St Patrick’s Festivities

St Patrick’s Festivities begins a little early this year. I was going to hold off on releasing the St Patrick’s drops till the 14th but I figured the more time you have to collect them the happier you would be.

The St Patrick Drops will take three forms. There are Six different items to collect. These can be found as rare loot and also awarded in the ticker that looks for players who have played in the last 24 Hours. Collect a SET of these to hand in to Coops (me) when I post my ‘Hand-in Competition’ (NOT BEFORE) 🙄

You will also find the automatic Event system will have St Patrick’s Events up till the 20th.

You can of course trade these items, sell them to the Festive store or as I say collect a full unique set and hand them in when the time comes.

The ticker that hands out a random St Patrick item will also give you a Serial Number. Take this over to the Serial Submissions Centre over at Postovia Orbital in Jaster and swap it for 1,000 XP and a 15 Part Mech Pack.

Closing Hand in : You have till Midnight on the 31st of March to hand in the Serials. We will hold a Prize draw from those serials handed in on the 1st of April.

Please Note : This year I have added an ‘expiration’ to the St Patrick items. Therefore it is important that you barter, sell, hand in or do what ever you will with them before they expire on the 1st of April. This is in line with the game expiration changes we started last year.


  1. Norchack says:

    As a former Star Wars Galaxies player and someone who was looking forward to Firefly Online before it was cancelled, Core-Exiles scratches my itch for an in-depth Sci-Fi MMORPG that offers crafting, combat, smuggling (hauling goods from place to place for profit), group raids, and more.

  2. Norchack says:

    I spent ten hours playing Core-Exiles today. The game is immersive and addictive.

  3. VHill says:

    Over the last two years, I have been trying out multiple browser-based MMO and so far, none of them have compared to Core-Exiles. I’ve only been playing for a week, but it has been immersive, thought provoking and… fun! Whether you’re mining asteroids for minerals, hunting pirates or even crafting equipment to either sell in your storefront or use for yourself, there are so many directions you can pursue. To top it off, the active community is extremely helpful as well as the lead developer “Coops” (and I’m sure he has many more roles than that) is quick to respond to questions.

    I have highly recommended this game to several friends and if you’re reading this, I encourage you to give it a try.

  4. Mkgel says:

    I’ve played a lot of games over the years. Some good, some not that good. But what i really love about a game is the concern, availability and hands-on “touch” of the developer/owner/admin. In this case, “Coops.” This competition is but one example of what to expect in this game. Although, i am just a newbie here, i already can see the “touch” of Coops, never tiring of giving away “prizes”, lol. Seriously, more power and continue the good job you have been doing all these years!

  5. OConnor says:

    Hey bossman!

    Anything for patties?

  6. John Carter Barsoom says:

    Hmm. Might there be a St. Patrick’s Day competition for this year (2019)?

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