Welcome to New CE Staff

We have been on something of a recruitment drive of late and in the New Year we have been busy interviewing players for the position of staff Roles. We have had some excellent applicants and the process has been fun and educating fro both us and the players applying.

So far we have asked the following players to take up the mantel of ‘Staff’ and come behind the scenes to be fitted for their tin foil hats and ankle manacles 🙂

Staff give their time freely and are there to support the community and new players in Core-Exiles. Without the help and support of players we would never have kept CE going in the fashion it runs today.

So welcome along with me the following Staff

  • Janice le Darke
  • Escarondius
  • Elkhorn
  • OmegaOne

They have a long read ahead of them and lots of catching up to do, so give them a chance to settle in before you start to call on their dark art skills as official CSA Staff members!



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  1. Walhabie says:

    Congratulation to the four of you on your hire to the staff in Core-Exiles. Where can I send my bribes?!? 😛

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