Scientists Raise Concerns

Hi there viewers Gus Givens here with news from our Science & Technology department. We have drilled down through their 280 page report and have narrowed it down to the following pertinent facts.

The Scientists in the Expanse working over at the GalFed Science Station 1 in Yam have started to release their latest set of findings. They have come to the decision that Settlements could indeed survive in the Expanse under certain conditions.

They have highlighted the fact that whilst a settlement can be founded on most of the planet types, said settlement would require a drastic upgrade to its infrastructure and build design. They have passed on 100’s of design changes suggested for current settlement Hub systems.

They also raised the fact that defences for normal Pirates would be vastly insufficient and that Alien designed weaponry shields and subsystems would be required. (Again suggestions passed on)

Plans were also forwarded for new Housing, power and research systems which would ensure the safety and advancement of a settlement in the Expanse. Lastly they indicated that most of this would require at least a basic understanding of Alien Construction Technology.

We also have a report from the Coalition Policy Office stating that talks with the Naristro have indicated that for Humans to be allowed to deploy settlements in the Expanse they would be required to pay their settlement license fees in Talas to a Naristro diplomatic officer along with an undisclosed amount of Loyalty Cubes.

The Naristro council also stated that whilst they would attempt to give military support to young fledgling settlements in the Expanse, they would expect settlements to eventually arm and defend themselves against what is likely to be an aggressive response from the Javorans.

So if you’ve been eyeing a location in the Expanse it seems you need to be serious about your commitment and be prepared for some tough times ahead. Having said that I cant wait to be invited to the first opening party!

Gus Gives
ISN News Desk

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