Unusual readings on Ethan

Hello folks, this is Gus Givens bringing you some breaking news from Ethan.

Recently some unusual seismic readings have been detected and confirmed by multiple monitoring stations across the planet, the readings match no known geologic activity and some experts theorise that they may be the results of underground weapons testing, however the readings also do not resemble the profiles of any known ordinances. Such tests were banned over a century ago on inhabited words in a treaty signed by the Gal fed, Alliance and Con Fed.

There have been sightings of several Gal Fed research vessels moving to and from the planet and we have reached out to the gal Fed to enquire about these incidents. They have however so far remained tight lipped, speaking only to deny they are currently conducting any such weapons testing on the planet.

Currently our science correspondents are at a loss folks, however it has been announced that there will be an upcoming Gal Fed press conference in the next few days so hopefully we will be able to clear up just what exactly they have been doing then, until then, stay safe folks.

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