VPN Access & Core-Exiles

Recently, it’s come to my attention that a few players and ‘potential players’ have been having troubles accessing the main Core-Exiles.com, News, Guides and the Login Portal. This has all been down to the use of Bad listed VPN IP addresses.

A VPN can be a godsend sometimes, and I fully understand WHY people use them, but you have to understand that the IP it gives you may NOT have been used kindly or nicely by its last user. In the recent instances of players not being able to access CE, it’s because the IP they were using (given to them by the VPN) was a hot as hell, ducked in bad sauce, driven like they stole it and then handed over to unsuspecting good people to use.

IF you arrive at the Core-Exiles.com landing page or any of our subdomains and get messages that you are using a Banned IP that’s why.

If using a VPN that allows for simply renewing the IP do so, if you don’t have that option choose a different country of origin that should shuffle your IP as well. Barring that, simply turn OFF the VPN whilst accessing CE. We don’t track nor have any interest in where you come from or what you had for breakfast, so don’t worry about us :)

We no longer track IP’s to match alts and main accounts, we have moved past that and use different methods for that. So if you’re using an IP VPN for that, don’t bother.

Posting this as its becoming a full time job explaining this to irate and problematic visitors who seem to think we have it in for them. We do not.

IF you’re still having IP related issues connecting to the CE domains and subdomains, come into chat and ping me @coops with a message.


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