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It’s been a while since I post just to say Hi and catch up with where we are heading and also to round up what you can expect to be coming this year in Core-Exiles. So I thought I’d take some time out and review the pertinent items for you.

But before I do I wanted to say a real BIG thank you to those of you that have been supporting us this year through purchase from the Core-Exiles Store and also to those of you Voting for us each day and pushing our name out there with Facebook and Twitter shares.

Creating, developing and balancing a game like Core-Exiles is hard work, but that’s nothing compared with keeping it afloat and new visitors and players coming through the door. So THANK-YOU to all of our loyal supporters (new and old). Whilst you continue to support CE I will continue to work tirelessly on the project.

A.I Invaders
OK – so these A.I – what’s with them huh? Where did they come from? What do they want, what’s their end goal? Well I’m going to guess they want us gone and the minerals and resources of the planets and stations we all call home. They have invaded in some low key locations so far but what if they locate the Nebula in Forge, Anvil and god forbid the Sphere!

It seems to me that they are working to their own timetable and whilst we (well you) managed to dent that with the retaking of Spiritus, I figure that even that was a test on their part. This A.I is one wylie coyote and I doubt they have plans to pack up and go home just because you managed to rebuke them from one planet.

You can expect them to ramp up their activities and I’m guessing begin to start making life hard (read interesting) for all of humanity. (OK, just the players of Core-Exiles) 🙂

The Genesis Project
So you all managed to eventually complete a stage one on a Genesis Planet. Man that was some effort and I applaud your efforts! Stage two is currently under way on the newly named Sankarea. (The 1st Genesis created Planet). Once its completed we will see who has the most Genesis points and what’s up for Grabs.

Genesis points will be used to purchase yourself plots of land (varying in price dependant on type). Then you’ll need all those cool new toys to start making best use of that new land you’ve worked so hard for.

There are some new research tech trees on their way to enable you to start to research some of the cool new toys the Coalitions scientists have been reverse engineering from the A.I &I suspect you’ll need a Genesis Plot of land to deploy new factories and manufacturing plants to create these. But hey I’m just guessing….

Of course there will also be nice new toys to deploy on Starbases and also for captains to use to ‘hopefully’ help with the A.I invasion.. but we shall see how far you all get.

Player Made Ships & Crew
So far the valiant few have managed to cook 59 Player made ships. Not bad going seeing the amount of resources required. Along with these ships comes Crew. Currently crew are limited to stage one which is missions off ship.

You have managed to complete 6,618 crew missions so far. Stage two will allow for Alien Crew members and missions availability in the Expanse along with the next stage of crew promotion allowing them to be ‘given ship board roles’

Yes I know, we’ve been tight lipped about these. Well so far only ONE single Hub has been crafted and we really were in no rush to start releasing information on these behemoths. 10 Hubs to a star-base and a licenses to make the richest weep and cry these are NOT for the meek or single player (well one may prove me wrong) 🙂

Starbases will be stationary items on the nav map just like current stations the difference being these will have a full host of options along with defensive counter measures to be used against the A.I. We will also then see the large scale construction of orbital defences and the eventual addition of Corporations to CE. – If I was to guess that would be a few of the points to be given to starbases but hey what do I know…

I suppose wrapping up we should also mention the Expanse ? no ones reached the centre yet or unravelled the true relationship of the two Alien races found in the Expanse. Will they prove an ally or turn on us as we find ourselves in the mire when the A.I start ramping up their attacks?

Believe it or not that ones down to you 🙂 But lets see what we 🙂

Have a great remainder of 2013 and remember please keep on supporting – Your support is what keeps CE’s lights on and players bums on seats and your truly at his seat each day coding up new parts.


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  1. falconner says:

    I am excited about all the stuff to come,however the one thing I am specially excited for are the ship crew mission2 andd such stages.
    Although I haven’t managed to get a player made ship yet considering I amm just a mid level player,or low you could say.and don’t play much at least haven’t been due to studies. I would like to get one and go through the mission.
    Assigning crews jobs?now that’ sounds like the thing!
    keep it up,coops.

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