St Patrick’s Day Festivities

St Patrick’s Festivities begins a little early this year. I was going to hold off on releasing the St Patrick’s drops till the 14th but I figured the more time you have to collect them the happier you would be.

There are Six different items to collect. These can be found as rare loot and also awarded in the ticker that looks for players who have played in the last 24 Hours. Collect a SET of these to hand in to Coops (me) then post on ‘ Hand-in Competition‘.

You can, of course, trade these items, sell them to the Festive store or as I say collect a full unique set and hand them in when the time comes.

Please Note : This year I have added an ‘expiration’ to the St Patrick items. Therefore it is important that you barter, sell, hand in or do whatever you will with them before they expire on the 1st of April. This is in line with the game expiration changes we started a few years back.



  1. Captain Sylven says:

    I like the idea of Saint Patric Festivities, Keep them coming, and I will enjoy Playing.

  2. Jonathan Mark Schattke says:

    St. Patrick’s day was a zoo at my alma mater. Coops’ take on it is a little less crazy, but generous and fun. The multiple hunt items encourage trading for the best rewards. – WizWom

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