Ships Loadout Completed

OK, the shields were bugging me as the last items to be completed and whilst I spent the moving doing a bunch of bug fixes and small edits I thought what the hell and have NOW completed the Shields. This means that the main ships’ loadout screen is now complete, and any old images are your browser being stubborn. See my last post on how to clear your browser cache.

This brings the entire ships’ loadout in line with my new image sets. It’s been a LOT of work, a lot of late nights and image processing. I’ve killed at least one mouse, and my eyeballs feel like they have been dipped in vinegar. But it’s done!

The next to get the treatment will be Pods and Specials. A far sight easier. This morning I did a total count on the items in the images’ directory, this includes hips loadout, specials, pods and things like Factories etc. It totals 23,902 images! With just pods specials and sub images like factories and Malls, you can get the measure of just HOW many images have been updated this last week.

Then the last push to get all the NPC’s, Avatars and last month all the Offices and promenades done… Been a mammoth task and I hope that CE is starting to look a bit more ‘whole’ and not a patchwork of images from across the last decade and a half :)


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