Settlement Level 7 Crafting

OK this one took me longer than I anticipated but once I was on a roll I went with it :) One the Settlement Footer bar is an icon titled ‘Level 7 Crafting’ this has been there for quiet some time and only today came to life :) This allows a Settlement Level 7 or above to deploy a new building.

The SMR Advanced Construction Suite
This building allows you to choose from SMR Level 7 crafting schematics and does all the heavy lifting for you. It comes with 22 pre-installed schematics. These are related to the construction element of Battleships. You can then over time increase its list of schematics by purchasing them from a new store that also opened today.

Baltazar Technology
This schematic company is purely designed to add functionality to any SMR Advanced Construction Suite. Purchasing schematics from them adds them to any SMR 7 Suite you have deployed. It has an initial small stock, completing out the Battleship crafting program. It is in talks with Gal-Fed to sell to you all manner of schematics from Battleship Reactors, Shields and Weapons through to standard ship upgrades and beyond.

Please note, you may purchase the schematics at any time but they will not be of sue unless you have an SMR Advanced Construction Suite deployed and ready to use.

SMR Advanced Construction Suite

This is the pinnacle of Settlement Technology. This suite is fully automated, all the user need do is select a schematic from the predefined drop-down list, verify the resource are available at the Settlement and press the ‘Activate’ Button.

The suite is a typical ‘Shake & Bake’ unit, creating one or a batch or items based on the schematic used. Crafted end items are deposited at the local Settlement crafting stores. Notification via personal com and settlement logging is included and standard.

This unit comes preloaded with 22 Schematics related to modules required for Battleship crafting. These are automatically added to your Settlement SMR Advanced Construction Suite at the time of deployment. You can also purchase new schematics from Baltazar Technology.

Energy Requirement: 450,000 Units
Settlement Level Requirement: 7
Settlement Running Costs: 75,000 CR

I will be adding the SMR Suite to the schematics for you budding crafters to build in the next few days (along with the belated Settlement Graviton Reactor Units) but if you cant wait or simply want to help support CE you can find this unit in the CE Store OVER HERE

This new crafting method will be heavily utilised as we move forward with many new Core Related updates…


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