Sochi Ends – Sochi Paralympics Next!

With the end of the Official Sochi Games we will be wrapping up the Beacon hand in today at 4PM Game time. At 4:01 all the existing beacons not handed in will self destruct (don’t worry they wont harm your ships) :)


As we have decided this year to also cover the Sochi Paralympics as well, we are EXTENDING the Token hand in to the end of the Sochi Paralympics. We have even added add an extra day!

So if your collecting Tokens for the Sochi Olympics you now have till 4.00 PM on the 17th of March (Game Time).

Tokens In Loot
This also means that the Tokens will remain in game till the end of the Sochi Paralympics. That’s great news for those of you trying to scrounge up missing flags for a full set.

Don’t forget the Sochi Device on offer during this Olympic Games is ONLY available in this fashion and will NOT be sold in the store! So get one whilst you can and brag about if for the rest of your time in Core-Exiles.


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