Settlement Events – Phase 1

Last week I pre-booked a space in the Help & Guides Section to post a Settlement Primer on Events. Today has seen the release of stage 1 of Settlement Events so I have added the first section to that Primer. You can read it OVER HERE

I wont make you read the same post twice but I will repost this section :

Phase One – 24th Jan 2014
Today sees the initial release of Settlement Events. This is designed to give YOU the settlement owner a chance to review the options and decide on a path. It gives you time to Read this Primer. Organise to build / buy / borrow / steal a building and plan ahead with SRP research.

The Settlement Ticker system (at its LOWEST Setting) will be enabled on the 14th of February. (Valentines Day). This is likely to be later in the day after final checks.

If you own a settlement (270 in existence) then I would suggest reading the Primer at least once :)


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