Turbo Map…

Let’s face it CE has been around for a long time :) When we started we had maps that were simple Excel sheets, these then turned in to hand scrawled images and later turned into the maps you know and hate here today.

We were never proud of our maps (please don’t mention the Expanse one, lol). With the upcoming ‘Return To the Core’ expansion, it meant yet another map and also expansions to the existing maps.. So something had to be done.

So I have spent time working on a new mapping system for CE. It’s not so alien that you won’t recognise it (I’ve done that on purpose) and seeing how we play the game these days its more important it loads fast and can be used on most compliant browsers. It has the ability for us to ‘activated’ newly discovered system in an instant without having to redraw the maps etc. It’s not made out of 1000’s of slice and loads very fast.

Furthermore, it’s likely over time it will get some tweaks but for now it does exactly what a ‘Map’ should do :)

For now, I have converted the Initial Sphere, Forge, Anvil, Verec-Per map, but will do the same for the Furnace and YES the Expanse will now get a modern working map also. Of course, this means as we ‘Return To the Core’ we will get another new map also :)

Whilst I appreciate for some of you that know where everything ‘is’ this may not seem like a big thing, it was required so that when players start to go back to the core we can map their progress along with players exploring existing Galaxies for NEW system and long-lost locations they will appear on the map.

The new map can be located using your in game footer or from HERE if you want an external game copy.

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