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This game started a very long time ago. We have about 50 items across the various ship loadout sections, and we price each item with a unique ‘Sell’ tag. As the months and years rolled on we started to bulk out the items, and today we stand at just over Five and a half Thousand items to fit to your ship loadout, excluding pods and specials.

Over time some of these items have been NPC store purchases, crafted, won, awarded, alien or Upgraded. As such we ended up with items that could be sold in some ways and items that simply ended up being stuck in your hold.

Alumoi raised the question the other day about being able to sell some of these items, and I investigated. What I found was somewhat historical and ugly, so I have decided to make a clean sweep of the ‘Sell to NPC’ (when docked) approach.

Now when docked all Weapons, Shields, Cargo / Passenger, Energy and systems should now be able to be sold to the locals for Junk Value. You must be docked at a location that has a promenade. The prices are based on the item’s Captain Level. They ARE Junk value, but it’s up to you if you sell them.

True to won’t get rich overnight but let’s be honest who needs 46 Mining lasers anyway… Plus new players will find it a boon to be able to trade in their early purchased items for that little extra cash. For those of you with ever burgeoning holds crammed to the bulkheads with items you are NEVER going to USE or manage to Sell via the Emporium – now you can junk them in.

I have NOT changed the Submol process, so if an item has a submol plan it can still be submol’d. But you can now at last get shot of all that junk.


P.S Because items can enter into the games’ database from many different locations, I have set up a script so that should items get added that have a Zero Sell price they will in short order get the standard Vendor NPC Level based price attached. So should you find one with no cost – give it 5 mins.

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