your old world to find a huge expanse of the universe where others think and feel like you. They are open an willing to help you succeed, as long as you play fair to others. It is nice feeling to know that you are no so alone in the cold depths of space!

    You should give it a go. I bet you will be surprised as I was — just do not get addicted.

  150. Excruciator Salesman says:

    Other games have PvP. Core exiles has PhP that is Player helps Player. Play different! Play core exiles!

  151. Jaclarri says:

    Why Play I play Core Exiles to be blunt for the fun this game gives me. All the people here help each other out the makers of the game Coop and all his helpers keep this game going fun events at holiday times and keep changing stuff up so the game never stay’s the same. I have played alot of other online game none have the family feel like this one.
    Stay long enough and you will keep coming back for more

  152. Adlanniel says:

    I am so glad I stumbled across this world! Even as I tinker around in the few planets near home, I see already the vast world beyond and the endless options awaiting me.

    Captain Adlanniel

  153. DarkenShroud says:

    The community is super helpful and polite. The game mechanics allow for many options of play style. The universe is grand, with much to explore. Whats not to love!!

  154. Deathsgate says:

    This is the BEST Community online, bar none !! — I have played in many different games and been involved in online discussion groups and this community, the Core Exiles Clan, is the nicest, most helpful, happiest I have seen anywhere, anytime !!

    Huge Bonus !! : NO PVP !! — I am know for what I DO, not Who I kill — what I do is persistent, not wiped away at a whim by someone who has been playing for 5 years and just happens to be bored today — the Hole I stand in is all my own !! I picked the spot, I dug it, and it’s still right here !! : )

    come and join us in making YOUR world a reality !!

    • Magic Voe says:

      What do I like about Core Exiles? I am now level 41. I am still a noob but I have been around the block and I can cross the street by myself to poke around in the Anvil, the Forge, Verec-Per and once or twice the Furnace universe areas of Core Exiles.

      It is time to upgrade my starship and so I have my extractors and mining drones and factories going full steam while I choose between combat, courier, looting abandoned ships, manufacturing and mining missions to make cash and gain xp.

      And all this is free free free and I play as much as I want or can let it sit while I take care of other stuff.

      To paraphrase John Lennon: All we are saying, is give Core Exiles a chance.

  155. Typhon Grey says:

    All I can say is WOW! (and I am not referring to that Blizzard monstrosity) This game is one of those that is simple to play but will take time to master. I have only been playing for a couple of days and I am already impressed with the depth of the game world.

    I like the “open world” concept, you are defined by what skills you choose rather than what “class” you are.

    I look forward to many happy hours of play.

    Thank you,
    Typhon Grey

  156. Bloodskye says:

    This game is a wonderful refreshing change from EVERY other MMO I have ever played.

    Here are the things Core Exiles ***doesn’t*** have:
    Useless time sinks like having to run everywhere you go.
    Specific places to log in and out of.
    Having to go somewhere ‘safe’ if you need to step away from the game for some reason. Then having to run all the way back. Did I mention I hated having to waste time running around?
    Having to worry about people killing you if you go out to the nifty areas. (if you played Eve, you know what I mean.)
    Game mechanics that seem to be specifically designed to make things difficult and irritating.

    Here is what Core Exiles ***does*** have:
    Mining asteroids, mining nebula, crafting, engineering, blowing up pirates, being a pirate, exploring derelict ships. exploring planets, making planets, building ships, easy and convenient ways to store and ship loot, easy and convenient ways to buy and sell said loot, building your own settlements, and probably more. I’ve only been playing for a while.

    I love that if I need to step away I can. Just step away, come back, and all is how I left it.
    I love that you really can play the game for free without missing out on things, unlike some other ‘free’ games I’ve tried. I love that the items in the store are really nifty and not all that expensive.

    For me Core Exiles = bliss.

    Did I mention you don’t have to waste time running everywhere? Just wanted to be sure.

  157. Lars Leech says:

    Core-Exiles is huge with so many different paths you can take. Every thing you do can impact the game world in some small way. Also, there are tons of people and guilds eager to help new players out… but no pressure whatsoever… zero… -none.

    I love this game.

  158. Excruciator Salesman says:

    I lost my previous account, “greed” to an ex-GF who deleted it. It was a mere week old or two.

    In a PvP game, it would mean I could never, ever, EVER catchup with my guild or dueling or conquering or defending or whatever the deal was.

    But SERIOUSLY, this is core-exiles, so I just dived right back in and it was fun all over again… PVE forever, maaan!

  159. Ronon says:

    Are you tired of browser games that seem to promise a lot and then only deliver the usual – develop/gather/manage whatever you need to progress…and then throw all your effort away in a battle against other players?

    If that’s the case and you’re fed up with all the PvP offer, you’ve found the perfect game! Core-Exiles really lets you choose from multiple options, as captain of your own ship – explorer, miner, trader, builder, are some of the choices, and even if you feel like PvPing a bit, you can always hop into a Mech and go for it!

