Starbase Research Begins

Those of you with Starbases can now begin to accumulate the resources needed to craft them. All three current Starbase Research Buildings have been added as Schematics and also placed in the store for those wishing to support.

The buildings are as follows :

Starbase Research – Juno
Starbase Research – Ceres
Starbase Research – Minerva

For Schematics, you should find most of what you need at Wallexx Starbase Creations. Don’t expect them to be cheap to build. But then again you own a starbase, nothing is cheap when it has the word ‘StarBase’ in front of it’s name :)

Research works slightly different with Starbases. You generate it based on the max theoretical Research of the builds, and this is used in conjunction with the starbases Scientific Efficiency. So if your Scientific Efficiency was saying 50% you would only generate 50% of the research building theoretical output. If your research is 100% then of course you’d get the full amount.

There are Five slots prearranged on your starbase for Research buildings, you may mix and match or simply load up five of the best, your choice. Don’t forget the power requirements and also the crew required. Remember, your starbase management will automatically hire sufficient crew, all you need is ensure there is sufficient crew habitat spaces.

Once you have deployed your first Research Office, a number of initial research topics will appear. You will also find as you expand your Starbase that certain research topics will appear in the relevant sections (like the Docking Screen when you have a Docking Bay fitted).

Something I should point out, with the % based stats you CAN research them above 100% is you wish. In most instances, this will increase the performance of the given topic over 100%. Scientific Efficiency would be a good example, allowing you to actually ‘theoretically’ get more from a research building than it states. I’ll let you figure that out in due course :)

As stated above, I have added these buildings as both Schematics and Store based items. I understand that not everyone has disposable income, and I will try to keep that in mind as we progress with Starbases.

Have Fun Folks


P.S for those requiring one, I also added a Starbase Crew Habitat 3 today.

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