Settlement Passenger Boost

Recently (thanks to constant updates from Porrima) I have been tracking down a series of niggling issues with a tiny % of the passengers. Some had the wrong Galaxy, some the wrong system, and some initially the wrong ticket price. All very confusing till I eventually found the niggle little snippet of code.

Passengers were given a large boost to their ticket prices last month and along with the new interface it makes them far more lucrative and easy to work with. But today whilst looking at how the settlement Union passengers were created I decided to make a change there as well.

I have increased (quite substantially) the maximum amount of passengers a Settlement can hold on their roster. The actual amount is tied to your tourism rate so the higher that the more the system can bring over to your settlement for movement.

I have completely rewritten that particular code ticker, as it was behaving in a very weird way and was so overly complicated that it needed a complete recoding from scratch.

That has been completed, and been run time and time again with varying tests to see if I could trip it up, glad to day I could not.

So here to happy passenger movement in the Universe.


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