    You’ll have a huge universe to explore and discover your path, always with the help of a very friendly community! Honestly, don’t be scared by the dimension of the game, since although it has a lot to learn, you’ll have fun doing it, with tutorial missions and very useful guides.

    “So, when do you get to the part of the pay-to-win?”, you may ask – it’s free! Seriously, you don’t need to pay anything to enjoy the game! You’re not competing against other players, remember? You’re following your own course, so there’s really no need to spend actual money, unless you want to!

    Come on, take the jump and join! Let your inner Malcolm Reynolds, run wild!

  160. Achilleos says:

    I’ve been playing for a year now and what I love most about the game is the fact that it is constantly being developed, meaning there is always something to look forward to, another challenge to meet or another direction to take.
    The game is endless and with so much variation you can’t help but be addicted

  161. Darakhoranon says:

    CE is one of the best browser games I’ve seen.

    For instance, it is REALLY free-to-play.
    Sure, there is a shop where you can get assorted useful things, but most of those are actually no more than “shortcuts” – for example, the ships you can buy in the shop are exactly the same ones you can get in the game (using the shop only means you can get one a bit sooner). But since you will never directly fight another player, getting a “better” ship sooner is purely for your convenience.
    Additionally, you can get most of the “luxury” items like additional factories offered in the CE shop without paying anything. You just need a little luck finding certain items to trade in or take part in special events that are held quite often.

    It is also a HUGE game.
    Explore, trade, shoot things (not other players, though), compete in “Mech battles” (mainly luck-based PvP that is purely optional and will never affect your character), craft items (e.g. factories or weapons for your ship), become stinking rich, buy the biggest ship in the game and have your name painted on it in huge glowing letters (okay, the last part is not implemented. Yet…)… The options are nearly endless and you will never be “locked” into one career – if shooting NPC ships gets boring, do some trade missions for a while or grab a mining laser and break down asteroids.
    And since you will never directly compete with another player (trading resources and equipment is the only thing you can “do to each other”), there is no danger of you falling behind or having someone much stronger burn down what you’ve built up.

    Last but not least, the way the game is set up means you do NOT have to log in daily. While certain goals in the game might be easier to accomplish if you at least take a look every other day or so, you can definitely play CE by only logging in at the weekend for example. And you will NOT “fall behind” by doing so!

  162. Tyrne Proctor says:

    Core-Exiles is one the better games out there simply because it’s choice based. Fighting, crafting, pirating, mining, exploration, shipping, etc. Whatever tickles your fancy you are free to explore. The option to reset your basic skills every so often allows for players who become bored, or wish to explore another career, to do so without messy game mechanics.
    The staff and senior players are always friendly and willing to help. There are plenty of prizes and fun games sponsored by the staff to participate in throughout the year. After awhile it can feel a bit like an extended family.
    Also, unlike some other games i’ve tried, there is little threat of attack and/or loss of resources while you are off-line. There is the option of fighting and mech combat if you fancy that sort of thing, but you won’t log-on to find that everything you’ve spent time and energy building has been ‘acquired’ by another player while you were asleep.
    Last but not least, try it because it’s fun!

  163. Deathsgate says:

    Core Exiles is the ONLY very large scale, persistent, non PvP, Browser Based game available on the Web (that I could find) that is totally FREE to play. Some may not call all those items, ‘good things’ but there is a growing number of folks that are getting tired of and bored with the alternatives.

    Have you ever played on a 32 X 32 game board for very long ? — Gets BORING fast !! Have you ever had everything you worked hard for get wiped out through a bad PvP result ? — or a horribly lopsided PvP combat ? (Like a 14 month player, tight with the nuances of game play jumping a 2nd week player who hasn’t learned anything except Frustration) Have you ever lost everything because of a foul up on the main server and had everything reset back to scratch ? Have you found “THE Perfect Online Game” only to find that a Download is necessary (usually loading you up with all kinds of Ads and Popups that gum up your system for weeks, until you have it ‘steam cleaned’ by a Pro !!) — wanna bet that “Free Download” is sponsored by On Line Ad Agencies ?? — if this all sounds familiar and you are truly fed up with, tired of, and disgusted with it all ……….. Join us in Core Exiles where NONE of that garbage exists !!

    Best of all, there is a HUGE community of friendly, helpful folks who are more than willing to help get a New Pilot up onto their feet and out onto their Wings ! The Strategy of Chess, the Tactics of a Shoot ’em Up, the persistence of a Living, Growing Game combined with the open play style of an RPG is what Core Exiles is to me. As complex as you want it to be, as open ended as you like. The variety of things to do and see make this possible in a game format.

    I DID find “The Perfect Online Game” …….. come on in and join us !! (the atmosphere’s fine !)

  164. Alima Lyndarra says:

    Core Exiles has kept me coming back for years. I’m never bored and there is always so much to explore and do. Before I can barely begin to dive into something new, something else is being added to the game. This game is not just for those that love to interact with however many they wish to interact with but also for those that like to sneak through this universe and try things on their own. It’s great!

