Second ‘Coops Challenge’

Come the 18th of this month we will be starting our SECOND ‘Coops Challenge’. In short I have set 30+ Stages to the Challenge broken in to specific Game Activities. It’s up to you the players to rise to the challenge and complete as many of the stages as you can.

The First Coops Challenge will begin on the 18th of September and will run through till Midnight on the 5th of October. Prizes will be award on the 6th of October, depending on how many stages of the Coops Challenge have been completed by that time.

You can read a little more about the challenge OVER HERE in a short Primer Guide.

I am still nailing down which exact targets and numbers will be added on the day hence my 30+ I’ll also shake up the prizes a little this time If I can without giving away the house! As this challenge includes three weekends there shouldn’t be too much issue ‘taking part’.


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