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My post earlier today dealt with the Flag Collection activities for the 2014 World Cup Prize. You can Read about it HERE.

This post is about a separate challenge. We know from the last time we did this event that there were thousands of Flags left over that players kept for one reason or another. This time, they will vanish 30 days after the World Cup wraps up. So what to do with all those spare Flags you will have by then ?

The Server Wide Flag Collection Challenge
I have dotted Six Flag Collection Offices around the Galaxies. From there you can review a request (currently) for 32 Sets of 50 Flags. That’s 50 of each type. As you the player base clear down each set (any order) I will award a 1K fuel ticket to the entire Server.

Clear all 32 sets and that’s 32K for every man woman and Rexxophile.

You have till the the end of July to complete this so plenty of time. But the quicker its done the quicker I start adding 1K fuel tickets to your account.

Now because I also realise they have a Festive Points value I’m offering a 1K XP per ticket handed in. Paid at the time of handing in. The choice of course is your own.

Clear the whole 32 Stacks and I will award everyone a Special Prize for working so hard!

The new Flag Collection Offices are at these locations :

Dashan, Furia Station
Zarante, Berolina
Feris, Starbase-51
Blake, Casmar Station
Yam, Coalition 1
Trantor, Popovich

Happy Collecting !


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