    Fly Safe. Have fun!

  165. Korth says:

    I have been playing 15 months and still have plenty of game content to “dig” into. New content is added all the time, not only for the high level players, but the low and mid-level players as well (new C.A.M.P. missions). If you want to give a try make sure you join the in game chat for advice and friendly banter.

  166. Thrill Fill says:

    As you continue play Core-Exiles you realize that it has the vast variety of options and raw freedom in every aspect of playing styles a space game is supposed to have.
    Combat,Trade,Industry,Crafting,Planet exploration is only the easy ones i can come up with now.
    Addictive,exciting,interesting,100% recommended game.

  167. Xenon says:

    It’s easy to get up and running quickly! I’ve only been playing a few days! 🙂 There is plenty of depth of gameplay to keep me coming back!

  168. Xenon says:

    It’s an interesting game that’s easy to pick up! It’s got plenty of different types of gameplay. There are helpful guides for reference or a player to ask if you get stuck!

  169. Shyruban says:

    I just started playing, I think it’s a good game, there’s a bit of a learning curve to it but it’s really worth it.
    There’s alot more depth to it than what appears at first. If you get into the game, help yourslf and do the noobie missions and read the text the NPC gives you because on top of the mission info, he\she will often give you important tips. For example not to waste your skill points on skills you don’t need yet, Spent those skill points on skills as required for fitting new gears often given to you as reward on noob missions. Fuel is everything, it dwindles fast so make sure you don’t do hopping all over aimlessly, once no more fuel you can’t do anything.
    Don’t be afraid to go in chat, a lot of players there are willing to help with information that you need or point you where you can get such infos, so far it’s a friendly community.
    I love the game.

  170. Gamezealot says:

    Friend introduced me to Core Exiles 2 days ago and I am already hooked. First thing I have noticed is how genuinely friendly and helpful the community seems to be. The social side of the game is always important to me so this is a big plus.

    The amount of information from simple starter guides to more in depth game items, and in game processes is huge. Then there is the game play. Combat, manufacturing, exploration – there is something for everyone.

    Play at your own pace, a few hours here and there, or find something to keep you logged in for days at a time. Yeah, for a free game I’m pretty impressed, and definitely recommend giving it a go.

    Some may find certain aspects of the game a bit complicated at first, but don’t forget there are a lot of guides about, and many helpful players on the forums more than willing to help a new pilot.

  171. GeneralHaygar says:

    With soo many MMO’s out there is hard to find one with active players every day
    Core-Exciles is the place. Made so many friends in chat an seee them every day!
    Let some of the most helpfull people you evermet
    see ya in chat

  172. Jedrik McKie says:

    I just started playing a few days ago and I’ve got to say, I’m hooked. The admins and players are all super friendly. You can seriously do about anything you want. Trade, mine, explore.

    It can be a little overwhelming at first but I’ve found that people on the forums, irc and even pm’ing captains docked the same place as you are all willing to help out. Make some friends (or don’t), it’s all about having a good time. One of the comments above had a reference to Firefly and that’s really what it feels like to me so far. I know there are people that have been around for a long time and are super rich so they’re operating on a whole different level than me.

    If you start playing add me to your friend list or shoot me a pm if you’ve got questions. I don’t know everything (or most things probably) but I’m willing to try to help you figure it out and maybe learn something in the process. Welcome.

  173. Flynch says:

    Core Exiles is AWESOME!!!
    You can play as little or as much as you want. There is no ending, or resets. Core Exiles is constantly adding new features. There are a ton of different things players can choose to do. Coops is always giving away free stuff, sometimes just for playing. So if anything I just said sounds good to you. Why not create an account and start playing. You won’t regret it! You will have years of FUN! I know I have.


  174. Bolcien says:

    Core Exiles isn’t the typical Browser MMO. It’s slower in design of upgrades. Think of it as Firefly. Always struggling to get that next needed upgrade. There are also many aspects in which you can play, No set path or predictabbility of anything.

  175. Xendor says:

    Play at your own pace advancing as fast or slow as you want to. Become the captain of your own ship, explore the universe, mine ore from asteroids or carry cargo from one planed to another, open a shop in a mall or build a factory. Or do it all and more and never worry about being shot down or blown up while you are offline.

  176. D S Dunlap says:

    Within the rather WIDE parameters of the game universe, there is nothing you cannot do in Core-Exiles, particularly if you wish to put forth effort into a goal. You may concentrate on one aspect, if you want to. You may also dabble in everything, if you so desire. Your decisions do have some effect on what you find yourself able to do and which factions you may or may not work for. However, nothing is set in plasteel (an in-game resource), and you may always change your path and go in a somewhat (or even ENTIRELY) different direction than you were before.

    Core-Exiles is one of those few games out there which allows for extreme flexibility in your playing style. I’m closing in on five years of playing. It is most enjoyable. 🙂

  177. hector461 says:

    I get home from work, get cup of joe, loggin and play till my wife starts giving me the evil eye. Then play again after she turns in or even before.

