Union opens its doors to Naristro

Hello there folks, Gus Givens here with the latest on the latest on the Naristro Talks with the Coalition on board Coalition 1. The talks have recently come to a close and the Naristro Emissaries, as well as representatives of the Coalition and the Union passenger service have held a joint press conference on the station

Apparently after much deliberation and negotiation the Coalition has agreed to the Naristro’s request to allow Naristro Citizens to freely travel within human controlled space, while the Naristro are generally a rather reserved species, we did manage to briefly interview a few of these new visitors, and it seems that they are generally a mixture of scientists and researchers interested in studying human history, culture and technology, some lower ranking diplomats who may not have access to their own transportation as well as some of the younger more adventurous members of their species who are just generally curious about humanity.

While pre-existing passenger cabins are in theory capable of supporting Naristro passengers, they are considered far from comfortable by their species and are a potential health risks if used for prolonged periods. Fortunately however, Naristro engineers have been working on reverse engineering the basic technology utilised in passenger cabins and redesigning it for their own purposes, they have last night released the schematics for these new designs to their stores and they are currently available for purchase. These new designs feature highly modifiable and customisable climate controls in each cabin as well as numerous other subtle alterations and are capable of comfortably housing both human and Naristro passengers simultaneously.

The Union passenger service also had an announcement of their own during the conference; they have been working in conjunction with a famous fashion designer and model to create a brand new range of next generation passenger cabins. Unfortunately we are unable to use the fashion designers name on this broadcast as it is considered an expletive in three systems, however by all accounts each cabin follows a design handpicked by him featuring what is being described as an almost decadent level of luxury and opulence on even the most basic third class suites, as well as his signature extravagance and use of light and reflective surfaces to set the tone. While these cabins are capable of being used normally by anyone with the appropriate skills, I am told the Jacuzzi and robotic masseuse that come as standard in each cabin have a significant power draw.

Well that’s just about all folks, the schematics for these new Jakar Hybrid Systems and Deep Star Creations, respectively, fly safe.

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