Settlement Liquid DCM Arrives

Hi there Fellow Exiles. Way back when the first sets of resource gathering buildings were created for Settlements we overlooked (partially on purpose) Liquids. Well now that’s been covered, as of today all the Settlement owners (Level 3+) can grab a Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid) building for your favourite Settlement.

This building like other DCM systems can be researched to allow it to fully stretch its deep core process and gain more resources, but the default unit starts with a +10 units per hour. Please note at this time this version works ONLY OUTSIDE the Expanse. I’m sure some scientist will develop an Expanse version in the not to distant future.

You may run as many of these units as you like on your settlements, power not withstanding :)

You can find the Settlement DCM Unit (Liquid) in the CE Store

Have a Merry Christmas Folks.


P.S Yes this will be also available as a Schematic, but here it is in its supporter form first for those that can’t wait

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