Ships Crew Training – Active

I had chance to stop over at the bar at the local promenade on my home last night and overheard two Captains complaining that there was no way to train their crew. Since adding Crew to the Player Made ship load out system there has been ‘some’ tinkering but no major changes.

This is one of those changes in the form of Crew Training. Crew acquire crew points, each crew member obtaining an amount based on the outcome of the missions they are sent on and complete. There is a bonus system planted deep within the mission code that allocates bonus crew points to each mission based on its outcome and level.

Up till now crew could not level past their starting level of 1 in their relevant key skill. Now they can.

Each level of the primary skill they train will cost Crew Points and also take time. As they go further up the tree of learning the cost will rise as so will the time it takes to complete.

Crew will remain on board whilst training. Doing this via remote on-line courses. But they will be unable to go on missions during this time. Once their training is completed they will inform you (via PM) and return to active duty.

Missions have been given a slight tweak to adjust for the increase in possible crew level increases. Each crew member will be offered missions ONLY relevant to their level.

Finally : increasing a crew members level and sending them on a mission will increase their chances of success and also increase the chance of the mission rewards going up. It does NOT guarantee a mission will always go as planned and it does NOT guarantee the rewards will always go up. It does as stated increase the chances.



  1. Isabella says:

    yeah – great expansion – can´t wait for my ship to be repaired during combat through one of my crew members 😀

    “…oh – they hit the warp core” – – –

    “Don´t worry, captain, I´ll fix it with a toothpick” (Chief Engineer Level 14, Speciality: Repair)

  2. Elkhorn says:

    I have to hand it to the trainers. I sent one of my crew members to training and now their jobs are much more profitable.

  3. Zoorland says:

    Thanks for the update, Coops! It’s always great to see the game’s innumerable systems being expanded constantly, and this one in particular is a welcome sight. I also love the the changes to the mission list; it’s subtle, but makes finding jobs much less time consuming.

  4. GreyBeard says:

    This adds even more depth to this immensely involving game, I can’t wait to get to the level that will let me run a crewed ship.

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