Syphon Protocol Enacted

Please make sure you have READ THIS POST first- yes it was long but will give you the back ground as to the reason for this post :)

Also – If your returning after a period of 30+ days inactivity please READ THIS First.

Syphon Protocol Enacted
Last night I had loads of you contact me either via PM, or Discord or email. Seems you read the post above and decided having a clear out of the Misc bin would be a great idea. (I appreciate some of you have other ideas lol).

So I have created a New Section so you can choose to activate the ‘Syphon Protocol’ for yourself. You can then Turn it on and Off at will.

The Syphon Protocol will do one thing and one thing only, slowly siphon your MISC (Only) store to the Secure Store. Depending on the size of your Misc Store it may take a while or be over within a short period.

I will be adding a Bar indicating the Syphon Protocol is Active / Inactive along with a Count on items remaining in your Misc Store.

You can then CHOOSE to turn on the Protocol and have your Misc store cleared up for you. Then turn it off and repopulate it with items you ‘actually need / want’ on a day to day basis.

Remember: I’m working on altering as many of the ‘dump to Misc store’ actions in the game to ‘dump to Secure Store’. Will take me a little while as I need to balance usefulness in each case and consider the balance also.

The Bar, count and Button will be added to the game today at some stage when I’ve finished ‘tweaking it’. Once you see it (in your Ships Store View) feel free to use it.

WARNING: The Syphon Protocol WILL DRAIN your Misc store to EMPTY if left turned on. (that’s it’s purpose) It’s up to you to Turn it off when you wish. There is no limit to the amount of times you can use it, so use as you see fit.



  1. Sunflowers says:

    This is a great idea – although it took me a while to get used to it because I kept forgetting it was enabled and then wondered where everything had gone! It certainly saves a lot of trawling through hundreds of items to try and find whatever is needed – although I also forget to turn it off and then have to retrieve whatever I need from the warehouse (but that’s my fault!). I also like the sort by category function. That’s very handy. A definite thumbs up.

  2. Fitzbacon says:

    This is wonderful….no longer do we have buckets of stuff to sort through. All my Misc stuff in one place and with access everywhere across the known universe. Everything runs much smoother.

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