Valentine Events

Yesterday I released the lock on the Valentine Events. These will hand out Valentine Gifts which you can spend at the Festive Store or keep hold of them to hand in to me LATER in the month. I’ll be requiring a set of Four Unique ones so keep you eyes on them.

Also today I have added a Valentine Ticker. This one is a play to Win type. These run every so often pulling players at random that have played in the last 24 Hours and awarding them a Valentine Prize AND a Valentine SERIAL Number.

The serial number when handed in at Postovia Orbital in Jaster will reward you with 1,000 XP and a Large Mech Pack. You will also be added to the Prize Draw for a special prize on the 1st of March.

Again, all you have to be drawn is PLAY :)

Lastly, as I said at the start, later this month I’ll be running a competition to hand in Four Unique Valentine Gifts. Not yet folks, I’m just letting you know its coming so you can start collecting them.


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