Sochi Rolls On

As a reminder the loot tables are still loaded with the Sochi Tokens and will remain that way till the Sochi Paralympics are over on the 17th of this month. During that time you can still collect and hand in a fuill set of Sochi Tokens at one of the Olympic Centres.

Olympic Center Locations – Now Open

Darius – Ethan
Pyragles Base – Gainsboro
Yeltsim – Franklyn
Zwanziq Station – Sunrise

Sabian – Yam
Yonartthakr – Tantas

The Forge
Berolina – Zarante

Fujimori – Trantor

Edna – Mostony
Otaio – Oengo
Habitat-87 – Elmquae

ARK-09 – Aurelia
Starbase-140 – Kirzhach
Janus Station – Metri
Trade Hub 59 – Pevek
Lucious Port – Blake

So far 244 players have managed to collect full sets but there are literally thousands of these Tokens in players accounts going spare, so you shouldn’t find it that hard to complete a full set.

Reminder you have till 4:00 PM on the 17th of March to get your set completed and handed in!

Happy Hunting


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