St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

Today marks the start of the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations. For today I’ve kicked off the Give-away Ticker.

This hands out Pints of Black Gold and a Serial Number to hand in over in Jaster at the Postovia Orbital. Visit the Serial Submission Centre once there and give them the serial. They will reward you with XP and a large Mech pack.

Handing in your Serial number from the give-away will also enter you into a draw on the 1st of April. We will be giving away some great prizes and will draw 5 Winners at that time and announce them in the forums.

Meanwhile : Play to Win is the key for being drawn by the Ticker. It runs every Five minutes and draws a payer that has been logged into CE within the last 24 hours. The ticker will remain active through till the 30th.

You have till midnight on the 31st to get your serials handed in to be entered into the Prize draw on the 1st.

Keep your eyes on the Competition forums for the next few days as we begin to roll out some extra St Patrick Festive competitions.


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