Toyila – FREE from A.I Control!

Hi there folks, Gus Givens here with some great news!

Today marks a very large milestone in the war raging across the Universe against the foe we only know as the A.I. They arrived on our door step several years ago now. Destroying everything in their path. They attacked relentlessly and without warning or honor.

Planets soon began to fall under their control and so began the A.I War. This year we saw the Coalition take the gloves off their new fighting force of private captains. There are Genesis Deployment owners who have worked tirelessly to build remote drone fleets and deploy them under Coalition command to attack the A.I menace.

Recent months have seen the captains choosing to merge on one single planet ‘Toyila in Talsamar’. Thousands, upon thousands of combat drone units were deployed on the planet and wave after wave of A.I units were pushed back and destroyed.

And today marked the FIRST time a planet has been cleared of A.I influence in this way. General Smithers from Coalition High Command delivered a speech moments ago where he thanked the brave men and women under his command and those tireless captains who made this possible.

With the Genesis Deployments being mostly filled by private captains the Coalition Military has had time to put together a massive holding force for Toyila. As I sit relaying this to you now over 70,000 ground troops are being deployed to the ground along with 2 complete battle groups in orbit to ensure that the A.I never get the opportunity to once again molest the planet and its resources.

Sadly, it’s not all good news. Very little was heard from the population of Toyila in the months after its attack and subsequent annexing from Human control. But it has become clear as to why that was. Of the 8.9 million inhabitants on the planet only a handful of residents survived. These came out of their hiding places deep underground in secure bunkers to meet the victorious deploying troops.

Toyila itself looks like a scorched and torn planet. Most of its infrastructure was destroyed in the battles to take it back and many of its central populations were destroyed by the A.I in the first few days of its invasion.

It’s clear the A.I has no interest in humans or any form of life Alien or otherwise and only is interested in the resources a planet has to offer.

A mass service for Toyila’s inhabitants will be held this coming Sunday.

Meanwhile Coalition Ground engineers have managed to return power to the Primary deployment hub on Toyila and returned some of its services back to an operational state.

General Smithers also added in his final statement that a new front has been added to the A.I war. That of Spiritus in Tauri in the Furnace. This brings the count back to Four operational Planetary and Nebulae activities.

Gus Givens bringing you the latest news and events.

ISN News Desk
Gus Givens


  1. Adam Smith says:

    This is good news… unless the AI only withdrew forces from Toyila in preparation for a massive assault on Descarte and Daphine.

  2. Oryuken says:

    One by one, tirelessly changing A.I. to K.I.A.

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