Second Wave – Resource Art

I’ve completed a 2nd wave out of probably three, replacing this time 291 images that for a large part of the loot both for combat, mining and a few other areas. My intention is to start to bring the Resource and commodity loot inline, or at least closer to a similar style. It’s painstaking work for single images like this, hence it takes time and energy.

But I think we’re starting to get somewhere now. To see the new images, you will need to do a full browser cache refresh. Of course over time your browser will pick the images up, so it’s up to you.

Here’s a link for a good explanation of how and why to clear your cache across multiple browsers

Apologies to those of you that look by image type, you will have to learn the new images :)

I will have one more pass over the loot resources in the next few weeks and that should see us done on updating and replacing the resource art.


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