Settlement Removal

Hi there Fellow Exiles…

I come to you this morning with a reminder to all those who own and run settlements. We hover around the 250 +/- amount of settlements with new ones popping in existence as older ones are removed.

The primary reason a settlement is removed is the moral drop on a settlement leading to the said settlement being handed over to the Official Receiver and then being broken up and removed.

The LEADING reason for morale drops in pretty much 90% of settlement losses is Funding. A simple one, yet one that so many captains forget. A settlement must be funded and able to meet its running costs.

Settlements are capable of surviving an owners absence from the game for extended periods of time (if properly defended) AND of course funded. Many settlements are removed simply due to lack of forethought by their owners. They have millions and in some case Billions in their ships account but only a meager amount in the settlement account.

So the thrust of this message is Place sufficient funds in your settlement account when you intend to take a CE sabbatical, or risk loosing your pride and joy. You work very hard to build and expand your settlements so think of the funding…

Your Sunday Morning quarterback message was bought to you by Coops.


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