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It’s been a while since I did any serious work on starbases, and in truth that may well be a good thing, it’s given owners and prospective owners time to mull things over and prepare for the future. Today marks the official notification of a change to the starbases (a Positive one) and also the 1st of the non-essential buildings to be released.

1st the good news :) I have managed to show horn in to the Starbase code a way to allow Starbases to Earn from Haulage contracts and Union Passengers just like Settlements. As of midday yesterday, Starbases have been earning a % of the contract funds for contracts completed taken from the starbase.

So Ashar, Wesbec and Outlaw services will have been paying you. (search your SB logs) there is a new Entry in the logs filters for this.


You will also find in the Finances page that we have created separate entries for the Daily Trade Income (this is your promenade day trading levied taxes from NPC’s) and a new one called Haulage & Union Deliveries. This one covers the income from delivered contracts taken from the starbase.

Both the entries above are for the current 24-hour billing period. Each evening at midnight game time, a financial statement is entered into your SB logs. Showing all final income and expenditure and a final win / lose figure.


One small point. Daily Docking Fees, Daily Trade income are linked to the number of Visitors NPC and players to your SB. This in turn is linked to your Trade Efficiency, Quality Of Life and Tourism Rate. As these go up, so will your daily visitors and in turn the two aforementioned income streams. New ones like the one added now for Union and Haulage are based on actual Captain completing actual contracts.

Wait a sec Coops…. You said ‘Union’ ? We don’t have a Union Passenger Option…. ?

Now you do…

I have managed to create a Union Office For Starbases. It’s a ritzy affair catering to larger numbers than settlements, but for the captain looking to take on board passengers and in turn help out the SB with funding, it’s just the same as a normal passenger hub.

From the Starbase owner’s POV it’s a Building. It needs power and staffing. It can be deployed from inside the ‘Starbase Trade & Commerce’. If you have one in your inventory when visiting the screen, you will be asked it you want it unpacked and deployed. This is a permanent building, as will be almost all the non-support buildings.

Once deployed, it will initiate with a manifest of 50 passengers (give it 15 mins to populate). The Union Office is linked to your Starbases Tourism Rate. As that goes up, so will the number of passengers the starbases manifest can carry. As stated earlier, Starbases can carry much larger numbers than settlements.

You can change the settings for the Starbase Union Office once deployed (From the Trade & Commerce screen). If you wish to only receive human passengers, or perhaps aliens only. At the time of deployment, it will be mixed. Changing the settings will affect subsequent further manifested passengers, but won’t affect the initial deployment.

Here’s what it looks like when fitted, save you scouring the 79 building locations :)


As with Haulage, any missions completed on the starbases behalf will appear in your Starbase logs. The funds go directly to the starbase bank and those numbers are included in the Midnight finance statement.

The Union Office ‘Starbase Union Passenger Office’ can be located in the Schematics’ office of ‘A.L.I.C.E Development Program‘ with the submodules schematics for sale in ‘Humanix Starbase Tech‘.

Or you could consider supporting Core-Exiles and making a purchase from the Core-Exiles Store – OVER HERE The item is transferrable but is not removable once deployed.

Dev Note: We will start to see more and more of these Starbase Builds now. Please ensure you plan ahead, check your power, crew and of course you’re funding.

On that note, a reminder…

Starbase Auditor Clause 12, Section 1 : Any starbase unable to pay its funds for more than 30 consecutive days will forfeit ALL access and ownership to said Starbase. Said Starbase will be removed from Guild / Personal ownership and placed in control of the Official Receiver and be auctioned off at a later date. This includes all fittings, and financial investment.

As you can see, I’m NOT messing around here. A starbase is a permanent CE fixture, they will not be wrapped up but will be taken from the owner(s) and set aside to be auctioned at a later date. Allowing a 30-day grace period should be sufficient for any Player / Guild to fix the payment issue and catch up with any debts.


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