    Always something new and interesting to accomplish,salvage, mine, make ,sell, explore. Never a dull moment. Core Exiles is the only browser game I play.

  178. Strange says:

    What do i like about Core Exiles?…w0w!…if i had to narrow it down to just one of many things…i would have to say the People.
    i have met people from all over the world and they are simply put, some of the best people i have ever met 😀
    Rock on CE!
    kudo’s to you Coops, great work 🙂

  179. qicken says:

    This is an amazing game. I have hunted pirates, mined ores, crafted new equipment, and hauled passengers/supplies across the galaxies. Yet, I have just begun to scratch the surface of the game. Right now, I’m roaming the Furnace (a glaxay) documenting where the various types of ores are found. The only reason I’m doing it is for my curiosity. The game does not require it, but I want to know.

    The interaction with the people playing the game has always been friendly and helpful. Got a question head to the chat room and not only will someone answer the question but provide helpful advice on how to improve whatever you are doing.

    Many games you play for awhile and the challenge is gone. This game allows you to move onto a different challenge anytime you feel the least bit bored.

  180. Eynhallow says:

    Great game that has grown dramatically since I have been playing it. Choose your profession and interact with others in a non-combatative manner to achieve your goals. You will find lots of helpful, friendly and humourous people that will help you along the way.

  181. Allison says:

    Best thing I like about this game is,” just when you think you got it all figured out”…….you learn that you are still a very little fish (minnow-scale) in a great big,wide,’expanding’ universe of oceans!

  182. Canman says:

    One of the most interesting,challenging browser games going.You cant get bored with this ever evolving game!

  183. TheRonmasteh says:

    First of all, some games have a VERY LOW database of resources. No matter how fun a game with awesome gameplay can be, it will eventually get repetitive VERY FAST if it has very low resources.
    (Ex: A Racing game with only 3 tracks and 10 cars, Shooting game with only 3 guns to choose, etc.)

    Core Exiles is HUGE on every possible way. Has an infinite list of resources, incredibly huge amount of planets, vast amounts of CAREERS to choose (hence what you would like to do), variety of ships, lots of stuff to craft, enemies to fight, and the list goes and goes and goes…

    What I like about CE? Well, I started with the Courier missions. They are simple and you EXPLORE that huge list of planets I said earlier. I admit earlier levels are frustrating, but later it pays: You can craft any schematics you would like (Again, there are TONS! of things to craft. You can’t get bored), you can harvest resources from each planet, you can sell your gained items, and so on. I’m not of a fighter type, but the Combat System is also complete as well.

    The Fuel system might be a bit of a let-down for the impatient people. But if you can be patient enough and wait a day or two, you can spend hours on this game. It’s simply amazing.

    – TheRonmasteh

  184. Rexx Shredd says:

    The greatest thing about CE is the beauty and splendor of Rexx Shredd

  185. Lorsetto says:

    Two days ago while searching in browser games lists I discovered this game, I have decided to give it a try and I got a nice surprise. This game is really well made, great depth and possibilities, it was not easy at beginning but in few minutes everything got clearer and the wide universe opened up 😀
    This game have some structure in common with a more famous game, that one needs a lot of cash to be played and got some more graphics, this one not need cash and has somethig more valuable, instead of “Do not trust anybody” philosophy it has everybody nice and helpful. Great community.
    So I am happy to be part of it, long live to exiles.

  186. Doric says:

    I found Core Exiles about 2 days ago by google top 10 Browser games. The funny thing is it not on most “Top 10 list” yet.
    My first time saw the game name from people’s comments for top games. So I want to give it a try. I never thought I would like to play a space game before. But right now I have to say Core Exiles is the game I’m looking for. Yes there is no PvP like Travian no fancy graphic like Settlers online in CE. Don’t be fooled by cover. There are so many things to do in Core Exiles just like other people said. Give it a try and it’s FREE. It’s the No.1 on my top browser game list.

  187. Locknload says:

    CE is unique that you do not advance by causing misery to others. There are many paths that are all rewarding. The only way to Fail is by not playing…..and Nobody wins. 🙂


  188. Rowan says:

    I’ve been playing CE off and on for years, and it’s still as wonderful and epic as it was on day one. In my opinion, one of the best things about Core Exiles is the open-ended world that you’d normally expect from a non-browser game like WoW (Which by the way, doesn’t compare to CE.) You can define your gameplay experience to be whatever you want it to be.

    Do you want to go it alone and do your own thing? You can! Are you a player who enjoys the company of working with your fellow players in a guild? You can! From acting as a law abiding military operative upholding the law, to a pirate who only cares about profit, to a miner or hauler who just wants to meet the delivery schedule on time? The opportunities are limitless. Not only are the career paths expansive, the environment itself is too. You can open your own settlements and planets, explore alien civilizations, work with hundreds of NPCs, all while working your way up in one faction, maybe angering another. Balancing politics, your career, your bank accounts; it’s all here.

