Warm Welcome to PrimeMcNee

Been a real busy week this week but we managed to squeeze in an interview with PrimeMcNee for a new staff role. He has been with CE since early 2011 and has gained the lofty captain level of 180. PrimeMcNee has seen most of what CE has to offer and is in an excellent position to help others in their quest.

Here’s wishing PrimeMcNee a warm welcome to the ranks of the CE staff. I’ll try make sure Droffy doesn’t drink all his beer and that Sirfoxey keeps the practical jokes down to a minimum.

Meanwhile – thank you for applying PrimeMcNee and Welcome!


  1. King David says:

    congratulations Prime

    I wish you the best , You have been like a mentor to me, So I know you will do fine in your position.

  2. Solitary7 says:

    Lol…. Congrats PrimeMcNee… I wish you the best of luck 😀

  3. PrimeMcNee says:

    Thanks for the warm welcome I received from you Coops and from Staff…At least I wasn’t barbequed on the first day.
    You’ll see me around regularly and I hope I can help CE and it’s community the best way I can think of.

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