Valentine Challenge


Can you believe it’s already February? Amazing huh, well as time is marching on, and whilst I’m chained to the desk down here in the Code Factory, I thought it was time for another Coops Challenge.

This is where I create a series of Challenges for the players to get on and complete before the time expires. Normally you get 14 days and the challenges cover pretty much every avenue of the game. I may get time to even add a few more to this February’s challenge.

This time round the Challenge will start at 10:00 AM on the 14th of February (seems appropriate) and run till 10:00 AM on the 28th. Seem Fair?

Keep your eyes peeled for a post relating to the prizes this time round. It will appear closer to the actual start date. I just wanted to let you know it’s coming so you can clear your desk and make some space for CE Game Time 🙂



  1. Dregs says:

    This is a Newb question but do we have to go to a specific location to obtain the event quests?

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