    So, I invite you to try the best browser game out there. Welcome to Core-Exiles, Captain; and have fun!

  189. Valthonicas says:

    The best thing about Core Exiles, in my opinion, is that there is always more things coming on the horizon. This is my second time playing the game, I had a two year brake, and it’s great to see so that there is so many new and interesting things to do. This is what stops Core Exiles from stagnating like so many other games out there.

  190. Mika Rune says:

    So many pluses . . . I’ve not been here long, but Core Exiles is not really a game to win. It’s a simulation to run.
    I like that it’s basically free.
    I like that the people who play here are friendly, respectful of newbs and helpful beyond helpful.
    I like that all areas I’ve visited are basically family friendly.
    I like the sheer incredible volume of options, but how some options are limited by your level in the game and other factors. It’s interesting, but less overwhelming that way.
    I like the silly humor in some of the events.
    I like the fun ingame surprises, rewards and prizes.
    I like that the NPC missions teach you so much about how to play while you’re actually playing. Best way to learn a game, ever!
    I like that it’s still in development and evolving constantly, that I can play through out the day without getting all worked up and I’m still finding new and better ways to use features, that you can have a friend’s list– both for friendly competition and so you can help people out– that if you make major misteps, you can work your way out of them with time, that the devs are so interested in the player experience.
    No it’s not perfect– but so far the worst thing about the game is how danged addictive it is.

  191. Swayam says:

    I’m pretty new to this game myself, but i have been pretty surprised by both the depth and surface covered in Core-Exiles. Having played a lot of these browser games myself, I thought i was in for another disappointment, but I was pleasantly surprised. For starters, the FTP(free-to-play) features of this game are pretty darn interesting. The game has a vast directory and i dont think i’ll ever run out of interesting things to do in the near feature atleast. Things have not beem rote, I have actually had to think them through. Definitely a good game for the browser-games genre

  192. Albert Ross says:

    So many ways to go in the game, as you approach completion of a task you look at the next twenty plus possible moves. and wonder which road to take? Attacking enemies can be only a small fraction of the game, or more, it’s up to you.

    Only when I get low on fuel for my ship do I recall that Core Exiles is only a game; but WHAT a GAME!

  193. Souledge says:

    Core exiles isn’t like any other game out there and i’ve tried a lot of em.

    * You don’t have to spend a penny if you don’t want to and can still get where every premium player can.

    * You don’t have to PVP unless you want. You can PVP anytime you feel like it with your Mech’s !

    * Game depth is trully humungus! you will never be out of options on what to do next

    * Game updates always add something more to do.

    * Game updates will not diminish what you have built so you have to spend real cash and time to get back on your feet like in other games

    * Many guilds with many good people to have fun with. You don’t wana join one? Fine 😉 Drop in on IRC and people will
    answer your questions and give help anyway.

    * If you join a guild you will see that everyone is there just to have fun. No obligatory logins for ops or cash injections to the guild. Wouldn’t make sense in Core-Exiles

    * If you are into clasic roleplaying RPG then the Core-Exiles universe allows for an epic. The world is changing continiously . Space opera/scifi fans I can guarantee will love this game!
    Check out the story so far here http://ce-timeline.com/

    Could keep going on and on but most replies cover what i can say about this game already.

    Hope you join us.

  194. Lonestar says:

    There are so many things to do in this game, and all of them are well-balanced in respect to payouts (XP, cash, and rewards) vs. fuel and realtime put into them. Game mechanics balance is one of the hardest things for anyone to get right, and the Core Exiles team does it better than most of the pay-to-play games out there. Plus, free players are not totally hamstrung in this game. I never feel like I’m way behind the curve just because I haven’t spent hundreds of dollars on in-game purchases. Of course, there are some fabulous things to be had at the CE Stores, but they are not necessary to having a full and fun experience in Core Exiles.

    The player community is also very helpful to new Captains. They’re always willing to give good advice, and more often than not, stuff with real in-game value.

  195. BB Starbender says:

    This is a game that allows the player more freedom than any I have played to choose their own path. In fact, a player can choose several paths at once and mix their play to their own liking. There is no forced PvP, so your game progress is safe when you are not logged in. However, you can engage willing combatants in the mech arena, and get your fill of combat action with the many raids that crop up. The economic platform is largely independent of other players actions, and is therefore quite stable and fluid, allowing smooth economic play at every level.

    In short, this is one of the broadest, most consistent games available for the long-term player. Play now and enjoy.

  196. Dr Pete says:

    Core Exiles is a thinking game. There are some quick and easy rewards to be had, but it’s real value is revealed through patient data collecting and thinking about how the game mechanics and especially game economics works. This is true for all aspects of the game that I’ve explored, and I’ve barely scraped the surface.

  197. wodenson says:

    As a fairly new player, I enjoy that is does not talk down to you as if you have never played a game or used a computer before. I also like that it is tactical, nobody is going to out click you or have faster reflexes to win or know the map so well and where to camp, etc. Lastly, the game is a sandbox that creates the world around you but allows you to write the story for your character and what he/she will do in the world.

