Sunflower Starways

Sunflowers was a well known and much loved player in CE, and I’d been waiting for the right moment to celebrate how she touched many of our lives here at Core-Exiles. Well, I can’t think of a better way than a super long distance Cargo hauling company called ‘Sunflower Starways’.

This is a company akin to Wesbec in that it deals with Large Cargo and Long distances, but Sunflower Starways deals in even larger cargo contracts and allows for even longer distances.

Here’s the company Bio :

Let me tell you a tale about the legendary space haulage company, Sunflowers Starways. It all started with the founder, the one and only Sunflowers. She was a galactic traveller with an insatiable thirst for exploration and a knack for hauling cargo across the galaxies.

But let me tell you, her real passion was taking selfies in all the strange and wacky places she visited. She built up a massive library of photographic data that would make any space archaeologist jealous.

Eventually, Sunflowers decided to turn her hobby into a business and founded Sunflowers Starways. Their motto was simple: no cargo too far or too big. And they meant it. They once transported a planet-sized bouncy castle for a space emperor’s birthday party.

Sadly, Sunflowers has since passed away, but her legacy lives on. You can find Sunflowers Starways offices in starbases across the universe. Just look for the giant sunflower logo, and you’ll know you’re in good hands.

Now this is no ordinary haulage office and can ONLY be located on Player owned Starbases. So those of you who have control of such things read my other post OVER HERE. You will need to pay CLOSE Attention. The contract with Sunflowers Starways is a 12-month one, BUT it requires the Starbase to have a Civilian Large Docking Bay fitted to your Starbase.

The same Charter Licence works for this store as the other Haulage offices. Anyone (including Pirates) can use this office (if you can dock) but without an increased Charter Licence you will only see 50 Missions at a time. For info on that, check out this older post on the subject..

As we expand the game this year with the ‘Return To the Core’ and also with players getting the opportunity to discover new systems within current Galaxies, you will find Sunflowers store Very handy indeed!

One thing I should mention, to enter the Sunflower Starways Office you will need to be clear of the Janus Variant. So if you’ve been infected a while and have been putting off completing that mission line, now is the time!


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