An unintended side affect

A while back the Termite Virus lead to the Galaxy 3 OS update. This update pushed many changes to your ships AI and HUD systems. Well it seems that an unintended side affect of a recent patch to this update is that Loot scanners have begun to pick out yet MORE new forms of loot.

These are currently being classified into three categories. Unclassified Asteroid Minerals, Unclassified Asteroid Metals & Gemstones.

As you might expect the Minerals and Metals can be located within Asteroid fields whilst it appears the Gemstones are appearing in other forms of profession loot. These are ALL Misc loot.

Now before you think we have gone mad, this is one of those times where Coops Pushes out new items for you to collect early. We have several uses for them coming your way – Those uses you will have to wait for, but the wait won’t be long. so collect :)


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