  198. easyjaws says:

    CE has so much going on it will take weeks just to scratch the surface. Other players are always willing to help and trade and pass along info, it just makes the game so much better than others .

  199. OsoPeludo says:

    Core Exiles has legs and staying power. You won’t be running up against limits to what you can do in this game anytime soon. It is virtually impossible for a single player to do everything that can be done in the game at the same time so you will find it very easy to move on to another part of the game as your mood moves you. And you have the ability to return to what you were doing at anytime you like with no penalty.

    The economy is rich and varied and it WORKS. Primarily player generated, it is not difficult to establish varied income streams to finance your plans which is good as there is a myriad of things to spend that income on.

    A well developed and rich crafting system where you can see what you want, gather the resources, build it or have it built and then use it.

    Which shows Core-Exiles main strength: Player Interaction. Since there is so much to do and no player can do it all at once, you will find yourself interacting with other players directly through guilds, game chat and in-game mails plus indirectly through various in-game markets to get what you want or need while you, in turn, are helping them get the same things.

  200. muchach236 says:

    a do your own thing type of game.

  201. DCalvin says:


  202. Dr. Who says:

    I’d like to invite you to play THE best browser-based game on the Internet. Most games can be divided into two categories: One is the shoot-em-up stuff where the one with the quickest trigger (mouse) finger wins and usually requires you to stay online most of the 24-hour day or else you get beaten; the other type, even worse, is nothing more than the luck-of-draw. Yeah, about as much fun as a continous coin flip. I find both types, pardon my bluntness, as rather childless and pointless.

    This game, however, is totally diffferent. It actually requires *thinking*. Thinking and planning – both short and long range. One of it’s best features is that it never resets and makes you start you over. Never. Everything you manage to accomplish and things you acquire by building, finding or buying (with in-game credits) is yours to keep. Forever – until you decide to use it or sell it.

    Another MAJOR plus is that everything in the game is optional, the choice is strictly up to you – you are never forced to do any particular thing. There are no player-vs-player fights, the closest thing being Mech battles where you can build robots (if you choose to) and send them into an arena to fight other Mechs. And there are many, many choices for careers. You can pick any one as your main job and as many others for secondaries as you want. It’s all up to you, whatever you find the most interesting to do. It’s a space-based game so there are new planets to explore where you can find valuable items and direlict ships to search through. You may chose to be a freight hauler (that’s my main job), fight pirates, craft (make) or engineer dozens of items used by players in the game (you can sell to them), mine planets and asteroids for minerals that are used throughout the game as raw materials and always in demand by other players, transport passengers across the galaxies, and the list goes on.

    You start with a ship and upgrade it in whatever fashion suits your choice of job(s). The only limitation to game play is fuel for your ship. You’re given a generous portion each day (it regenerates every 15 minutes) plus there are a number of ways to get additional fuel in the game.

    This little writeup dosen’t begin to do justice to the flexibility of the game. Also, there’s a staff of programmers and testers constantly adding new dimensions every few months. Another good thing is that they throughly test each new addition before letting it go live. I’ve never once seen any kind of rollback due to an added feature. Plus there’s never any lag. The server is very responsive 24/7. The only slight slowdowns I’ve ever had were between me and my ISP.

    As I just said, there’s a LOT more to the game and I suggest you give it a try. I believe you’ll really like it!

  203. FlyingFish says:

    CE is a GREAT game. It is complex enough that you need a long term strategy. Lots of research, multiple career paths, including crafting, fighting, exploring, and being a merchant.

    You can play for years, there is always something new.

    And the players are the best. Come make friends in CE.

  204. Zaniah says:

    Core Exiles has one of the best communities I have ever come across and There are so many different aspects to the game that it never becomes boring. I love that the Devs work hard to add new and fresh things to the game and that they not only listen to player suggestions but have implemented many. I really enjoy playing!

  205. Marcus says:

    My gaming changed completely in May 2009, when i was introduced to Core Exiles. Since then i’ve gotten to grow with the game, meet fantastic people, many of whom are now real life friends.
    When i was diagnosed with heart disease 3 years ago, i nearly gave up everything, including hope of living, not only did those closest to me reach out, but people from CE did as well, and this helped me to not give up, but instead move on..Core Exiles has helped me level up, not just in game, but in real life.
    I hope to be with Core Exiles as long it is around, and i truly hope that it’s for a very long time!
    Core Exiles IS the BEST game going!

  206. paco1600 says:

    hi, i played many games, single/multy player, scify, economic and role …
    this Core Exiles is the best: it allows to you to play according to your preferred way, you can fight, craft, haul, mine and you can change whenever you want, there is a wiki and a lot of people ready to help your doubts.
    more you play more you like … 🙂

  207. Alexx says:

    I have tried many games but Core Exiles has longevity with as much depth as anyone could want. Like life it moves on and can suprise even a cynic like me with the ongoing developments and the cooperation of so many players.

