Small Reminder – Tech & Stores

Small Reminder – Tech & Stores

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a number of instances where players have come in to chat and asked about why a store was ‘Empty’ or they could not find an item they had been informed should be at the store they are parked at.

99.9% of the item it’s ‘Tech Level‘ The Tech level of a Planet or Location (Settlement star base) defines what a Store or Office can offer in the way of good (Shields, Weapons, Cargo Expanders Etc) and Schematics.

We don’t really want to change that, as Tech and Law Matter in the CE universe, so I’ve added today a reminder bar on those stores who’s ‘offerings’ are ruled by the Tech Level of the location. Simple rule of law, higher is better.

With the advent of Star bases now being able to raise their tech level up to Tech 15, we will start to see this ‘higher is better’ be used more and more (over time). So mentioning it here and now.

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Small edit to this post, the above refers to the Human element, locations and tech. Aliens already have reached Tech 18. Many Alien devices either require high-tech level 12-18 for schematics and items. But the ‘Cooper Rule’ still applies, ‘Higher is Better’ :)

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