Two New Refinery Types

The title of this post is in fact a little misleading. One of these new additions was coded up many months back, and for some unknown reason just never made it to the Live Server. So today I’m releasing them along with the actual NEW Refineries. Read on if your still interested :)

Fragment Refineries
The first add is a new set of Refineries. These are designed to go in a slot on a Rare Ore Refinery on a Promenade. The type offered by Grivoc Industries. Some of you even have one on your settlement. If you don’t might want to think about it.

These are a new design, but work along side normal refineries. These differ in that they are Fragment Refineries. Not to be confused with the AMR types that are fitted on Orbital Refineries Advance screens. You can think of these new refineries as the ‘Every day man’ Fragment Refinery.

They utilise Fragments, a specific gas (one for each type) AND one of these new fangled Gems that keep popping up in the loot. The Fragments and gas need to be in the local Commercials store (as usual) but the fragments need to be in the local Secure Store. The Refinery like the standard versions runs once per hour and delivers 10 units of end resource to the refinery hopper.

These are a slow cook method of creating the top end mining resources, and a secondary alternative if you don’t have access to, or use the Orbital refineries. This new type comes in 16 flavours and they can be purchased form the Festive Store for points or if you’d like to help support CE from the CE store purchased OVER HERE.

C.E.S. Refineries
This is the other add I mentioned initially. These were coded up many months ago, tested and then for some reason never actually released. I suspect I got sidelined and never came back to them.

These are a clone of the normal every day refineries that can be deployed to a slot on a Rare Ore Refinery on a Promenade. They act the same and do the same task. The only difference is they DON’T take up Structure Points. Hence them being classed as C.E.S.

Again these can be purchased from the Festive Store, or if your a keen supporter and want to get your hands on some of these you can help out by purchasing them from OVER HERE.

Dev Foot Note:
The new style Fragment refinery uses 1 Gemstone per cycle. So its not a ‘Get resources quick scheme’ but it’s not costing the end of the world. These types of alternatives are being added to the game to bring some alternative balance methods to the ‘insane’ prices being asked for some of the resources. Whilst we can’t stop players asking and indeed being paid these prices, we can offer slow cook type alternatives.

I’ve watched this week whilst a stock pile of these gemstones has started, so this is the first outlet / requirement for them. There will be more and you can expect the UA Metals and Minerals to also start being of use very soon.

Lastly, I took the decision to add these as Festive / CE Store purchases rather than long winded schematics. I hope you enjoy them as a Festive Add-on and take heart in that I didn’t add yet another drain on resources this month :)


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