The Beginning of the End?

Good Evening Folks, thank you for tuning in. Gus Givens here with some pretty disturbing news. First off; we have had reports from dozens of our affiliate news channels of a mass rise in the number of A.I ships coming through the Nebula.

Up till now it seemed that the Coalition Forces with the aid of private commanders and captains had kept the numbers thinned. But today saw a mass outpouring of AI ships from not one or two but almost ALL the Nebula systems.

We have all been sat awaiting to see what the military was going to do about the planets attacked and invaded and now in AI control. These are currently klytaemnestra in Arclight, Leran & Leryn in Kinbnal. So far General Hayes has refused to engage the enemy whilst they have the ground advantage, it appears their ground based shielding is extremely affective and the military are not willing at this time to throw troops to their certain death.

Meanwhile there is a glimmer of light. Today we received news of the launching of three new super dreadnoughts. These are the GFS – Hammer, Hawk and Talon. They were immediate dispatched to join coalition forces in Arclight, Kinbnal and the Kell Expanse.

Further more it appears that the Pirate Alliance is not happy with the AI either and has sent their flagship the Dark Raven to the Kell Expanse to lend aid and support to the station in that system. The Pirate Alliance has set up a broadcast beacon offering any pirates in the system use of their docking facilities.

General Hayes has released a statement moments ago saying that the new dreadnoughts were the products of successful reverse engineering of AI tech and it is hoped that they will be of great use in holding the line in the systems they patrol. All three ships have been given orders to allow privateers access to their hangar decks for repair and rearming.

General Hayes also went on to explain that the Military were currently looking to the Genesis Deployments for news on stock levels of ground based attack units. Once significant levels were available the General would consider invoking a ‘War Order’ allowing private Genesis owners to take part in ground action in the retaking of any planets the AI have control of.

It is also hoped that new tech being researched and released by the various scientific groups would enable Genesis Deployment owners also use the War Order to begin lending aid to the space effort.

At this time humanity seems to be under attack from from over a dozen differing systems. Lets hope this is not the beginning of something far worse and that those heroic men and women of our armed forces can keep this AI terror at bay.

More news as we have it….

Over to Sally with the weather.

Gus Givens
ISN News Desk.

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