Specials For Corporations

Today sees the release of ‘Specials’ for your Corporations. This is very similar in the way specials work for YOUR ships but on a corporate level. You will need to attain level 4 with your corporation and then Research ‘Unlock Corporation Specials’.

This is a single research line and will unlock the ability for you to ‘Access Specials’ on your Corporate ships through the ‘Corporate Ship Screen’.

You will of course need to research further down the ‘Research Manufacturing Projects’ line to keep unlocking more and more specials.

Once you unlock your fist line of Corporate Specials they will appear in your Manufacturing Projects list for corporate crafting. These items like everything else ‘Shaken and Baked’ in this fashion will be placed in your Corporate store when complete.

Some of you are already level 4 heading for level 5 and some are still in their early corporate levels. This latest addition will enable you to continue to grow your Corporation and ensure your captains have the best tools at their fingertips.


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