Social Rapport, XP and Levels

OK, so whilst I’m fiddling with spreadsheets and Schematics for the next major release of Starbase, Settlement, Genesis and Corporation buildings, I’m releasing something something totally new for you all. It’s NOT a game changer but over time I’m hoping you will find it a great addition to the game.

I bring you – Social Rapport Levels…

What the… Errr Coops…

Simply put many of the action you take on a day to day basis are ‘social’ in the sense that they help not just you but the game and economy and social well being of the Core-Exiles Universe. For instance delivering a Passenger on their way to a conference, moving a quantity of cargo for the haulage companies. Even removing the scum Pirates from the space lanes.

These all add to the Social wellbeing of the inhabitants of Core-Exiles. Helping fill G.B.M contracts, Completing Missions for C.A.M.P and Courier’s. Even helping take down those behemoth RAID’s from time to time. The guy on the ground is grateful for your help and aid in keeping them safe and making the CE Universe keep on moving.

Ok, But…

You will see a new bar directly under your existing XP bar. (for the VI / Blind you will see a separate entry after your current XP details). This new bar for the sighted is a shade of blue and mouse over it will tell you it’s ‘Rapport XP’. Also how much required for the next level and of course your current Rapport Level.

This bar works the same as a normal XP bar and when you reach the required amount of XP to level you’ll get a nice message from one of the Citizens of the Core-Exiles Universe informing you of your new Level.

I have also added your Social Rapport (SRAP) Level next to your captains level in the blue header bar. It also have the pertinent data in the hover.

So what’s it for Coops ?

Glad you asked. CE had its 14th birthday a few weeks back (we will celebrate that after the Paralympics) We still have players with us who were there 14 years ago when we changed the games name from Shields-Up to Core-Exiles. Plus we have new players joining us on a daily basis. The addition of this new Social Rapport XP levelling is to add a new ‘leveller’ to the game. No matter who you are you will gain XP based on your efforts that affect the games current social markers. (more on that in a moment) It won’t matter if your level 150 or level 1 you will all start at level Zero.

Levelling social Rapport will be far slower than normal XP, but there will be rewards in several ways.

First off I have a whole new slew of NPC’s to add to Core-Exiles. You can thank the Patreon Supporters for that enabling me to buy new NPC artwork. These New NPC’s will all have a Rapport Level Requirement (displayed in their Bios when added). So you cant just charge through them all in a day no matter how rich or how many mountains of resources you have on hand.

Secondly I will be (over time) adding some new ‘Items’ and they will have a Rapport Level Requirement. Keep your eyes open for these!

Thirdly, and probably the one that may interest you the most. I will be building a new Screen not dissimilar to the VIP one. but this one will have rewards you can claim once you attain given Rapport Levels. These will be things you CANT Buy or Build or Borrow :) again more on that but trust me these will be things you will want :)

For now start earning Social Rapport XP. Keep an eye on the bar and meet some of the Core-Exiles every day men and women as they congratulate you as you level up!

Social Markers
By this I mean actions that myself and the Staff have marked as a Social Action. For instance looting, mining, refining etc these are all actions that you do to gain ‘You’ something. We have marked actions that could be classed as a social role in CE. Please don’t start logging bugs from day one because you have spent the last 24 hours Mining and not earned any Rapport XP.

That said…. I am happy if you wish to ‘suggest’ actions in CE that we have missed or might want to be included. Please don’t just list the top 10 things you do without any thought to ‘does it make the CE Universe tick and is it a semi social action’. I’ll review suggestions but I would ask you do so HERE in the forums.


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