Unknown Disease Strikes!

Breaking News! Hello fellow spacefarers, this is Gabby Newsome with The News You Can Use!

Feeling a little under the weather? Dizzy spells, unexplained rash? Somethings going around and it seems that it is affecting stations and settlements as well as Captains throughout the inhabited galaxies.

Authorities at the G-CDC are attempting to find the disease vector and are developing a treatment plan. Meanwhile they are praying it isn’t similar to the Jarrat C Varient Virus that swept through the Sphere several years ago. If you weren’t here for that you can thank your lucky stars. Read about that event as described by our own Gus Givens as events unfolded.

New Virus Outbreak in Furnace

Deadly Virus Claims More Lives and Gains a Name

G-CDC declares state of emergency

Exile Captains Detained

Though the G-CDC has no idea of the cause they are requesting all Captains follow the simple precaution of wearing a mask and sanitizing their hands often in an effort to slow the spread. So far there have been no deaths which is all that has prevented wide spread quarantines.

The G-CDC is urging any Captain experiencing symptoms similar to those mentioned above to seek treatment at any health facility.

This is Gabby Newsome Signing off!

off mic: I know I’m not wearing a mask! I’m in the announcer booth by myself!

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