  208. Arnica says:

    The effort I can put into Core-Exiles varies from a few hours per week up to day long marathons. As long as the onset of change in effort is not sudden, this game remains playable. Diffulcult to find in a multi-player setting.

  209. FireFall says:

    One of the things that first drew me to the game is that it is NOT driven by PVP “king-of-the-hill” type thinking. You are free to do as you please without having to constantly rebuild destroyed bases or continually upgrade your defenses.

    And that phrase “do as you please” is fairly literal in this universe. You can mine for raw materials, set up factories to produce consumer goods, haul commodities for profit, shoot down pirates (or BE a pirate), explore derelicts, map new worlds, craft resources, establish your own settlement, buy, sell, or make trade deals with hundreds of other players from around the world.

    …or ALL of the above!

    The players here are intelligent free thinkers, who don’t mind lending a hand as long as you’re a self-starter. Send out a yell if you get stuck, and folks will appear out of nowhere to help. You can be as involved (or as UNinvolved) as you want. Help is available, of figure it out for yourself.

    There is nothing else online that is exactly Like Core Exiles.

    And it’s FREE!

  210. Soxaldinho says:

    Having been a member of this amazing community for nearly six years, I can safely say that this is THE BEST browser based game out there.

    I’ve tried many other games from free play mmos, to downloaded pay to play, some are good, but none have managed to hold me like this game does. Once in the world, you’ll instantly be captivated and engrossed. The amazing fellow captains and immense variety of career choices means it’s impossible to get bored. There is always something new to work towards, even for seasoned veterans such as myself. Massive credit to the devs for keeping the game fresh and constantly rolling out fantastic add-ons.

    I’m certainly not retiring anytime soon. Long Live Core Exiles.

  211. CashiaMaxus says:

    I love Core Exiles. Everyone I have come in contact with has be both patient and giving of their time and are always willing to help. The game is always changing, so I have never gotten bored. So…wonderful game, wonderful people:)

  212. Nutcase says:

    In my long search for good browser games, this has been the one to make me stop searching.
    Come on in and try this, you cant stop, meating other players, progressing, leveling up…
    What do you get? your very own spaceship, and a great community!

  213. Tye Dagget says:

    The huge scope of things that you can do in this game, makes it endlessly diverting. I must have tried (and played, semi-frequently) at least two dozen browser games before coming across Core Exiles. In the months since, I haven’t played anything else.

    You can learn this game at your own pace, play as often or as little as you like (I confess, I play almost daily, myself), and still be very successful in the game. While it does have leaderboards, it is not a competitive game- you are essentially competing against yourself.

    I am firmly convinced that anyone who gives this game a try, and plays consistently for an entire month, will be so hooked by the end of that month, that they will still be playing for years to come. Please, do yourself a favor and join Core Exiles!

  214. Swampwallaby says:

    The shining jewel in the crown of Core Exiles is without a doubt a realistic demand driven economy that really works. So many other games fail in that most basic of requirements and fall to rampant inflation or boring stagnation. Layered on top of a truly working economy is a game of staggering depth and diversity that keeps you entertained and excited for years.

  215. lemaole says:

    Core Exiles has been a great experience for me. I have played several internet games. Little did I know when I joined this game exactly how much fun it would be. There are so many things to do in this game. The best part in my opinion though is the quality of the community here. I would suggest this game to anyone who is looking for a wonderful gaming experience.

  216. aRJay says:

    Decades ago I was an innocent reader of science fiction when whilst traveling home from tech I heard a couple of fellow passengers talking about a science fiction computer game for the BBC micro computer, what I heard was fascinating. Later I played that game on at least two different sorts of computers and it was the classic space combat/trading/etc game, that game was Elite.

    Last year I was browsing around and saw this game, it sounded intriguingly familiar so I gave it a go a year and a quarter later I’am still playing, still finding new things to do (not counting the new things added by the Devs) and enjoying it even more than when I started. It is not Elite it is much better, many more things to do, much greater depth and subtlety, and best of all you don’t have to follow the developers script to progress just find a roll or roles you enjoy and have fun.

    The other superb thing about Core Exiles is the player community who are helpful on the message boards and the chatrooms.

  217. james t kirk says:

    This game is fantastic. Firstly the devs are very good at making this game accessible for screen readers, they listen to the player base, the game is fully persistent (no resets) and there’s plenty of currant content to keep you busy for ages and new content being added on a very regular basis. Come play it’s fun!

  218. Scorilo says:

    Six months into playing and I still feel like I’ve just begun to explore the many, many possibilities of this game. The one thing that really got me hooked is the way the game manages to be a complex strategic decision-making sandbox and still retain a relaxing RPG nature. And that leads to a very individualized experience – I don’t think there are any two captains doing things the same way. The one thing it doesn’t have is a lot of puffy fluffy graphics, you’ll learn to live without that, and probably be thankful for it later on 😉

    The game is constantly being updated, new features being introduced, old ones being revamped to better suit the player base (yes, your voice will be heard, you’ll even get to add content – and be rewarded for it…) And it always feels like ‘the next big thing’ is just around the corner – are you ready for it?

