Settlement Business Bunker

Settlement Business Bunker

A lot of new items will be appearing for Settlements over the next few months, lots of ways to take part in the crafting process for the coming Battleships. (Not sure if they are for you or not READ HERE)

Either way, many captains who reach for the upper Settlement levels will start to feel the squeeze for space once they get to level Six and make a spec choice. We created the Original Settlement Bunker to house Energy, Housing and Research and that helped, but this Bunker takes it to the next level.

The Settlement Business Bunker is a secondary bunker to be fitted AFTER the primary one. It opens up another 12 initial slots, with four more as you level up your settlement to level 8. Those initial 12 slots are partially there to cater for any ‘Fixed Services’ IE buildings once deployed you can’t move from your main settlement loadout.

These are catered for an automatically moved for you when the Settlement Business Bunker is deployed. There are currently 10 Non Expanse and 8 Expanse ‘fixed Services’ buildings, so having this Bunker to store these in works very well for the busy settlements out there.

Of course, once the bunker is deployed, what ever space is left over is yours to do with as you please. IE if you want to use the remaining space to fit more of the standard layout buildings, or later even more fixed term buildings that’s your prerogative. The space is yours.

At level 8 the remaining four slots will open up, allowing for that ‘last gulp of room’. By the time you reach level 8 you’ll be needing every last slot :)

Few Things to remember : You must have the initial Bunker Deployed prior to fitting the Settlement Business Bunker. Your settlement must be level 6 or higher. Once deployed all fixed buildings will be moved for you but from then on you can no longer fit fixed buildings to the normal settlement loadout, they would then live in the Settlement Business Bunker.

The Bunkers both for non expanse and Expanse are obtainable from the CE Store OR by crafting them. Check out Dome Depot & Jakar Hybrid Systems for the schematics.

Finally, a reminder the initial Bunker creates a separate space for Power, Housing and Research. The new Bunker (Settlement Business Bunker) allows for the movement of Fixed Service buildings into a separate bunker. The remaining space is then free for you to use as you see fit. 12 spaces in total, with 4 more at level 8.


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