Trade Commodities Arrive

Core-Exiles has been around for a very long time (certainly for a browser game) A decade and a half means It’s had a lot of additions and changes over the years. Well today brings another major addition in the form of ‘Trade Commodities’.

What are they?
Trade Commodities (here by named TC’s to save me typing Trade Commodities every five seconds) are a form of Commodities that are produced / manufactured via NPC system on locations that are above a given Tech, Law level.

To give you an example, they would be named like this :

Meltram Commercial Goods
Parthius IV Genetic Exports
Aeon Harbour Industrial Goods
Dalmer Hub Social Goods
Ikora Flora Exports

1: TC’s are tradeable and store just like Resources.
2: TC’s are a valid GBM resource.
3: TC’s are a valid Crafting resource.

Q: So how do I go about gaining them Coops?

If you read a TC’s Bio info it states this :

Trade Commodities play a crucial role as valuable resources for interstellar trade. These commodities are produced and manufactured on various planets and star bases, serving as a significant source of commerce within local systems. However, they are not directly sold to the general public.

Instead, players can acquire them through alternative means such as combat loot, engaging in professions like Wreck Salvage, or embarking on daring expeditions to explore derelict locations.

So as you can see they are NOT sold to the general public, but hey this is Core-Exiles and there is always a way to lay your hands on new resources…

Combat Loot – A nice easy one, even if you can’t buy the TC’s you can sure loot them from others who were transporting them. So all ships in CE have a chance to hold TC’s – Only exception is A.I Ships, they for some reason do not find our TC’s of interest.

Wreck Salvage – Of course if the ships had them onboard when they were destroyed there is a good chance there is some left over in the wreckage. TC’s unlike other wreck salvage can appear in ANY section of a ship from any level.

Derelicts – The same goes for Derelicts, there is a strong chance Derelicts have TC’s stashed away. You’ll still need the sled to be able to cart them off, but this is another was to gain the elusive TC’s.

Looting from Above
The above methods will give you an opportunity to collect TC’s from the LOCAL SYSTEM that the activity is taking place in. Don’t forget T/C’s are manufactured by NPC’s in the systems and locations they are named after. The above loot systems will only find local TC’s (from that system).

If you want for instance Meltram Commercial Goods you need to do your killing, salvaging or derelict walkabouts in the Ethan System.

Q: What about RAIDS Coops ?
Good question, you read my mind. RAIDS also contain TC’s and so does a RAID Derelict. I will make a separate post on the activation of the Icons across the bottom of the RAID interface, which allows for, amongst other things, the collection of TC loot from a severely damaged RAID. RAID Salvage is also a great place to locate TC’s.

Now, RAIDS travel far and wide and have a roster of 100’s of crew, and it would only be fair to consider that a RAID might have been to the local systems. So when looting TC’s from a RAID, be that whilst in combat OR in Salvage, the TC’s can come from not only the local System, but from surrounding local systems.

Q: So, what do I do with the TC’s when I get them Coops?
Always with the good questions…. Well really that falls into several camps. Some of you are going to start to hoard them like crazy, trying to work out how many there are and where they come from.

Some of you will be looking to make a killing off selling them to others who either want to hoard them or have a demand for them. Either way, we have two new methods for offloading TC’s that not player trade based.

Trade Commodity Vendor
The Trade Commodity Vendor Offices can be found on 374 promenades across the game. This store falls in to 2 Sections, but both sections want to buy TC’s from you. (from your Ships Hold). The top section of a Trade Commodity Vendor Office is the Local system TC’s. You can enter any Trade Commodity Vendor Office in a system and the top section will always display the Local TC’s in that system.

Prices for Local System TC’s are not affected by player sales or local issues or any other factor, they are set at a value. Basically, this gives you a base value for these TC’s. They will always be purchased, and the top section of an office won’t change over time.

The lower section of the office is a different kettle of fish. Each office will have automatically and randomly selected a collection of required TC’s from all over the Universe. The price it pays is based on several factors, first off the base value, plus a distance bonus from where the TC is manufactured. Then it takes into account players sales. So over time, if players swamp the location with the resource, the value will be affected.

Each entry on the bottom section of the office has a count-down for the hours that TC will be required from that store. When that expires, a new resource will be requested and the time reset to 720 hours (approx 1 month).

Trade Commodity NPC
I have added 27 new NPC’s to the Game, they are a bit like Courier NPCs. They want TC’s to be collected and delivered to remote locations, they pay very well for the TC’s and delivery. They also give a nice Rapport XP bonus on delivery. As a starter for 10 I’ll give you their names, you can work out where they live :)

Peter Hendricks
Isabel Grange
Bethany Harper
Kate Jordan
Rachel Jutani
Sala Marlow
Andy Dorne
Jalen Chow
Samuel Fox
Jeremy Bishop
Gabriel Davis
Barbara Nielsen
Lydia Jordan
Erin Petrov
Timmy Jorden
Nathan Peters
Chris Hooper
Alan Decker
Christopher Samuels
Atlas Stone
Ember Frost
Luna Evergreen
Orion Wolfe
Aurora Rivers
Ethan Bell
James Bader
Erin Moler

Wrapping Up
I did a lot of leg work to get TC’s added before we move in to ‘ Return To the Core‘. You can expect the TC’s to expand alongside more normal resources and commodities, but I wanted you to get to grips with TC’s as soon as possible.

They WILL start to work their way in to Schematics over time. A lot of the new build items for battleships and the supporting items for ‘Return to the Core’ will require them. Of course, it’s fairly simple to figure out where they come from by their names :)

Those of you paying attention will have spotted when I released the updated Commercial Storage view it had a new Tab ‘Trade Commodities’ that’s where they will sit in your CS. Over time, TC’s will become as every day as the 700+ other items you collect and store. But for now they will be as rare as any new resource. So basically we just reset the ‘King of the Hill’ resource meter, lol.

I will write a separate post for the RAID changes…


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