Spiritus & Sankarea

Great news viewers! Spiritus has been reclaimed from the A.I Invaders! This week we witnessed a large scale co-ordination of privateer captains in the Tauri system in Furnace. Pilot after pilot banded together in a sustained attack to reduce the numbers of A.I Invader ships in Tauri.

This action enabled the Coalition forces led by General G.C Haynes to enter the system without encountering more than a meagre A.I resistance. More than 400 combat vessels under the banner of the Coalition forces took up orbit around Spiritus and began orbital bombardments and the offloading of troops.

Close to 1,000 drop ships delivered 40,000 troops on to the planet. Reports have indicated that A.I ground troops like their space ship counterparts fought to the death and don’t seem to have the words ‘retreat’ or ‘surrender’ in their vocabulary.

After 30 hours of orbital bombardment and constant ground force attacks the last of the A.I invaders were destroyed. The clean up process has begun and already major corporations are flying in building supplies and medical equipment to help the beleaguered people of Spiritus.

General Haynes was unavailable for comment as he was recalled to Cinq Port for meetings with top scientific and military brass.

In Other news..

Today the scientists gave the go ahead for the cordon around Sankarea to be lifted. They have completed their in-depth scans and have concluded the newly formed Genesis Planet is stable and ready for exploration.

They have however issued a warning that the planet has been classified as Danger Level 20. Whilst the atmosphere appears to be rapidly settling and is already nearly breathable they do insist that anyone exploring the planet take full precautions and exercise extreme caution.

Already they are excited about a whole new realm of resources that they believe will be located on the planet. Once the Explores League complete their survey and hand it over to the Gal-Fed engineers, the third and final stage of the Genesis Planet can begin.

From what we can gather Gal-Fed and Coalition scientists have been in talks with the Naristro on technologies that will aid in the best use of the new Genesis Planet. At this present time details are sketchy but it does seem very interesting.

More on these stories when we have news.

Gus Givens

ISN News Desk.

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  1. Sukayo says:

    Free Spirit … that was a fight with heavy loses also on ouer side. How to get down wave after wave of AI ships was the question, another where to store all the lovely loot dropping from the wrecks. For sure after the combat some wrecks drifted also in the nebula back, frome where they came. So be aware of that when you are harvesting here!

    And Sankarea – the 1st artificial world in the known galaxies – if we can assoumee that all other planets do not show a sign of being artificial and so are not counted in. Hard work to discover what is the result of creation process, lot more explorations are needed than on other unexplored planets – could here be used a improved exploration equipment?

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