Sixth Coops Challenge

As promised by me last week, I will be holding the sixth ‘Coops Challenge’. This will start tomorrow at 14:00 Game Time. I have a total of 42 Challenges for you plus the Server Wide Global Fuel Challenge.

Challenge Start : 15th March 14:00 Game Time
Challenge End: 15th April 14:00 Game Time

Those of you have have taken part in the past will know that normally these challenges take place over a few weeks and not a whole 30 day period. Well this time I’ve added a few more Challenges AND increased the goals!

You managed to complete the last challenge with time to spare, plus it was the first time ALL the challenges had been completed! Lets see how you do this time.

Prizes & Rewards

Global Fuel
We will be awarding 500 Fuel to a global Server wide fuel reward for EACH challenge completed. That’s a grand total of 21,000 Fuel up for grabs as a Fuel Ticket added to your Fuel depot if you complete them all.

Coops Goodie Sack
Of course I will be running the ‘Coops Goodie Sack’ again this time round. As you complete stages I will update the sack of goodies to be gained by everyone that ‘Takes Part’. I will create this post this once the competition is underway

Outstanding Player Awards
Also like last time we are keeping track behind the scenes of EACH and EVERY players contributions in EACH challenge area. Then come the end I will be award ‘special prizes’ across a range of players based on who I feel went the extra mile to help complete the challenge goals. So, be you level 10 or level 180 you have a role to play and a chance to shine!

2 New Challenges

Pirate Mechs – This time round I’ve invited Dragon Bane, Greedy Wolf, Damnation, Dark Raven and Storm Killer to challenge you ALL to Mech Combat. We have set three goals and the Pirates (nasty fellows) will be dropping their mechs for the next month! The mech Zone counter will be reset and its Pirates VS Players!

Collect and Hand in – During the Month long Challenge you will be awarded ‘Challenge Reward Items’ these can only be traded at one of the Challenge Exchange Offices. You will be awarded Festive Points for each one handed in and each and every one will count towards one of the challenge stages. I will open one in each of the Five non Alien Galaxies for you to hand in over the month long Challenge.

Please note these will DISAPPEAR from your stores shortly after the competition closes. So hand them in QUICKLY!

Here’s hoping you all have fun!

Don’t forget to check in over in the chat and keep your EYES OPEN and READ the Game News Section (Header Text) for Dev announcements and Giveaways!



  1. Elkhorn says:

    Coops throws goodies to his player base all the time. We are now on the 7th challenge. There are a lot of stages to complete and some way for every player to participate! All you have to do for huge rewards is participate! The list of goodies continues to grow as stages are complete and the rewards aren’t graduated as in so many games where you work your tail off and the high level players get more of the reward pie.

  2. Robotix says:

    The Coops Challenge goodie bag gives the players a reward for doing something they already love to do…play Core-exiles. 🙂

  3. iwo607 says:

    I really liked that challenge. Looking forward to more of these, it really encourage to play the game more often, since it is rewarding.

  4. Thorgil says:

    Try to play as much time you can, it is funny.

  5. Captain Afarticus says:

    I was banished to Exiles over 2 months ago. My initial sadness only lasted a couple of hours, Exiles is a complete galaxy on its own with a lot to do. I don’t care anymore about my banishment, all I want is to do all the great stuff like combating and exploring. Whats even better that although I was ‘punished’ to Cor Exiles, it feels much more like a present due to the great presents given by the ‘government’ when just doing stuff 🙂

    I advise to join Core Exiles and live through it for 1 month and then decide for yourself… you can only understand the walk if you have walked it yourself! And boy what a walk this is !

  6. Gorkus says:

    If you are looking for a game that is challenging the first day and remains that way months or even years later, then Core Exiles is for you. Unlike so much of the commercial products out there, the content of CE is practically boundless. And if you do decide to suit up and give CE a shot, be sure to join the in-game chat and say Hi to me and all the other captains. The CE community is second to none. You’ll just have to try it out to see what I mean. Cheers!

  7. Darakhoranon says:

    And another great event has come and gone. 😉

    As all events in CE, this one was built on us players working together and coordinating our efforts, at least to some degree. And as all events in CE, it did NOT require much from you if you didn’t have a lot of time (or didn’t really feel like playing much right now). Very little effort was sufficient to net you most of the rewards, while those who really did put in a lot of effort got something on top of the (already very generous) rewards.

  8. paco1601 says:

    Core Exiles is a great, deep and interesting game, i play it for long time and even today i discover new way of playing. Challenge is a great event that gives everybody the means to grow and to gain money and experience.

  9. Hodgins says:

    The Outstanding Player Awards really add to the Core Exiles experience. Each player contributes to his favorite challenge area. Then at the end of the competition special prizes are awarded to player who went the extra mile to help complete the challenge goals. The players level is taken into account so a low level player could win.

  10. Captain Sylven says:

    This game is really nice and smooth. We can see how competitions promote me, to work harder and even play better. object to complete something means, Object to achieve something. How nice plans. Core Exiles is a fantastic game.

  11. Jager 602 says:

    I know the Challenge winds down this week, but it’s been a lot of fun. Hectic, but fun. And it’s fun regardles of your level- Even level 1 players have ways to contribute. Between Challenges, there’s a heck of a lot to see and do as well. I’d encourage anyone who was on the fence to try it out; I think it might be overwhelming how many activities you can take part in at first, but you’ll get the hang of things pretty quick 🙂

  12. Falconner says:

    Really love these challenges. every stage that I see go down gives me this warm fuzzy feeling inside 😀

    Love all the different activities to do,and the choice of what to do,when to do it and how to do it is entirely left to us the player is another thing I like about the game,not to mention all the customization’s available to suit our playing style.


  13. XPLODE says:

    Register now and you can receive a sack filled with amazing stuff if you contribute to the contest before it ends on 15 April, Coops is better then Santa!

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