  219. lordsiva1 says:

    There’s a lot to say about core exiles, the diversity of the gameplay is one of the major points that makes this game fun to play for a very long time. If you get bored with combat you can just change to exploring exotic new worlds or craft items to make your millions. Random events also spice up game play, you never know what you might encounter. You may be filling your hold with rare items and then before you know it pirates have bored a hole in the side of your ship taking your cargo or maybe the tax man visits… Not all are bad and some are so good you may just earn your first million from what you may chance across. There are also competitions that involve the entire community that help enrich the game and allow you to win prizes.

  220. Fjiekie says:

    Its a game that you can keep playing, i started in 2008 and i’m still playing it. (with some breaks of course)
    there is just so much to do and when you manage to do something, there is something else to do.

    It IS a longterm game you have to keep that in mind but there is also much to do in the beginning of the game.
    The playerbase is also very friendly and will help everyone when able (even with some cheap/free stuff)

  221. Moonblade says:

    Little did I know what awaited me when I started playing Core Exiles 6 months ago after giving up on various online games. The depth, diversity and freedom of choice in this game is astounding.

    Don’t be overwhelmed by the bombardment of new information you face at the start. Take things slow and experiment with various professions like combat and mining. It is possible to be a Jack of all trades but the best results are achieved by concentrating on a few activities. Most professions can be successfully combined
    like combat/salvaging, mining/crafting/resource extraction, hauling/carrying passengers and many more. There are no limits to your options here. Some players even use more than one ship to excel in professions which require very different skill sets and ship requirements.

    As you gain in skills even more interesting options will open up to you like derelict / planet exploration, surveying strange alien worlds and running your very own settlement. Help is always at hand through an extremely friendly player community. Go to game chat, join a guild or post a question on community forum and you will always be assisted. I have never had any negative experience from fellow captains which for an online game is unique.
    As we are all exiles I suppose it is a case of Honor amongst Thieves.

    The online store contains reasonably priced items with regular discounts and you will not feel ripped off after making
    an informed purchase. Not buying anything will not hamper your progress in the game in any way.

    Core Exiles is a rare gem in a gaming market flooded with hundreds of mediocre online browser games.

  222. Sukayo says:

    Core Exiles – my Exile from the Core?
    You cannot shot at other players, so NPC ships and aliens are needed to train a bit this skill. Skill – no, that is not the right word, clicking with a mouse at the right speed is the only skill needed … and controlling how your HP/shileds are going down. Getting more damage per hit and more HP or/and a bigger shield, or even a faster ship to hunt down the enemy ships faster than you,, that is what looks critical for combat. And you never will be under fire from other ships when you do not attack first!
    Exploring – yes, first the galaxies, places to trade, extract resources, getting rare resources, later unexplored planets, to get more places to trade. Or even surveying for your own the Expanse, a galaxy inhabitated by Aliens. Until now no pilot knows all the secrets of the Expanse, and no pilot visited all systems there. And how it looks it will stay so for some time.
    Trading – yes, definitely. Here are pilots needing resources all the time, and offering top prices for them to get them fast. So get some of them and you can get rich fast.
    Building – so you have resources, what now? Craft some reactors, cargo expanders, guns or implants and sell them to pilots looking for them. Or start a settlement and get it to be prepared for level 6.
    Try and error – yes, some of us handle CE in this way. And some are coming back to CE regulary to try it again. Or read all the informations available, check out what can be an error, and ask before your make a decision.
    Competition – a new pilot will not be fast the richest pilot out here, but the top lists are divided into levelled lists, so you could get the best passenger carrier of a pilots between level 20 and 30. Or the best fighter pilot, the best hauling pilot … so here are way to compete … but only when you care about it.

    For me is the most important thing to have fun, and that i have in CE.

  223. mentlcase says:

    Shinter has pretty well covered all the bases. Core Exiles is one of the best games on the internet.
    The beauty of it is that you can make it as easy or as complicated as you like and play at your own pace.
    It’s fun, interesting and addictive. ….. who could ask for more?

  224. Shinter says:

    Core Exiles is a fun game with a great and supportive community that all work together to play the game. It is a slower paced game with no right or wrong way of playing, and usually your only goals are the ones you set for yourself. Take the time to try out the various aspects of the game and see what opportunities appeal most to you. Most importantly, you can always change it up and try new things, so you don’t ever have to worry about screwing up and starting over.

    On top of all of that, the dev team is never far away, and regularly add in suggestions made by players to improve the experience. New additions are also regularly added to the game, always giving players plenty of ways to spend their time.

    While there is a lot to learn about the game, there is plenty of time to do so, and once you start you might find yourself here for years without coming close to running out of things to do.

  225. admin says:

    Post a Comments and tell us what YOU think of Core-Exiles. Give the new players a feel of what to expect, it would be good for current players to help those looking get a feel for the game.


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